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Welcome to 2024 - Be Prepared

Welcome to 2024 - Be Prepared

 Posted-Jan 2nd. 

My wish for you is to rise above.

I hope that 2024 may bring you many adventures and explorations, and some of them will be inclined towards spirituality. Do not be fearful in a dystopian world, far from it be emboldened knowing you are on the right path. Once you are vibrating at the right frequency suddenly everything will become possible, and you will be energized and complete the work you set out to achieve. You will fall in love with your life once again, thereby attracting the people into your life that you deserve.


2024 is going to be a year of great contrived worldwide events that will shock and disturb humanity once again, (see my 2024 Predictions post). You must know that this has always been the plan. We are not allowed to live in peace and harmony, we must always be divided, and we must always be at war, there is no respite. If you read my blog posts, you know where I am coming from.

We have tried and failed to inform people about this realm, they are not listening. We have all learnt that we cannot change anyone, it’s all about sowing seeds and you then leave that person alone. We are leaving a lot of people behind, then so be it, time has run out and we must be concentrating primarily on ourselves. If you are already in communities and families where you are all one, then you are blessed.

As we enter this defining year, this is the calm before the storm, we have a few months of relative normality in the West realizing a third World War is being orchestrated in the Middle East and the contrived NATO war in Ukraine enters another year. Do our leaders ever consider for a nanosecond what the people want? I will tell you now, the people want to live in peace and harmony, to live and to love, to smile and to enjoy our short lives. The satanic elites behind the scenes instruct their puppets to divide and destabilize and facilitate war, this has happened century after century, read your history. We cannot stop this, it is programmed into our reality, ‘the prison realm’ as I call it.

Coming together

Spiritually awakened people see what is being perpetrated on humanity and can see the lies and fakery unfolding, that we are playing out in war game called ‘Oblivion’ that must be played over and over again as it is the only one on the playlist.

2024 is about coming together of people on our wavelength. Coming together in Communities of ‘Errants’ across the country is going to be key in the coming months, bringing their energy and passion to the groups. If you are on this wavelength and you consider yourself an Errant, get a group going in your area, time is critical now, it has run out.

I am going to post regularly during 2024, quick five-hundred-word posts.

Be strong and stay safe


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