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Farming around the world is being systematically shut down by governments.

Farming around the world is being systematically shut down by governments.

Here is a News item from me as to what is really happening now in farming across the world (this should make you sit up). Spoiler alert - You won’t find this being reported on the BBC or discussed in any MSM.


Farming around the world is being systematically shut down by governments, through nefarious regulations and if this is not reversed there is only one outcome, mass starvation and deaths worldwide, leading to complete chaos, time frame, 18-months max.

The good news is that farmers across the world are rising up as they are waking up to the nefarious intentions towards them from their WEF controlled governments. Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland, Italy, Spain, and other countries right across Europe have had enough. 

The public in these countries are also supporting the farmers and it is the beginning of a massive awakening across the whole of Europe, they are realising, No Farmers, No Food.

Your country needs you, please support your farmers, be alert to what is going on and be prepared to march peacefully and show your support when called. 



Notes on UK Farming

·         Only 50% of the winter wheat has been sown this year due to the bad weather, (our controllers are also able to manipulate the weather). Yields are predicted to be significantly down for this year already.

·         Numbers of cattle, sheep, and pigs being reared in the UK is going down significantly year on year as more and more farmers leave the industry.

·         Young farmers are not entering the industry and are being put off by the enormous inflationary pressures and unpredictable futures for their families.

·         Suicide rates amongst farmers is at an all-time high.

·         Farmers are being paid taxpayers money to leave the industry Example, A Norfolk pig farmer has been paid £1.5 million to stop rearing 2,000 pigs in a scheme to tackle river pollution. The scheme, a joint venture between Norfolk councils and Anglian Water, will create nutrient 'credits' to be sold to construction companies in a nutrient offset scheme. (wakey, wakey). Also remember this is our money.

·         As part of the UK commitment to the Net Zero agenda the use of fertilizers are going down in the UK affecting crop yields, while European farmers are using fertilizer coming in from Russia through the back door. More fertilizer is being used worldwide.

·         EU subsidies of the past to support farmers are being reduced year on year and will end in 2027. The full £2.4 billion per year previously awarded in EU farming subsidies will continue to go to farmers but this time to re-wild hedgerows, grow herbs and legumes and to move away from meat. If you farm with cattle sheep and pigs no subsidies. It will be part of the Net Zero agenda. Think about it.

·         One comment, “we are destroying farming as we know it in this country”.

·         Massive over-reliance on importing food from around the world, Canada, New Zealand, Australia in preference to our own production. Note here, when those countries go into food deficit then they will not be exporting to the UK, obvious.

·         Food inflation – through the roof.

·         All planned = starvation, this is not rocket science, use your common sense, what is the agenda here?

Here is the mantra from the WEF: You control the food; you control the people.

I say, this is happening you cannot deny it, what are you going to do about it?


The Controllers have other plans too.

Shutting down farming thereby creating mass starvation is only part of our controllers agenda to depopulate the world. At the same time as this is happening in real time our controllers have other plans to suppress any momentum that may be created by the farmers. Remember this has been in the planning for decades, every angle has been covered, and they know farmers will eventually kick off so they have other plans they can initiate very quickly to Lockdown countries again, (Lockdowns, remember that?).

In no particular order, shut down of the internet, (blaming solar flares) WW3, Disease X (coming soon 2025, if they need it) and Second Seal of Revelation being broken at the 2024 Olympics in Paris France. They have all bases covered to ensure chaos reigns.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, know this is coming.

We must ‘Rise Above’ and take back control, we must support our farmers and we must wake up to what is really happening and that is mass worldwide starvation in 18-months.

Stay safe and be strong.

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