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The Great Unravelling - Understanding Our New Reality

The Great Unravelling

Understanding Our New Reality

Wow, what a journey we have been on in the last four Mandela Effects posts, please read if you haven’t already. What I want to discuss today is our new reality, to bring everything together in one post.

We have learned that Mandela Effects are the key that proves the unreality of our reality, that the reality you perceive is completely false, proving that our world is not what you think. Mandela Effects are happening continuously and therefore have a big part to play in understanding the nature of reality. They cannot be dismissed or ignored.

The Great Unravelling

This post represents all the key bullets point I have discussed at length over the last three and a half years and is my take on events as they have unfolded. This is going to be uncomfortable reading for many of you, but you are still here, and I commend you for that. To know the truth of our perceived existence in this realm is going to empower you to greatness.

Mandela Effects (MEs)

1. MEs are a wakeup call to humanity by a benefactor (supreme God) to shake us out of this false reality that people are thinking is the real deal, they represent a reality check on reality, that must not be ignored.

2. MEs are supernatural and prove that reality is not what we think it is, it is always in flux, forever changing. Profound bible changes are happening and are provable and they are just one example of how we are being continually manipulated and how they are negatively impacting and changing society.

3. MEs are not caused by our controllers, they do not want you researching them. MSM only ridicule people who discuss it as memory lapses, really! How do we know this, because the bible changes are not being discussed openly at the highest level, which proves that the church leaders are complicit in the big deception, (which we knew). The benefactor is revealing that the bible has been compiled to control the masses and that the god of the Old Testament is not the true God and is the demiurge who is at the root of everything evil that is happening in this realm today.

4. There are historical MEs where new characters and events and even new timelines are being inserted into the chronological time frame and will affect the past and the future from the point of the insert, an isometric event, i.e., having equal dimensions in time and space that can be demonstrated mathematically.

5. MEs prove we live in a holographic simulation of immense complexity. The word you are familiar with is matrix, a realm that is totally programmable, multi layered and incredibly powerful, where we are only scratching the surface here.

6. MEs prove that reality is always changing that means the door is never shut, it is unlocked and always open. We are not locked in; our minds are not set (mindset). All it requires is to know this, then we can break out, we become open-minded and our world changes forever. Please see my next blog post on this, entitled Breaking Free.

7. MEs are the first domino for people because you cannot deny that MEs are real and are happening, because you must trust your memory and you are confirming many of the MEs I have posted over my last four post. MEs are the key that unlocks the door to the rest of the deceptions that most people have ignored so far.

Flat Earth

8. We ‘live out’ our perceived reality on a flat plane, that the earth is stationary and the sun, moon, and stars (whatever they are) move across the flat plane. The heliocentric world of the earth spinning on its axis at a 1,000mph around the sun at 67,000pmh where the solar system is hurtling across the milky way at 448,000mph is complete BS. Use your common sense on this. This is a big one, it’s the second domino, once people realise the earth is flat and that they have been hoodwinked for 500 years, then you can assume that everything else we have been told is also probably a lie.

9. If our realm is a flat plane and is enclosed in a firmament above and below (using the Genesis word), giving the illusion of a sphere. All idea of space travel to outer space is total fabrication, moon landings therefore totally fake, space station and Space X are just high orbit fakery, Big Bang fake, CERN fake, all of it. Everyone promoting this is fake, all leaders fake (they are all in it together, completely controlled), Neil DeGrasse Tyson fake, Brian Cox fake, Elon Musk fake. Note here: Neil deGrasse Tyson used to work for NASA. Appointed by US President George W. Bush in 2001, Tyson served on the Commission on the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry, total fake.

10. The sun is not ninety-three million miles away and both the sun and moon reside within the firmament, they are plasma discs of the same diameter.

11. Why the lie? Simple, if the controllers promote a narrative of big bang, billions of stars, billions of planets, and billions of galaxies, coupled with the scam that you evolved from a single cell sometime in the distant past then there is a ‘scientific’ explanation to a one in a trillion chance of homo-sapiens-sapiens ever rocking up, and God is not needed as part of the equation. And if the opposite was true, ‘Houston we have a problem’. To finally realise homo-sapiens-sapiens were created by a creator God is the most defining moment of your life.

