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Awaken 8 – Re-connecting with your spiritual inheritance.

Awaken 8 – Re-connecting with your spiritual inheritance.

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.



If you have arrived at Awaken 8 without reading the first 7 posts, please read them in order so you can see how we have arrived at this critique.

Here below are the bullet points of the 20-key observations I have discussed in the first 7 Awaken posts that I posted at the end of Awaken-7. What I must do now is review all of this and present a new way forward that is coherent, that empowers the individual thereby becoming a force of goodness, that can create community and connection for those beautiful souls who want to come together in strength and share the amazing truth of our spiritual existence. Let’s see where this goes.

· Our world is not what you think.

· We have lost our connection with spirituality.

· We are more than we ever supposed ourselves to be

· We are on an individual journey of discovery and enlightenment.

· The simple life-affirming spiritual teachings of Jesus, an itinerant rabbi, have been used to create a new Roman Christian religion based on doctrine and dogma.

· Once you acquire Intuition, Imagination, and Empathy you ‘see’ with total clarity.

· Our spirit is the divine connection to the true God that resides in every one-off us.

· We are spirit beings having a human experience.

· We live in a simulation, a holographic mathematical construct of immense power.

· We reincarnate life simulations until we understand the reality of the simulation which will set you free, which is the focus of the Awaken series of post.

· The architect of the simulation is the true God, created as a testing ground for souls.

· The world we perceive as real, inside the simulation, is completely fake. It has also been taken over by evil forces, an elite cabal that now controls every aspect of our lives, in the guise of the UN, WHO, WEF, IMF, World Bank, all governments, and all MSM.

· Their aim, a New World Order, (NWO), complete totalitarian control as brilliantly conceived in Orwell’s forewarning 1984 novel.

· The elite’s aim is to also crush your spirit connection to God, the AI transhumanism agenda, remember they cannot read your mind, this is their Achilles Heel.

· We are at war; make no mistake the very existence of humanity is at stake.

· We live in a prison, no other word describes it better, we must ‘break free or die trying’.

· The Phoenix phenomenon happens every 138-years without fail.

· The end times as defined in Revelations is near, in our lifetime and it connected to the next Phoenix cycle. The next Phoenix event is 2040 in the month of May.

· The Kingdom of heaven is in every one of us, our aim is to connect with it, and find the essence of who we are.

· That love is the key for this world to achieve.

Distilling the key points

First, I must pull out the core beliefs that will underpin our way forward when everything is relevant here. Reading the Awaken series you have been shocked to realise that fundamentally truths have been hidden from you and where we are all basically being treated as slaves by the very people and governments that we supposedly put into power as our elected representatives to protect us.

Bottom line here, the current ‘parliamentary system’ does not work for us it is currently crushing us and until we recognise this fundamental truth we cannot move forward.

Also, as I have discussed this is a personal journey here, I am not advocating you join anything here, you are an independent free-thinking human being, where to be human is part of being. To know is to have power, an inner confidence and awareness that you didn’t have before.

Core belief 1 – The next Phoenix event is 2040 in the month of May.

We have 17-years until the next Phoenix event. To me when I realised this, and the evidence for it is compelling, (I am going to give you more details on in the coming weeks) this changed my whole paradigm on how I see the world. May 2040 is the date. The 2040 cataclysm also represents the opening of the 6th seal in the book of Revelation chapter 6 12-14. Rather than get totally freaked out by this, for me it was the missing piece of the jigsaw in a way, I realised that this existence is far more profound than anyone can imagine. It was the first step to a new enlightenment.

Core belief 2 - We live in a prison, no other word describes it better, we must ‘break free or die trying’.

The world has always been in flux, evil forces have always wanted to enslave us, nothing new there, and you would agree we now have the technologies to take this to a completely new level, where transhumanism is on the agenda, once we allow this to happen humanity is finished. Day after day these evil forces are eroding our individuality, thereby unconsciously stopping us from understanding the true gift of life. They do not want us to have a mind of our own, because they cannot control a free spirit. We must break free or die trying.

Core belief 3 - The Kingdom of heaven is in every one of us, our aim is to connect with it, and find the essence of who we are.

Jesus taught that the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, is within you. “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”, ‘repentance’ here really means a shift in consciousness, to be able to see. Kingdom refers to an inner dimension of spaciousness. The Kingdom of Heaven is inner spaciousness, consciousness without thought, an inner alert stillness. This is profound and is the key to understanding who we really are. Why is there so much ‘noise’ in the world today, it is to deflect you from understanding or finding your true self.

“Know thyself” - Socrates.

The first step to true wisdom is to “know thyself” because only then can you appreciate what one understands and what remains to be learned. Self-awareness helps you make decisions that are better for you.

The essence of who we are is consciousness, it is how we feel and connect with other people. Connection is so important to the human psyche, without connection we are isolated and can become anxious and depressed, connection is a basic human instinct, and without it mental health issues are not far away. And that is exactly what those who control us want to happen, by ‘divide and rule’ to destroy our connectivity and creating fearful people. I think you would agree they are doing a very good job of it.

