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The Political Reality in the UK

The Political Reality in the UK

For a century or more the UK government has been a captured operation, blue or red, doesn’t matter, call it the uniparty. Our electoral system has been designed specifically for a two party uniparty if that makes sense which gives the illusion to voters that you have a choice. Someone quipped recently, “two cheeks on the same arse,” describes it perfectly don’t you think?

Doesn’t matter who gets in, nothing will change for the benefit of the people, it will only get worse as we pay more taxes to prop up corrupt institutions that we think are there to support us. The other thing that does not change is the agenda that sits in the background systematically designed to breakdown society, which has been in play for the last one hundred years.

One thing it is certainly not, and that is democratic, and it should now also be clear to anyone that our elected parliamentarians have now sway whatsoever. Once they arrive in Westminster many for the first time after the election they are ‘whipped’ and told the agenda and narrative that is being played out and if you stand out of line you will be thrown out of the party.

A perfect example of this is Andrew Bridgen who was thrown out of the Conservative Party for having the temerity of challenging the vaccination rollout and the very large number of vaccine injuries and deaths that were being caused. You would have thought something as serious as this would have been debated in a full house rather than an almost empty chamber, never forget that folks.

So, who are our controllers.

The whole edifice of democratic government in the UK is controlled by elite civil servants and bureaucrats, including captured scientists (“we must follow the science”, remember), who receive their orders from above, they are the puppets ordered to ensure the agenda is achieved, their remit, for the UK to become a communist totalitarian state, (aka China), an Orwellian nightmare. Yes, the prophetic ‘1984’ is happening in real time and if you have not read the book recently, you really do need to do it now.

You need more examples, right?

·         Brexit was the civil servant’s worse nightmare; they called it wrong, totally unexpected. They have always wanted the UK to be part of the European Super State and will do anything to get the UK to re-join.


·         The civil service hate Nigel Farage, because they know he knows how corrupt the whole edifice is and they will go to no bounds to disrupt his election campaign.


·         Whether you agreed with Liz Truss or not, again the controllers didn’t want her either, real conservatism, we cannot have that. They deliberately shorted the financial markets and forced her to resign, she had no control. Ask her and she will agree, she wrote a book on it. Rishi Sunak was their man, (who no one voted for remember, who is another Globalist puppet on their strings).


·         I would also suggest that the draconian Lockdown was also implemented and controlled by these elites. The whole thing was a scam if you haven’t worked it out yet. You instinctively knew when Boris Johnson uttered those famous words in March 2020 that you were being lied to, and also how frightened he looked, because he had been ordered to Lockdown the UK knowing it was nefarious and would cause untold damage to the country. Note here, all western governments were told to Lockdown in Lockstep. Sweeden was the only outlier as you know.


·         The civil service (and BBC) will go orgasmic as soon as Labour achieves its expected landslide victory on July 4th, and I am sure there is some relevance in choosing that date, ‘Independence Day’ right, or the inversion of it, because that is how we should view everything that is happening in the world today, whatever they tell you, the opposite is the truth, works every time. As soon as this happens, the UK is finished, total control guaranteed.


·         Remember ‘Yes Minister’ the TV sitcom of the 1980s. They always tell us what they are doing, and we just laugh. Totally true.  

Why are they doing this.

Simple, so that the UK can be undermined and destabilised from within and can therefore be easily assimilated into the New World Order, target date 2030, latest. I have to say they are doing a brilliant job; most people are still fast asleep, oblivious to the nefarious intentions of our controllers, (even after four years). From what is about to happen later this year and you will need to read my other post on this, they could easily achieve their goal of total control by 2026. And yes folks, I want to be proved wrong, of course I do. I am just discussing what I am intuitively seeing using my common sense and deductive critical thinking while I can still think for myself.


There is also an Irony here in the UK in that most of the rest of the world is turning away from left wing liberal policies to right wing and some would say ‘far right’. The people have had enough, because they realise it doesn’t work, obviously not in the UK. In the UK as things stand and if it pans out as predicted, we are going from a centrist Conservative Party, (who are not conservative, ask Liz Truss) to a left-wing Labour Party which will continue to roll out the liberal woke agenda, this time on steroids, uniparty right?

IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? This is their agenda my friends you have been hoodwinked again. Rishi is desperate to lose the election so he can head out of the country because he knows what is about to happen and does not want to be around when the real shit hits the fan later this year.

Note here: If you think it is bad in the UK, the US is worse, and we haven’t got time to discuss that here.

What’s to do?

We currently live in a one-party system, a sham, an illusion and people must awake to this reality. Time has run out; remember I am predicting if we maintain the status quo, we will be enslaved by 2026. I am not subscribing how you vote in the next election; you must work it out for yourself, you must think deeply on this because it goes very deep as I have discussed and remember at the same time you also have responsibility to your children and grandchildren, what kind of world do you want them to live in?

This is the most important election that I can remember, because to me ‘1984 on steroids’ with a future Labour government is a terrifying prospect.

It will then be time to leave the country, the problem with that is, where can you now go that is untainted from Globalisation.

Stay strong and be safe.

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