Evil forces control the world.

12. That the God created simulation has been infiltrated and taken over by these evil forces and are currently in complete control with an agenda of crushing spirit and imposing a transhumanism agenda. Front of house on this are the UN, WHO, WEF, NATO, Vatican, all controlled from above, by forces we do not see or know. And these corporations control all governments whatever domination. All major religions were created as a control mechanism for the controllers. How long has this been happening? Thousands of years.

All Politicians and MSM

13. All MSM are in control of the controllers, spreading false narratives and fakery to confuse, overwhelm and scare you witless, ‘fear porn’ I call it. Assume everything is fake, all political parties whatever colour fake. Use the adage that, whatever they tell you the opposite is the truth. You must completely unplug yourself from all media.

COVID and Lockdowns

14. I have called COVID “The biggest scam in the history of the world” and most people believed it. A bioweapon based on snake venom peptides that could be spread through the air or water systems had been developed in the US and UK and was released through the Wuhan Institute of Virology sometime in 2019 to create a lethal ‘virus’ pandemic. Many people died, but for some reason it was not continued with and by March 2020 it had blown itself out and the UK had downgraded the outbreak to a non-pandemic remember, just at the point the lockdown was initiated by Boris Johnson. There was no SARs Cov-2 virus, it was a multi-layered psyop, totally contrived then…….

15. All governments were ordered to lockdown by the controllers who control the WHO on the back of contrived events and data, all governments were in on the scam. Sweeden was the exception. March 20th, 2020, UK Johnson orders its citizens to lockdown, crushing the UK and its economy. Starmer was also in on the scam, all politicians by this time had been nobbled to toe the line or else. Andrew Bridgen was the exception here.

16. Aim of lockdown part one, to destroy the middle classes, massive wealth transfer to the elite corporations while people were incarcerated in their homes unable to run their businesses. Also, to see how gullible people were to lockdown and therefore for planned future lockdowns.

17. Part two, to ‘vaccinate’ the world’s population with gene therapies which were bioweapons, that had been prepared in advance. Who in their right mind would allow someone to inject you with an unproven vaccine (which is not a vaccine), that has no long-term clinical trial date (normally 5-10 years needed to prove the safety and efficacy of a new vaccine). Never forget the fact that the Queen, Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, Boris Johnson, Whitty, Valance, Hancock, et al and many pop and movie stars, and so-called influencers told you to get injected to save your granny. Do you really really think for one nanosecond that all these people had the vaccine that went out to the general public? Many of the batches were placebos, others were deadly over time as your body succumbed to the poison.

18. All MSM complicit in the fakery, no challenge, no discussion, no debate, everyone who had the ‘balls’ to call it out were marginalised, cancelled, and called conspiracy theorists, and in some cases murdered, yes, it is that horrific because the truth cannot come out. Once people realise that their caring government wants them dead, I hate to think what will happen.

19. Vaccine injury and deaths are at unprecedented levels and have been totally covered up. On-going monthly excess deaths above the five-year average are in the region of 10% across those countries who vaccinated. This is not going away anytime soon. Some countries could not afford to vaccinate, and their populations are healthier now for it. You must now take supreme personal responsibility for your health knowing all of this, I guarantee you will live longer.

20. Midazolam and morphine ‘end of life’ protocol during lockdown – so far this has been covered up. Thousands of elderly and vulnerable people in the NHS and care system on the back of fake positive PCR tests were euthanised to big up the numbers, all on Hancock’s watch. This one is horrific.


21. We have all acquiesced to the collective in that we have all become slaves to the elites-controlled system. We earn hard earned money for our government to then take it back off us in taxes. We have now reached a stage where our government is taking so much tax, we no longer have enough money to support ourselves. And we allow this to happen, it’s completely bonkers. We are simply slaves. Your government doesn’t care, look at how all public services are collapsing around us. And I can guarantee the lack of investment in the water quality and infrastructure (planned) will cause massive upheavals. So, what is the answer from government, to put your taxes up even more.

Education system

22. Total indoctrination from the age of three if you send your kids to preschool. The earth is a globe, theories of evolution, gravity, and relativity, all fake. All history is a lie, completely controlled by the victors and the controllers. Titanic lie, 9/11 lie, Covid lie, Moon landing lie. No debate, no discussion, just one narrative and if you don’t agree with the narrative from above you are cancelled. My advice, home school your children.


