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Where Am I, Four Years On.

Where Am I, Four Years On.


The last four and a half years have been the most incredible time in my life from an awakening point of view and I can thank Boris Johnson for my epiphany. The day he told the UK that he was ordering us to Lockdown was the day everything changed for me. I knew it was complete BS, but I had to get to the truth, what was behind this insane edict.

It was immediately clear to me from Johnson’s body language he was uncomfortable and was clearly under instruction, did you think the same thing, intuition right, never ignore it, because if you are ‘tuned in’ it is always right?

It focused my mind in getting to the truth and wow what a roller coaster it has been. If you are up to date on my posts, I have called out the nefarious agenda that is being played out in real time by a satanic cult that has operated in our realm since biblical times.

I am not going to go into detail on this here because this has been covered in my previous posts, what I want to discuss is how I feel, four years later knowing what I know now. I have discussed this before, however it an evolving situation as I delve deeper into this reality, and I need to bring you up to date as I write in June 2024.

As I have discussed before we all live in our unique reality bubbles, every single person will have a completely different belief system depending on many factors, education, peer groups, parental, social, films, TV etc. So, I am no exception.

The indoctrination has been so brilliantly instigated that for many, (most) people their paradigms are locked and no matter what information is given contrary to their belief system they will not accept it, even if the information was overwhelming.

This I have found to my cost, in that I have lost many friends who still think I am bonkers four years later when the truth of what happened is clearly available if you go looking for it, (not in the MSM by the way), people refuse to engage because in their opinion they are right and you are wrong, cancel culture right? “Peter, I don’t want to see you anymore because I don’t agree with your views”. What happened to ‘agree to disagree’ and get the next beer in?

This has been a major life lesson for me and how do I feel about that? It’s very sad because friendships go back decades, it is hard to take that people think you are nuts. However, I must accept this, at the same time I am not prepared to compromise because I fundamentally care about people and humanity in general and when I am aware of nefarious happenings, I have a moral obligation to share the information, so this does make sense to me. I must be truthful to myself; I cannot ignore it and settle for the status quo.

Where am I now?

I must reconcile my newfound belief system with the reality of how other people are perceiving the world, a divergence that cannot be reconciled. You could say I no longer fit in, I am an errant. I now realise that I have been lied to from the day I was born, the education system is a programmed narrative as soon as you rock up at pre-school, when children are sponges for information, frankly it’s disgusting and immoral how we treat and teach children in the 21st Century.  

I have discussed our fake world many times, Jason Breshears calls it ‘dungeon programming’, it had been constructed to hoodwink us into believing we live in a real reality. My friends we live in a mathematical holographic simulation of incredible complexity, and I am (we are) just passing through, I am on a personal journey to work it out, enlightenment, so where I am today:

·         So, four years on my reality bubble is completely different, my number one takeaway, I have bypassed religion which was deliberately created to control the masses and cause division and to deflect us from our true essence, spirit, which cannot be found in organised religion. I am connected directly to source, our creator, who I have an amazing relationship with. Note. Everyone is moored to source; most people are not connecting.


·         By being connected to source I have a Devine spark, if you want to call it that, within me. Therefore, there are two beings in this relationship, I am not alone, (we are not alone). When you are moored to source you cannot be fearful.


·         I am (we are) a spiritual being having a human experience. Regrets and making mistakes are a prerequisite to spiritual growth that is part of this incredible journey. The parable of the ‘Prodigal Son’, read it, no judgment was made, and this is key.   


·         I use the simulation to my advantage and co-create my very own reality and therefore future using the Law of Reflection.


·         I must ‘walk the talk’ and I still speak to as many people as I possibly can, (I must be authentic to myself and the creator). I now sow seeds; it is then up to the other person if they want to investigate further.


·         Belief is the trigger that changes spirit into matter and my behaviour creates my reality, (behaviour is a result of habit, newly formed).


·         “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is the universal ‘golden rule.’


·          I am an Errant, I cannot and will not be controlled.   


Spoiler alert.

Note: I must mention this because it is relevant to how I am now feeling knowing this.

There is a script being acted out, (“all the world’s a stage”), and I am predicting a massive horrific worldwide event later this year that has been in the making for over twenty years that was planned centuries ago. It is connected to the opening of the second seal of Revelation (last book of the New Testament), which I have discussed before. And yes, my friend all roads lead to the fact we are living in the ‘end times’ which is something many people will have heard about and would have dismissed because it does not belong in their frame of reference.

When you accept, we live in a simulation as I do, you realise everything is code, it is a program that is running which even our controllers have little influence on. Our history runs in cycles and that the realm (world) experiences worldwide and local catastrophic cataclysms that requires resets, (start again).

Jason Breshears has proved these are also on exact mathematical time intervals, which would be impossible in a heliocentric universe. For your information, the next big one is May 2040 and can be overwhelmingly proven from multiple vantage points. Our controllers know all of this, they are satanists and have made a contract with the evil forces that ultimately control our realm and are facilitating for the end times as prophesised.   

How do I reconcile this?

I am not fearful as I have already alluded to. This is a simulated world; the real world lies outside of this construct. This world has been created as a test, to work it out, to live, to love, to learn as I discuss many times. We grow, we become the best version of ourselves, we walk with our creator who is also experiencing our unique reality which we share together. To realise there are two beings in this relationship is transformational.

We will take our hard-earned experiences into the next world. Now that is an incredible thought, just think of how amazing you will be knowing what you know now in the next world when the shackles have been removed and we arrive back home. Bring it on. 

Be strong and stay safe.

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