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1963, The Death of Hope

Background – setting the scene 1945 - 1963.

I am a ‘baby boomer’, the name baby boomer was coined for a generation of people who were born between 1946 and 1964 during a massive baby boom across the world. Millions of men returning from war, traumatised, but with hopes of a better future, where they could bring children into this world who could finally live in freedom and peace.  

You must also remember many of those men and women would also have lost parents and relatives in the horrific first world war. For your information the ‘great war’ as it was known between 1914-18 at the dawn of the 20th Century had followed the 19th Century which was one of the bloodiest centuries in history, where across the world warfare was rife and millions of people had been slaughtered or become displaced as a massive genocidal depopulation agenda was being played out, (which very few people are aware of). The first thing that happened in the UK at the end of the war was to kick out the war leader Winston Churchill from office in the 1945 election.

This cohort of ‘boomers’ born to traumatised parents are the ‘bulge in the snake’ as it moves through time, the biggest movement in history. Their parents wanting just one thing for their children, for them to never have to go to war, to live in a world without fear, to live in peace nothing else, enough was enough, no more war. Our parents spoke to us about the horrors of what they had seen, it was imprinted on our minds, our duty to our parents was to make sure that their abiding legacy of freedom won, and peace could be realised and maintained.

As the boomer bulge moved through time whole new industries were created to service this massive commercial opportunity, the first of these was baby food manufacturers, not far behind is the revolution that is about to take place in the music industry.



The boomers listened to their parents 78s records and were probably not impressed, they didn’t know any better at the time. Then what happened, Elvis Presley, it began in 1954 with the release of his first commercial single, “That’s All Right”, followed in 1955, by “Heartbreak Hotel”, which became a worldwide hit, reaching the No. 1 position in four countries and the top 10 in many other countries. Chuck Berry (1955), Little Richard (1955 “Tutti Frutti”,) Buddy Holly (1957 “That’ll Be The Day”), Bill Haley and the Comets (1954, “Rock around the clock”), Bob Dylan (1958 first song “Hey Little Richard”). A new music genre had been created, ‘rock and roll’, and what was the essence of that new movement, love, peace, hope, happiness, joy, freedom.


It was time for the UK to challenge the US dominance. One of the first, Cliff Richard (and the Shadows) Cliff achieved his first number one in August 1959 with his fifth single, "Living Doll", which spent six weeks at the summit while becoming the UK's highest selling single of 1959.


Something else then happened to take music to another level, ‘The Beatles’, on October 5th, 1962, their first single titled “Love Me Do, PS Love You”, hit record stores all over England, (peaked at number 17).

If you were born in 1945 you were now 17 in 1962, this is incredible, not only do you have all the US rock and roll you now have the Beatles you have the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones' first single, a version of Chuck Berry's “Come On” (Chess Records, 1961) was released in the UK in June 1963 – less than 12 months after the Beatles. The Kinks “You Really Got Me” 1964. You are now part of the most exciting decade that has no rival.

Point of interest here: There was also a psychological condition called Beatlemania that had become apparent and by October 1963, the press adopted the term "Beatlemania" to describe the scenes of adulation that attended the band's concert performances. From the start of 1964, their world tours were characterised by the same levels of hysteria and high-pitched screaming by female fans, completely drowning out the music at concerts and also during the group's travels.

Lennon and McCartney came together and their catalogue of hits between 1961 and 1966 transformed music to another level and set the benchmark for the rest of the sixties. It was also the era for psychedelics substances, drugs have been around since the dawn of time, however during the sixties they were readily available to anyone who wanted an out of body experience.

As I have described briefly this short period of 18-years between 1945 and 1963 was a period of hope especially in the UK, rationing had finally come to an end in 1954, things were getting better, it was tangible, everyone who wanted to work had a job, society was becoming more affluent and mobile at the same time, probably for the first time ever. The swinging 60s, Carnaby Street, e-type jaguars, hot pants remember those. Ask anyone today which decade they would like to go back to, and I guarantee they will tell you the 1960s.

Finally, finally no more wars, peace and love right, the world could come together and be a better place, this was what humanity wanted and needed? Wrong.