23. If the earth is flat and stationary and is at the centre of the universe, then you realise that creation becomes part of the narrative. That humankind was created, for a purpose and has a spirit connection to the creator (as we have discussed at length). We were created in the image of God. Darwinism has always been only a theory and it is fake. To know this represents your spiritual awakening, completely life changing.

24. God school – That is what I call our experience in this realm should you wish to participate (your choice). God created the simulation for all of us to experience, a test, to work it out, to know we are surrounded by evil forces which will release the co-creator in you to connect with your true destiny that was always possible.

25. Your true spiritual awakening releases your gifts of Intuition, Imagination and Empathy which will give you total CLARITY.

Future plans for humanity

26. UN Agenda 2030, rolled out through the World Economic Forum is the date for the total control of humanity. A totalitarian and transhumanism agenda where our friend Klaus Schwab says, “you will own nothing, and be happy”. I say, fcuk Klaus Schwab.

Phoenix Event 2040

27. The Phoenix event in 2040 which is less than 17-years from now. In this post I am recommending only one person you must engage with and that is Jason Breshears at Jason is a chronologist and is probably the most read person on the ‘planet’ on ancient history and has been able to piece together an accurate chronological timeline of events from ancient books. Jason confirms history runs in cycles, which includes devastating cataclysmic events. There are repeating mathematical patterns to these cataclysms, and we can project them into the future.

I will leave it there as your homework, I am not going to tell you what happens in 2040. If you want to find out as part of your awakening, then you will be completely blown away by Jason’s knowledge. You must engage if you want to get to the truth, your call. Spoiler alert here: the controllers and elites of the world know about the Phoenix event of 2040. Why do they keep it from us? Because if you knew what this realm really was, it would either scare you witless or empower you to greatness (depending on your awakening) because the whole deception is exposed, and their game is up.

Understanding Our New Reality

This is all mind-blowing stuff, to me it is heartbreaking knowing that for our whole life we have been gaslighted by evil forces. Those of us who can see the truth have rationalised this, call it enlightenment, using the modern buzzword and it has given us strength and clarity to what really matters in this realm. We have worked it out, we are therefore not fearful. I also realise this world will be just as evil when I leave it as it was when I was born into it.

I cannot change the world, I can hardly change anyone for that matter, which makes this an individual awakening which it always was, (which I now realise). You, me are on an individual journey of enlightenment, that’s what this realm is all about, it’s a test, a massive jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the lid. It has taken me over sixty years to put most of the pieces together, and I am also sure I am still scratching the surface of this incredible experience.

People who understand what I am alluding to here are in the minority, Jason would call us Errants. I think we are spiritual people with a love of humanity first and foremost, we seek the truth, we also cannot be controlled, and what is wrong with that, you would think we are mass murderers the way we have been vilified. It’s very simple really, four letters, LOVE.

The masses have been completely brainwashed through the education program (literally) and the deceptions and fear porn of all media. This is not new it has always happened. Ninety plus percent of the population are still fast asleep and are totally oblivious of what is unfolding. “They think it is all over”. Not quite, I am forever an optimist, if enough people can come forward and say enough is enough, maybe, just maybe we can create enough positive energy to slam this evil takeover into the hell pit that they deserve. Make no mistake we are at war.

This is what you must do knowing this.

First and foremost, do not live in fear. The biggest piece of advice that will cost you nothing is to extricate yourself from all mainstream media now, including news channels, papers and most of television, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This one thing clears the mind allowing you to concentrate on putting the puzzle pieces together.

Do your own research, it is fundamental, calling me out as a nutjob at this point is the most stupid thing you can do. I am saying the only thing you can trust is YOUR Intuition, Imagination and Empathy, if you have any, nobody else’s opinions are relevant and matter here, it’s about you.


This reality is 100% fake and if you allow yourself to dismiss what is now clear to many people who are waking up fast, then you acquiesce to the collective and you will remain mind-controlled for the rest of your life, is that what you want?

The Reality you perceive, you will receive, this is your destiny.

I will keep writing as I find it cathartic in a very angry and evil world.

God bless you.


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