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Rise Above - Part 2 Building your Errant Community

Rise Above Part 2 - Building your Errant Community

Posted 19.1.24.     

To Rise Above the chaos in this dystopian year is our no: 1 goal. You must know that our world is a theatre set, created by our controllers that we all must inhabit, a world of fakery and deception, a war on joy where humanity has become slaves to the system.

You must also know that at the same time we are on a personal spiritual journey, and it is recognising this duality of our reality that you can Rise Above. This spiritual journey is outside the control of the controllers, and we become Errants, and they don’t like this.

Building community of Errants in your area.

Here is the 45-second ‘elevator pitch’ when someone asks what you think is really going on.

“We are building a community of like-minded people who are seeking the truth in a dystopian world.

2024 is going to be a year of very traumatic global events, and we must prepare practically and spiritually for these events that are about to happen.

If you also are feeling marginalised and alone and are looking for like-minded people to chat to, then you are welcome to join our new community of Errants. Start with a WhatsApp group, Meet-ups will follow.

As Errants, we can work together and challenge the narrative, we cannot be controlled".


Do you want to live in fear or to Rise Above, it is your call?


The good news is that "Our world is not what you think," and once we awaken to the truth of our existence it will set us free. Know that you have this power, to use your imagination to positively manifest what you want in your life. This is the Law of Reflection that I have discussed many times.

In a quantum world everything is connected, and that the frequency we create as a collective will govern how this world manifests. The controllers get their power from low frequency and if they can control the masses to vibrate on a low frequency, they have the power. Therefore, it is obvious that if enough people can resonate at a much higher frequency, then the world will automatically change for the better, thereby creating a world where humanity can live in peace and freedom.

Connect with source and nature.

To Rise Above is to live in joy, with gratitude in your heart, surround yourself with happiness connecting with source and nature, at the same time becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient. Source here is the creator that sits outside this construct, which is currently in the control evil forces.

It is also the switching off your computers, tablets, and phones, it is stop listening to the MSM. Empty your mind, be like flowing water, imagining a better world, and becoming the ideal version of yourself. Engage with like-minded people, build a friendship group, and create an Errant Community in the area where you live.

Be strong and stay safe.

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