Letter to my MP

Dear ......................., The UK is one of the countries in this world that people look up to as a bastion of free speech, values, respect, and inclusivity. It pains me to say this, we have in 8 short months, become a totalitarian state where the government treats its population with utter contempt. This lockdown is so wrong, it makes me ask what is really going on, what is the real agenda here? You treat the population like naughty school children and at the same time put them under house arrest, while their livelihoods go down the toilet. No respect whatsoever. The collateral damage of a virus that has a slightly higher death rate than normal flu is going to be catastrophic. You are an intelligent person and I know you know this, so why are you still crucifying the economy and the lives of my children and grandchildren? Enough is Enough, we must stop this madness. What happened to risk, how do you think homo-sapiens survived for over 200,000 years, do you think it was by locking them away? Please do not vote for the continuation of Lockdown because that is what it is. Think of what it is doing to your constituents who voted overwhelmingly for you. I have read and signed The Great Barrington Declaration and to me that is the route the government needs to take. We must accept we have made mistakes, that we have overreacted, so don't dig a bigger hole which is exactly what the government is now doing. Yours sincerely, Peter Ragg

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