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Cracking the Bible Deception

Cracking the Bible Deception


The original stories that became part of the Old Testament were taken from ancient Babylonian libraries, by the captured Israelites. They were stories of the ancient Sumerian – Akkadian “Origin Stories” classics: the Atrahasis, Enuma Elish and Epic of Gilgamesh. The birth of our species, the Great Flood and other stories were already all contained in those texts.

These historical stories were then transcribed into separate books, adopted by these people, and became the backstory to a new religion. An Elohim ‘Lord’ was then added to these already historical writings and became the god of this new religion, who became the god of his newly chosen people the line of Jacob-Israel. This Lord is called Yahweh, who became the God of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is not an enjoyable read, a historical record, of war, death, and brutality, and not sparing children and newborns. Yahweh is a brutal war monger, a tyrant leader of the Elohim and is clearly giving permission and direction to his chosen people, for brutal atrocities to take place against their enemies, killing everyone on many occasions, taking no prisoners.

Note here: There were twelve tribes of ancient Israel, we are only referring here to the tribe of Jacob, whose leader was Yahweh. At the time of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt in 1447BC the majority of Israelite tribes were scattered across the whole of Europe and over centuries facilitated for the appearance of new civilisations. A smaller part of the Israelite Exodus settled more locally, not far from Egypt in the land which we now call Israel. It is a fact that ancient Israelite DNA is today across the whole of Europe. There were also many wars (Old Testament) between the Israelites and Jews. There is a massive distinction here between the two.

To me and most people a true god would not be a brutal, uncaring god, only concerned for his chosen people. A true god would care for all of humanity, a kind and caring god. This is completely obvious, and it is only in recent times after much research, soul searching and enlightenment, I now realise that the god of the Old Testament that people are worshipping is the not the true almighty creator but the exact opposite, an interloper, an Elohim warrior general by the name of Yahweh, who became a deity by those people who became his believers.

The Old Testament ‘chosen people’ worship Yahweh as their god (and so do all Christians if they have not realised it yet). The world has been hoodwinked. Yahweh is not the god of creation, he is neither spiritual, nor omniscient, nor omnipotent and has none of the characteristics of the God elaborated by Christian theologians.


Christianity is a very ancient religion that was also practised by ancient Israelite tribes. The miracles ascribed to Jesus, the immaculate conception, wise men, twelve disciples, death on a cross, resurrection were all attributed to a number of ‘deities’ well before the time of Jesus, (or perhaps they were all one, with different names in different parts of the world).

A scholarly Jesus figure did appear in the first century under a different name reminding everyone about the ancient Christian roots of many of the ancient peoples across time and space. These restored teachings were taken reworked and eventually carnalised in Rome in the second century AD and it is only in the late second century that the four gospels we know as Matthew, Mark, Luke and john are first published.

This new version of Christianity promised eternal life to all humanity, no longer just to small groups of the faithful, on an ethnic or national basis. This facilitated for a far wider audience and has become one of the most read books in the world with over two billion subscribers today.

The endorsement by Roman Christianity of the Old Testament has given licence to an elite linage of the Jewish religion to justify the creation of the State of Israel in the 20th Century and bringing it right up to date Israel’s genocidal war on Palestine while the world watches on. We have been asleep at the wheel and if you criticise this situation, you are shut down immediately and called antisemitic, genius, right?


Once we awaken to this reality, everything we are perceiving in the world today starts to make sense and can be traced back to this biblical character who has become a deity in a religion that has hoodwinked the world for over two thousand years. Our religious institutions have shaped every aspect of our lives whether we are believers or not and to have the rug pulled from under our feet is shocking and very disconcerting and will upset believers to their core I have no doubt.

To accept that a contract was made between Yahweh and that part of his chosen people is going to be hard to take, that this was then inserted in the bible and became law. This includes the Book of Revelation which was inserted at the end of the New Testament to be rolled out as prophesised in the end-times by these very chosen people.

Remember they have signed the contract there is no going back for them. You also need to understand we are living in the end-times now, the first seal opening of Revelation was in 2020, the second seal opening is this year 2024. I have discussed this in previous posts.

My god is therefore not the god of the Old Testament, my God is the creator, and the creator does not appear in the bible. My God is a caring god who has inserted into each one of us a divine spark, a direct spiritual connection, we are connected to source.

The prophecies in the bible are the blueprint, an instruction to a specific faction of the Jewish faith who worship a satanic figure, (Yahweh) to destroy and control humanity and has facilitated the world we live in today. They control the world as I have discussed before, they control all institutions, most corporations, banks, royal families, governments including civil service, all media, and Hollywood and more importantly all military and secret services across the world.

They control and hide from us the true historical narrative and timeline. They perceive everyone else as “useless eaters,” we are a cancer on their inherited world. This blueprint they are enacting out can clearly be seen in their Great Reset agenda that is being rolled out in real time. We are talking about a New World Order controlled by a satanic deep state with one aim, world domination. The headquarters of this new world order will be Jerusalem.

Their current plan is to incite world war by what is happening in Israel today. A third World War between ‘Christianity’ and Islam will then be used as an excuse for establishing a one world government which would then supposedly bring peace. This final solution was planned over one hundred years ago.

Humanity has a choice, to fall into this trap or to open our eyes and have the courage to stand up for what is right and prevent their agenda. I will expand on this in upcoming posts. I can highly recommend you read the following book: it will give you more detail to what I have outlined here, it will also expose the incredible technology that was at work during biblical times, which I am not going to talk about here):

‘The Truth about the most famous book in history’ – THE NAKED BIBLE by Mauro Biglino who is an official Bible translator and gives us the true translations from Greek of the words God and Lord, Eternal in the bible.

I now quote from his book.

God – when you find the word “God,” replace it with “Elohim.” Although the word “Eloah” (or “El”) is sometimes found in Hebrew, this substitution helps to understand who it is we are really talking about.

Lord, Eternal – When you find the word “Lord” or “Eternal,” replace it with “Yahweh.”

What do I do now?

Coming to terms with this earth-shattering realisation is going to be hard for anyone, because it shatters all our perceptions and therefore beliefs and I totally realize that this is one of the biggest subjects you could possibly cover. This short post is just the beginning for you, to set the stage for you to research this incredible subject for yourself and come to your own conclusions, once you know you cannot unknow.

I believe we are all connected to source through spirit, so we are able to bypass the false institutions that were built to corral and control us including the bible, thereby we can have a personal conversation and relationship with the creator. How cool is that?

When you are connected to source, Imagination, Intuition and Empathy will be your guiding light, opening a completely new reality for you, your awakening has started, and you see the world for what it really is.

We are here to bring love, justice, and goodness and to live in peace and harmony with all of humanity, this is our purpose, nothing else matters.

Stay strong and be safe.

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