Jesus said, “love thy neighbor as thy self.” (Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan).

This is spiritual love (Agape) for another human being, where you sense the deeper being, the consciousness of the other person. To rephrase what Jesus said is, find the Kingdom of Heaven within you, the dimension of inner spaciousness, then you will recognize your neighbor as yourself.

Meditation is key here for this to happen, finding time and space to connect with your inner spaciousness where you can be alert and still, completely conscious but not thinking. There is a great technique in meditation to clear your mind. It is to concentrate on your breathing, listening to your breathing, when you are aware of your breathing you are not thinking, then you create spaciousness.

Core belief 4 - “We are more than we ever supposed ourselves to be”.

Once we have connected with our inner consciousness and the wisdom of intuition, imagination and empathy we start the realisation that something else is going on here, that there really is a deep profound meaning and reason for our existence. It is wonderfully empowering, and this is where this quote becomes appropriate, “We are more than we ever supposed ourselves to be”.

This life is about growth, love, connection, gratitude, empathy – the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” comes to mind. We can all be aspiring George Bailey’s.

To engage with the God of creation through the teachings of Jesus. The first century Jesus without the embellishments of Rome. The real spiritual Jesus and the real Kingdom of Heaven, that is not up in the sky but is inside every single one of us.

That our physical reality is merely a reflection of our inner ideas and convictions which applies to everyone. To see through the veil of deception that has been created for us to deflect our true destiny, is your mission. Once you see with clarity then your world changes forever, you cannot go back to your previous perceptions. Act as if you are, and you will be.

It is the Law of Reflection (not the law of Attraction) that pulls you through life.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts as we have discussed. You attract the people into your life who are resonating on your frequency. Recognition of how this works is the key to reversing the negative circumstances of one’s life. Negative expectations produce negative results, this phenomenon is observed all the time, therefore positive expectations produce positive results. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are resonating on your new higher frequency. Remember always, we receive not what we want but what we are.

To know that ‘thoughts are things’. The universe is saturated with thought. Most of the thoughts passing through our minds all the time are not our own, they are invasive and distracting, know this. By simply changing your thoughts, you will lead yourself out of the prison world that has been created for you and into a new dimension. For many people this is very hard to do.

To use your new-found powers (because they are) to connect with people and engage in conversation and share your wisdom. Once you have the power the words flow, try it. Jesus spread the word, why hide it under a lamp, you have nothing to fear because fear is an illusion for those who cannot see.

Prayer – To be grateful, to thank your God, feel gratitude of having already received what is wanted. When you are genuinely thankful for things you have yet to possess you demonstrate pure FAITH

Core belief 5 - Once you acquire Intuition, Imagination, and Empathy you ‘see’ with total clarity.

When you start ‘knowing thyself’, and you start to see the world for what it really is you are on the motorway to true enlightenment. The wisdom of intuition, imagination and empathy are at hand, and you see with total clarity. It hits you between the eyes. For most people this wisdom is time served, the hard knocks of life. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 18, yep, we can all say that, but that is not the way it works.



Now that we have put all the pieces together, we can clearly see the big picture on the box. To know is power, it is also the awakening to a far greater story here, a story we are all part of, a true enlightenment, because we are all connected.

It is also the body armour you need to move forward with confidence in an evil world, and if as predicted an earth-shattering event is going to happen in thirteen years, then we must be strong and not fearful.

Not fearful because we know that we exist in a simulated world where our eternal spirit is having a human experience and where just maybe we have asked to be part of the unfolding end times, (just a thought).

The archetype of true humanity is described by Hugh Schonfield in his work The Essene Odyssey.

He is the ideal of our species incognito. He may be encountered in East and West, in the past, in the present, and in the future by any one of us of any faith and clime (place). He is the immortal traveller who has endured all the adversities our planet can inflict. Wherever he is found he calls us back to our better selves, to the path of concern for others, to love and goodness of heart. He restores our courage and our hope. He is eternally adaptable, so that in all our diversities we are at home with him, and he is our home. He is also the goal towards which we strive, the World Man of a wiser and nobler world we visualise in our finer imagination. Through him, in spirit, we reach out to wonders infinite and glories incomparable.

That is beautiful, it is totally empowering, in an evil world.


All I ask is for you to contemplate very deeply what we have discussed in these eight Awaken series, it is very profound, in that it may shakes you to your core, your old belief system has been challenged and shattered maybe, I realise that. I am being honest with you, in that this has been my journey, that has taken decades, and these are my writings of what I now believe to be true after all these years of discovery, and I still think I am only scratching the surface of this incredible existence.

Spirituality is a subject that is little discussed between people. I now have the confidence to do it at any time an opportunity arises, and guess what, I find people very receptive and are keen to talk about it, remember we are all trying to work it out, this thing called life.

Our story continues because I need to give you more information and references to embolden you further. I hope you are enjoying this.

God bless you.

Recommended reading.

Awaken the Immortal Within by Jason Breshears

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