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Awaken 9 - Dungeon Programming – Break Free or Die Trying

Awaken 9 - Dungeon Programming – Break Free or Die Trying

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.


Welcome to Part Two of the Awaken series, please if you have not read the first eight do it now as you will see we have discussed topics that you would not normally come across and by knowing these it takes you in a totally different direction and shows you how we can all understand what is really happening in this world today and more importantly how to survive in it.

I can categorically say my life has changed, I am awakened and enlightened and it feels utterly liberating and life affirming at the same time. Our story continues because I need to give you more information and references to embolden you further.

Many of you will already be on my wavelength (because you are reading this probably). But others of you will still be sceptical and that is fine. I have shattered your belief system and you are finding it difficult to compute and accept anything maybe of what I am suggesting.

Our reality

We have discussed, ‘’our world is not what you think’ and that we live in a holographic simulation of incredible complexity and that we exist within this construct which is operating to a dungeon programme where our goal is to break free or die trying. First, we have to accept we are living in a prison and then I have to give you the belief and power to break free. I must explain further and show you how to do this. I have to convince you that what is happening in the world today is 100% nefarious and if I can do that you are then going to do something about it, and if you do it for one thing only do it for your grandchildren. To know something is wrong and then to do nothing about it is shameful, it’s called cognitive dissonance. Yes, I must be hard hitting from now on as we do not have much time left before it is too late to turn back the tide of evil.

Disclaimer here - we can prove the cyclic nature of cataclysms and I can show you the exact date for the next one. This one fact shows you that this world is an illusion as this is impossible in a heliocentric world whizzing through outer space, it’s programmed. The rest of my argument becomes an intellectual discussion as there is no way I can prove it. It does however explain in a logical way of the predicament we are all in.

Let’s remember this, we are much more than we supposed ourselves to be.


As I have discussed before we live in two realities if I can call them that, first is the reality of the collective, the matrix that we all live in, which I am suggesting is totally fake and contrived. The second reality, should you wish to engage is the reality of your spirituality. Your inner connection through spirit to the greater picture that exists beyond our perceptions. As I have already discussed, once you make the spirit connection then the Intuition, Imagination and Empathy kicks in allowing you to see with total clarity the fake-ness of our perceived reality of the collective.

Breaking free – the background, open mind please.

In order to break free, we first need to know what dungeon programming is by understanding what is really happening in our perceived world.

Look at the world today, it’s crazy right? Everything is crashing around us, if you live in the UK once revered institutions, e.g., the NHS, Police Force, Armed forces, local councils, most public sectors, are shattered and in most parts now totally corrupt. Agendas – Lockdowns, Woke, Trans, BLM, Gender, Climate Change, Net Zero, Electric Cars, Vaccination, Ukraine War, 15-minute cities, Central Bank Digital Currency, it’s called FEAR PORN and it is relentless.

Ramping up every week and month to scare you witless and for you to become even more beholding to your caring government. If you disagree with any of that you are living in another world. What is more and I mention this all the time, all the big and most of the smaller events that are happening in the world today are totally connected and are being manipulated behind the scenes. This is the backdrop, the stage set that has been contrived for you that we all must contend with on a daily basis and make sense of.

This is just the stage set, what we also have to take into account is how we have been subliminally programmed since the day we were born, this is the dungeon programming. Our totally corrupted education system, the historical and scientific record, all media and religious dogma and doctrine, (not the true spiritual connection that is at the core of all faiths). We have been taught to believe what we are told, the true narrative of everything.

To challenge the ‘truth’ is not to be encouraged, as we can clearly see from the last three years. Subliminal programming through all media is a major part of the process here, our minds are very susceptible and every behavioural scientist who has nefarious intentions knows this. It’s completely genius if you want to control people. ‘Lockdown nudge units’ is a recent example you may be aware of.

We interpret what we have been taught as the true narrative and this becomes our paradigm on the world, and we interpret all new information against our paradigm and if it does not fit/compute we toss it aside and ignore it as false information or better still lies, or in my case I am called a conspiracy theorist.

This is how the masses choose to live their daily lives, they are a reflection of the very thoughts and feelings that emanate from their paradigm of perceptions which ultimately becomes their belief system. And once our belief system has been set it is very difficult to persuade that individual that something else could be at play here.

