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Archaix Walk Through the Park


Archaix Walk Through the Park

This is a new video from Jason Breshears at , Jason calls it for 'baby Phoenix’s' who have just discovered his channel. It is a brilliant video for new Errants, to introduce them to a totally different reality to what you currently perceive.

The video also explains how the Phoenix phenomenon repeats every 138 years without fail, it also demonstrates Jasons incredible memory for the chronological history of our realm which he has researched for over 30 -years. Jason has read over one thousand books on ancient history, which is totally unique in my opinion. I think the guy is absolutely phenomenal. I always watch in bite sized chunks as his videos can last for hours.


My Archaix Reference


As someone who has discovered Jason in their 60's, Jason has brought clarity wisdom and guidance into my life, not to mention taking a sledgehammer to my previous beliefs.


I realise it doesn’t matter how old you are, (time is a linear construct, it’s not past, present, and future like most of us think), it is what we do NOW is all that matters. We live in the NOW.


Understanding the real chronology of our realm and also coming to the realization that we live in a construct is a paradigm shattering experience.  Jason shows us the duality of our existence where we are either a prisoner of the ‘dungeon programming’ or we can break free by co-creating our future using the construct to facilitate our goals. This is the ‘law of reflection’.


Jason says, “The Oversoul is in direct communication with us through intuition, empathy & imagination and that everything else in the construct is a part of the lie.” This perfectly describes my new understanding of my reality.

(Another word for Oversoul is Creator)

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