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To know, is to maintain your sanity in a dystopian world.

To know, is to maintain your sanity in a dystopian world.


As I have discussed over the weeks, months, and years now, we live in a completely fake world, where virtually everything we have been taught in school or college is a lie. Evolution lie, History lie, Globe lie, Moon landings lie, 9/11 lie, Freedom lie, Pandemic and Lockdowns lie, (just a very few examples). I will have mentioned maintaining your sanity before, but a year on or whatever it is I can bring further clarity to the question here and it may help you stay sane in a dystopian world.

To know

It is now my belief that we are living in a holographic simulation of incredible complexity and if this is an incredible video game, cracking the code was never going to be easy, it’s going to take decades. And their lays the conundrum for humanity, red pill, or blue pill? Cypher wanted back, remember, there is no turning back for me.

It was the programmed and contrived Pandemic and lockdown in 2020 that did it for me, (once you see you cannot unsee). I was not wrong, Jason Breshears in his recent video has shown that the 2020 worldwide Pandemic and lockdown was orchestrated by our controllers as the actual opening of the first seal in Revelation. Our ‘world is a stage’ and the actors are acting out a script handed to them by their controllers. The unfolding narrative is encoded into the simulation and cannot be changed and even our controllers cannot change it, but they are loving it, the satanic thrill of it, and also remember part of ritual, they have to tell us what they are about to do.

The coming cataclysm

May 2040 as I have described in my previous post is the date of the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation which is an earth-shattering event that will completely change the world, where everything we know has been compromised. I am not going into detail here as you can use your own imaginations as to how people are going to survive or not when the infrastructure is longer viable and fundamentally no power, no mobile phones, no Netflix, (you must add a bit of humour if you can). This is how the programmed simulation is playing out. We are all in the game whether we like it or not.


I have discussed that we live in two realities, firstly, is to know we all ‘live’ in a simulated realm and that we are all part of the dungeon programming, ensnaring and completely controlling humanity. Secondly, if we know this, we can also break free, and we can co-create our own reality by using the simulation to exit the game. This is the key, to get to this second reality is to crack the code of the game, your awakening, when it hits you between the eyes and you get to leave the game.

Your birthright

The dungeon programming was the veil that hid from you your Devine origins and therefore inheritance, (you knew there had to be more to this life, didn’t you?). We are eternal spirits having a human experience as I have discussed many times before. That we have a spirit connection to the creator, the ‘kingdom of God’ is within us.

Gospel of Thomas Saying number Two.

Jesus said, “those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will rule over all”.

This is our mission in this realm should you wish to engage, it’s your choice.


Yes, I was very disturbed when my eyes were finally opened to this fake ‘reality’, it was very hard to take in. That were all part of one fantastic, unbelievable game, that was programmed to reset every so many years. That this realm was designed originally to test people/spirit, to give them ‘life’ experiences to enhance their spirituality, ‘God school’. At the same time our realm was also infiltrated by ‘gods’ (other than the creator) who have added their evil dimension into the simulated experience and created the controlling dungeon programming to stop people from realising their unique Devine inheritance. The Genesis story would confirm this.

Perhaps it was always designed to be like this, to challenge people’s spirit consciousnesses, ‘to sort the wheat from the chaff’, thereby allowing only those spirits who graduate from God School to enter the next level of awakening. Those who do not pass the test this time are reincarnated into new avatars and ‘must do better’ next time.

I have opened enough doors in my life to get to this revelation and I still believe I am only scratching the surface of what this ‘universe’ is really all about and that is the exciting thing and requires you to open the next door. I can say however I have reached a stage already where Jesus said “…they will marvel…”. I am now at the marvelling stage in that I have finally reconnected with my Devine inheritance. I have learned so much from my awakening, it completely blows my mind, it’s astonishing.


To know this underpins your sanity, that there is indeed a meaning to this game of life. That you cannot change anything, the world around you, but you can change yourself, to know is the power you need to escape the prison realm, the dungeon programming of the collective. You have been empowered to walk in the truth and the light, this is your destiny.

Final thoughts

I realise we are all on our totally unique individual journeys, all I am doing is giving you my personal experiences it may help you. ‘We are here for a reason’, and I have always believed this, and realising this allows you to open the first door. To then walk through the door and the Universe will see you coming and lead you to the second door. You must move, to walk, even baby steps, the ‘Law of Reflection’ remember, will take over.

Coming next

I am going to do an Awaken UK Deception series of posts and show you how you have been lied to all your life. You are going to get very angry. You won’t want to miss them.

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