Behind the scenes.

At this point I must put the brakes on and put on my conspiratorial hat and give the reader a reality check. I really do have to apologise because it was all looking so good, yes it was too good to be true. It is also true the US Military Industrial Complex had created a war in Vietnam in 1955, (Harold Wilson in the 1960s refused to commit troops to the war effort). There was also the Korean War 1950-56 which the UK entered as part of a UN force with over 1,000 British soldiers killed.

1963, the year that everything changed.

If you are up to speed with my recent posts, you will know that it is my belief that there is a satanic elite that rule our realm and they always have done. We know not their names, in this age they operate through the auspices of the CIA, MI6, UN, WHO, WEF and national governments. I call these entities the controllers, they are the lackies of the elites, ensuring the elite narrative is achieved. Our world is a prison realm, and we are the prisoners, and we are the slaves of their corrupt intentions for humanity, we are “the useless eaters”.

Bottom line here we are not allowed to be happy, misery and war must prevail, the exact opposite to the tidal wave of optimism and hope that had built up a massive head of steam by the early 1960s.

The Game Changer

The Kennedy Assassination 

The one key event I have missed so far and was to be the game changer for the world, the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas Texas in November 1963. In 1960 Kennedy wanted peace across the world, wanted to be on friendly terms with the USSR, wanted to reign in the FBI, the mafia and general corruption that was endemic in US government.

Kennedy was also disillusioned with how the war was going in Vietnan and was considering withdrawing US forces. Kennedy was no saint but was a beacon of hope and world peace and was adored worldwide for his stance against the system and therefore the elites.

However, Kennedy had gained lots of enemies in high places who had other ideas, including the FBI and Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy’s Vice President all wanted Kennedy dead, and so did the elites. This peace and happiness movement of the 1960s was getting out of hand and had to be stopped, cue CIA, they masterminded Kennedy’s assassination.

Followed five years later by Robert Kennedy’s assassination on 5th June 1968. Subsequently President Johnson ratcheted up the war in Vietnam and Cambodia providing muti-billions of profits for US armaments companies and the un-necessary deaths of 58,220 young Americans. The US also lost the war remember.

Both assassinations of Martin Luthur King 4.4.1968 “I have a dream”, and Malcolm X 21.2.1965 can be added to the list of people who had to be removed.


Next on the agenda was, how do we undermine the incredible music explosion around the world, with the top two countries being the US and UK. By the early 60s the UK was on fire with amazing bands. Beautiful rhythms and sounds being produced by multiple numbers of bands and solo artists, producing real positive vibrations, literally, facilitating a very happy, positive outlook for the masses, and the country which is exactly what people deserved in the second half of the century. This was infectious and spread around the world at lightning speed.  

Our controllers own the music industry as they do Hollywood. How long have they owned the music industry I do not know. I would suggest it became a number one priority by the middle of the 1960s as a way of controlling lyrics and the beat and frequency of the music and curtailing the happiness and peace movements, it was getting out of hand.

Our controllers will go to every length to control the narrative, and when you consider all secret services and MSM are part of the coverup then they will get away with murder, literally. What better way than to take out key music genre influencers and infiltrate and control others in the music industry.

Died Young

Here is a body count, there are many more.

Buddy Holly 3.2.59 aged 22, Eddie Cochran 21.4.60 aged 21, Bian Jones 3.7.69 aged 27, Jimmy Hendrix 18.9.70 aged 27, Mark Bolan 16.9.77 aged 29, Janice Joplin 4.10.70 aged 27, Jim Morrison 3.7.71 aged 27, Kirk Cobain 8.4.94 aged 27, Amy Winehouse 23.7.2011 age 27.

Note: there is no such thing as coincidence, some of these may not be foul play, I would however suggest most are, what do you think?

Some say Bob Dylan ‘died’ in the sixties and was replaced by a lookalike at which point his lyrics changed. And the very big one here is Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash on 11.9.66 and replaced by a very different character to the original Paul. This was an MI6 and government (and MSM) cover up.

For those of you who have not heard the Paul McCartney death let me give you a few clues. The Beatles were unique in that they had two geniuses as part of an extremely talented band, (both George Harrison and Ringo Star also wrote songs for the Beatles catalogue).