The biggest problem in today’s world is that all mainstream media has been captured by the elites to spout and to support their narrative and even more importantly to trash anyone who challenges the narrative. The MSM are not allowed to investigate or report on what is really happening. I really don’t know how real journalists sleep at night, because they do know what is really happening, and by their acquiescence, they are allowing more people to unnecessarily die, yes die. A perfect example of this is the failure of all MSM to investigate the horrific levels of vaccine injury and deaths.

This is nothing new, our perceived reality has all been meticulously planned for centuries, everything we are discussing here is all connected, three words, DIVIDE AND RULE, why, because if they can chop us all up into little factions fighting amongst yourselves you are not going to see the bigger picture of what is really going on here.

You must realise that this is their (those that want to control us) Achilles Heel (and they know this) and is the reason why they do this and why they have to keep ramping it up and changing the topic, otherwise we might wake up and smell a rat, it’s called deflection. We are the 99% they are the 1% simple.

Here is the key, if we can come together in large enough numbers and demand ENOUGH IS ENOUGH then it ends now.

Our Achilles Heel

Humans need to interact, this is a basic instinct, to connect, to belong, to commune, to love and care, beautiful attributes you would agree, it is our God given birth right. So, if you have nefarious evil intentions to dehumanise the population of the world, which is the agenda here, you have to crush these basic instincts and once you have achieved this, what is left? Let’s call it a Zombie, because you have probably watched the films, (they love telling us). A Zombie will do anything it is told and if it refuses it is killed. Give it 10-years at this rate and we are there.

Everything operates on frequency and vibration and the collective resonates at a low vibration. Dumb (low energy) people are very easy to manipulate and therefore control, lockdowns right? People have been so dumbed down and it’s worked up until now. And that is my hope that enough people can wake up and see what is really happening in the world today, before it is too late.

We are all slaves in the collective.

In the collective, we are all slaves, we work, if we have a job, to pay back the hard-earned money in taxes to allow the government to use it to grind us down and lock us up even further, or to pay off the interest on our incredible debt that was accrued when we locked everyone up for two years. Yep, bonkers right, and we all put up with this. Earn money buy stuff, earn money buy stuff, now it’s earn even more money to even exist, yes it has got that bad and people still cannot see what’s going on.

Let’s talk good news – phasing out, rising above the vibration of the dungeon.

We are well into the Awaken series so, by now you have already had your ha ha moment, (hopefully) and you are using our discussions as the armour to ‘phase out’, of the collective and engage or re-engage with your other reality, your true spiritual self. This is great we can talk about spirit again because in all of the above it hasn’t been hardly mentioned in the chaos that is engulfing us today.

And there you have it, if we were talking about spirit and how that is the centre of everyone’s paradigm then humanity would not be in the serious predicament it is. And that is precisely why the elites are doing what they are doing to take away our God connection and turn us to Satan. I have to say this because it is the only answer that fits with the elite’s narrative that is unfolding in front of our eyes. The elites are satanic, they have no empathy, they are desperate to depopulate ‘their’ world and will achieve it in any which way.

Note here, (I always must mention George).

George Orwell would be amazed at where we are at currently, he did warn us, and we still went ahead with full blown totalitarianism. That’s human nature for you, you must read the book (1984) and you will see that we are already there, ALMOST.


The collective has been meticulously designed over centuries to ensnare your humanity, a soul trap and in order to phase out you need to know this. What is happening in the collective is all fake to distract you from your true destiny in life. We have discussed this in some detail, I am fleshing out the bigger picture here, I would like to think we are starting to vibrate on the same wavelength. Once you understand everything comes from the ‘well spring’ within you, and is spirit then everything changes, this becomes empowerment. The true errant (love this word) is the person who sees with total clarity the reason for the chaos in the world today and who then has the ability to phase out of the collective and live in spirit. Remember we are an immortal spirit having a human experience.

When a matter becomes clear it ceases to concern us Fredrick Neichze

Live in Spirit, your connection to the true God of the universe, become a broadcaster not a receiver.

To be continued ………………..

God bless you.

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