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Awaken 5 - The One Event That Changes Everything

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.



Once the first Lockdown had been initiated I started to explore and understand the bigger picture of what is really going on today, that sits behind the daily Fear Porn we are all fed. What I have found will shock you, it will also have a profound impact on how people view themselves and how using this new knowledge they will be able to break free and fight back, which will be life changing.

My whole premise here is that you and me, are very special indeed, if we only but realised it. We are going to explore some astonishing concepts as we move forward, please reserve your judgement to the end. I must now expand on previous blogs where I have introduced you to some radical thinking. I see the Awaken series of posts as a coming together of previous concepts and to show you how they all fit together.

In my first 4 Awaken posts I have discussed that humanity in most parts has lost its connection with spirituality and God and the simple message of Jesus. As I have stated many times, I believe this loss of connection has been deliberate, to undermine our humanity making it so much easier for those in power to control the masses.

There is a fundamental tenet here in that I believe we are immortal spirits having a human experience, allowing all of us to explore and understand the core of our humanity within a world that has been created for us, a fake reality.

The next piece of the jigsaw

To fully understand the fake reality we are currently living in and how this all fits together we must first unravel our historical timeline because therein are cataclysmic events that dramatically change the world on a regular basis that has been kept from us. Many of the major events and cataclysms of this world, and there have been many over the course of history are prophetic, and are recorded in ancient texts including the bible, e.g., we have been forewarned in scripture of the ‘end times’ in Revelations (last book of the New Testament) being a perfect example. There are also many others who have predicted past and future events and Nostradamus is another you will have heard of.

When you look at the chronology of these events in the past you can see that there are clear date patterns and therefore predictability of these cataclysmic events. What I am saying, by knowing the past chronology we can predict when the next cataclysm will occur with precise accuracy.

Please read the last paragraph again, because the implications of what I have written will if you eventually come to believe it will change your life forever. The question that screams out of the page, how can that possibly be, that we can predict the exact date of the next major earth-shattering cataclysm.

Yes, I know it is astonishing and guess what, you didn’t know did you, and neither do 99% of people? The ancients knew, they knew the dates for the next return and even had names for them. Kings would go into battle on occasions knowing that an event was about to happen which they would use the ‘event’ to their advantage.

The Adam and Eve Genesis story is a new beginning after a cataclysm, which starts the Annus Mundi calendar. The Noah’s Ark Great Flood of 2239BC or 1656 Annus Mundi is also a cataclysmic event on a precise timeline. There have been many more since on a very regular timeline.

Think about it, if people knew the date for the next big event that could take them out you would re-evaluate everything in your life and that is exactly what I have done, and why knowing this I have to explain myself and forewarn those people who are taking the time to engage with my posts.

Currently you find my Awaken posts interesting (hopefully), you haven’t decided yet whether I am bonkers or not, and I don’t want you to make that decision at this time, because I haven’t given you enough information yet. It is also obvious that you wouldn’t want the masses to know about this, because it would cause societal breakdown, even worse than it is now.

I believe those people who control this world which I have discussed many times also know what I have just written and are preparing for the next big event. The date will come later, because I must give you more context first which will give more credibility to my argument.

The cyclic nature and predictability of these major events have been deliberately erased from the history books, for the obvious reason I have given above.

This changes everything

When you realise this one fact (which I want you to research), it completely shatters your paradigm and I mean completely, everything from this moment onwards changes, let me explain, are you still with me, you really are going to need an open mind for what I am going to tell you next. Where do I start?

Assumption One.

If you were part of the elites controlling the world and you know precisely the date of the next cataclysm and you also know that it will be earth shattering with millions of people losing their lives and you know it is soon, how would you prepare for it? (Note here, these events can be localised, or whole earth, the exact locations of the event and levels of destruction cannot be predicted).

The obvious conclusion you would make here is that you would build massive underground facilities and cities. And this is what the alternative commentators are suggesting and that as soon as the time comes near, say 6-9 months before the event, all the ‘chosen’ peoples will disappear from public view because they have gone underground to ride out the cataclysm that is occurring above ground level. The facilities below ground will be completely sealed off and will be able to support hundreds of thousands of people for as long as necessary, years and decades if required. I would suggest they have been preparing for the next cataclysmic event for the last 50 years.

Assumption Two.

I will let you have a second or two to contemplate assumption one, is it something you have ever considered, what do you think?

So, here is an even bigger assumption you have to make if the first one is true on the back of predictive dates for the next cataclysm. I have mentioned this in the introduction of the Awakened series of post, but I am including it here again as it is a major piece of the jigsaw, which will expose the bigger picture here. That the reality that you think is real that you are living out is nothing more than a video game, and the word simulation has to be used, and an incredibly complex one at that. We are all living out in a holographic simulated world as depicted in the Matrix films, (they always tell you what is really happening, because they cannot help it and think we are all stupid).

“Our world is not what you think”

The reason you must make this assumption is because it is the only scenario that can explain the precise regularity of the cataclysms, i.e., they are programmed into the simulation and therefore cannot be averted. If we were living in a natural evolutionary existence spinning on an axis around a solar system at breakneck speed somewhere in the Milky Way, then these events could not be predicted, it is not possible.

“Believe me when I say we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed our fear of it.” - Morpheus

I want to make it very clear at this point that all the pieces of the jigsaw will fit together, and that God will be the final picture that is exposed. I must make this statement now as you will undoubtedly be having a challenging time believing any of this.

I am going to leave it there for this post as I have already shocked you and I want you to think about what I have said before you get the next instalment as that will be equality shocking and empowering at the same time.

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