The original Paul was loved by the other three and was clear to see, Paul was the glue that held the band together. John Lennon particularly was very close to Paul; the body language in film and news reels is overwhelming. Once the car crash happened on 11.9.66 (in the US this would be pronounced 9/11), everything changed, and I mean everything.

Key clues to the is he or isn’t he debate. I will call the Fake Paul Faul as others do.

·         Paul was 5’ 8” tall Faul is 5’ 10” (Paul was the same height as John Lennon).

·         Paul had brown eyes, Faul has green.

·         Paul had a round face, Faul has a more elongated face.

·         John loved Paul as did George and Ringo, they all despised Faul making the breakup inevitable, and no reunion ever possible, (and they were offered multi millions to reunite).

·         Paul played the bass guitar left handedly (he was innately left-handed on everything) Faul is right-handed and struggled in the early days to play left-handed.

·         There are so many clues in the music and album covers after 1966 (Sargent Pepper in particular) as to the death of Paul. It was not necessary to contrive a death to sell more albums as the Beatles record sales worldwide were always off the scale. They were multimillionaires by 1966.

·         Jane Asher adored Paul; she was forced to get engaged in July 67 to Faul to show there was no death. Jane then broke off the engagement and on July 20, 1968, Jane Asher appears on the Simon Dee show and made her breakup with Paul McCartney public - and never spoke to him again. For your information, Faul met the American photographer Linda Eastman in The Bag O'Nails club in London on 15 May 1967, while still with Asher. Linda knew that Faul was an imposter (photographer, right?) and therefore they were able to build a new life together without the fakery.

·         Faul was arrested in 1980 on arrival in Japan, his fingerprints did not match Paul’s fingerprints that were taken in Hamberg in 1960 when the Beatles were playing in Germany.

·         Paul had a child from an affair with Erika Huber while the Beatles played in Hamberg in 1960 by the name of Bettina Huber and when later a paternity case was brought the blood samples from Faul did not match, (they obviously wouldn’t match if Faul was not Paul). The court rejected the scientific evidence and Bettina was accepted by the courts as Paul’s and ordered to pay maintenance.


When you delve into the Beatles history the body count is off the scale after 1966 which is confirmation that a massive cover up was being orchestrated. I suspect there are many people in Liverpool who know the truth and cannot tell because they too will also be dead.

Brian Epstein manager 27.8.67, overdose; Mal Evans 5.1.76, chief roadie and all-round lovely guy, shot dead; Richard Asher, 25.4.69, Jane Asher’s dad, suicide; Tara Browne 17.12.66, car crash; John Lennon 8.12.80, shot dead. They all knew too much and had to be silenced. It was also a statement to anyone else who could have been a whistleblower, say anything and you are dead.

George Harrison should also have died on 30.12.99 after he was stabbed multiple times by an intruder to his house who had miraculously (not) evaded all the alarms. George recovered and kept quiet for the rest of his life, which was probably cut short because of the attack developing cancer a few years later. 


This information is in the public domain. Reports of Paul’s death was headline news in the US in 1969. MSM again failed to properly investigate the claims in the UK, I wonder why?

If this is not enough information to show you Paul and Faul are two entirely separate people, I don’t know what is. You now must investigate this for yourself. I can highly recommend the following book “The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942-1966” by Nicholas Kollerstrom     


I am putting threads together here and joining the dots and using my instincts to try to understand why our dystopian future, which has been mapped out for us, must happen when the overwhelming majority of humanity wants to live in peace and freedom. Everything is inverted remember, Klaus Schwab’s (WEF), mantra of “You will be happy” therefore translates as “you will all be locked down and controlled”. And “You will own nothing” is the irony, as it will actually be the case, (as it already is).

Why is there so much war and fear of war. The answer is simple, we live in a prison realm, it is locked into our reality, however if enough people wake up and can come together then we have a chance of creating the energy field which will stop our captors in their tracks.

Lennon was right who prophetically wrote “All you need is love” (1967) for the world.

Now please do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions.

Be strong and stay safe.


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