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There is no Freedom without Truth

There is no Freedom without Truth

Question - Do you consider yourself free?

If you answer yes, I would say, how can you be if what most of what you have been told and taught is complete BS, (read my other posts on this). We must know the truth first and only then can we really know what freedom means, to me that is a given. That is what my blog is fundamentally about, getting to the truth, to me nothing else matters, because once we know the truth we can then answer the number one meaning of life question, WHY ARE WE HERE.

That statement does make sense because anything else is a cop out and you are living in a lie and settling for the status quo and that you are also believing your government has your best interests at heart. Which currently in the UK is providing the daily distraction of a phoney election where people think they have a choice, when it is my contention, we already live in a totalitarian state which the fast asleep British people have allowed to happen. I will guarantee to you that the UK will become a totalitarian utopia if Davos loving Starmer gets into power. As I said in my previous post, ‘1984 on steroids’. 

What is freedom?

Here is how the native American Lakota people define freedom.

That it is holistic and relational, emphasizing harmony with the natural world, spiritual practices, community well-being, personal autonomy, respect, and cultural preservation. Unlike many Western notions of freedom that focus on individual rights and liberties, Lakota freedom is inherently tied to the collective and the environment, highlighting a deep sense of responsibility and interconnectedness. (Source Lakota Traditions).

That is freedom, who are the freest people on this world, the indigenous peoples who have lived for thousands of years without coming into contact with ‘civilisation’ an oxymoron right? This definition was for a collective, a community that had survived and developed for over a thousand years in harmony with the natural world.

We must in the 21st Century to bring this to the personal, what is personal freedom, (while we may strive to achieve the above).

True personal freedom is living in accordance with one’s true nature and the natural world, where your belief system can be respected and not restrained, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom of movement. Where we live in peace and harmony with all peoples, irrespective of race and religions. It is also means taking personal responsibility for your actions.

By making a conscious decision to live in freedom, living harmoniously with nature, and by embracing the unadorned (non-materialistic), essence of life that we are seeking to find, our spiritual connection (to our creator), allowing for inner peace and contentment. Once you are living in freedom the truth will unveil itself.

Here is an extract from Tao Te Ching, Verse 57.

“The more laws and restrictions there are, the poorer people become. The sharper men’s weapons, the more trouble in the land. The more ingenious and clever people are, the more strange things happen. The more rules and regulations, the more thieves, and robbers”

This was written over a thousand years ago; we learn nothing my friends.

Coming together.

In 2024 we have reached a defining moment for our world, and the good news is the world is waking up to the truth that they have been hoodwinked and lied to, coerced, and robbed. This is fantastic to see and when a tipping point is reached, and enough people come together as a collective then the world can be changed, and freedom can also be achieved for the collective as the Lakota practised for thousands of years before ‘civilisation’ arrived.

Has the UK awakened?

The bad news is that in this critical year, the people of the UK have not yet fully realised the consequences of their acquiescence and are sleepwalking into a communist totalitarian incarceration, which will become a flagship state of the New World Order, all planned by the way. Wakey wakey.

Once we see the Truth only then can Freedom be achieved.

Be strong and stay safe.


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