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AWAKEN-1 Spiritual Awakening, an introduction to our new mission.


Spiritual Awakening, an introduction to our new mission.

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.



“Divine Alchemy is a passion, a fertile imagination, resolve and unbounded confidence – the recipe for the immortal mastery over materiality” - Anonymous

No, I didn’t write that, but it fits to how I see the rest of my life, I want to know what is really happening in this world and also if I am engaging with the spiritual side of my duality, as discussed in my previous post I have to seek the origins of my new belief system that I have finally come to realise is my true destiny.

I come from a point of view where I now treat everything with scepticism, and I mean everything, and where everything has been corrupted. I do not like being lied to and it has happened too many times to me, and I am now on the offensive. I have written over ninety blog posts and 150,000 words exposing the total corruption and evil of world governments and the satanic elites that sit above them controlling every aspect of our fake world today.

In 2020 these elites exposed themselves by unleashing the fake pandemic and death jabs on humanity as part of their agenda for the imposition of a NWO, or to you and me the complete control of humanity. These elite families that control the world today go back thousands of years; the institutions spawned from these bloodlines manifesting in many cases satanic cults. The 64,000$ question is, where does religion sit within this, are the elites also controlling the religions of the world.

Where do you start

So, now I am embarking on a new journey of discovery, a journey to discover a salvation that may be possible, because I have come to realise that is the reason for our existence. When you look at the incredible amount of literature that has been written on this subject over two thousand years, where do you begin when you feel fundamentally inadequate to the task?

Many people are put off the Old Testament, as they read of the great turbulences and battles and sometimes a vengeful god, heaping death and destruction on any peoples who did not agree with his doctrines and edicts. I am seeking the God of a new covenant that was foreseen in the Old Testament. A God of love, a God of forgiveness and a God of salvation. So, I am embarking on a journey, where my starting point is the new covenant and Jesus Christ, The NEW Testament.

Definition of covenant here – an agreement which brings about a relationship of commitment between God and his people.

Note: Whatever I say can and will be trashed by any scholar probably, that is par for the course on such an immense and world defining subject. However, I see myself as a simple joe public here who is recording how he is feeling and thinking in times of trouble and how he is responding to it, when fundamentally there is no guidance whatsoever coming from the established churches. And we must ask why is that, it should make you think?

A calling to the truth

Knowing is to know, once you know you cannot unknow, in today’s world we call it enlightenment. To be enlightened requires you to bring that message to others. Speak with confidence and energy and you will carry the weight of all you have come to believe.

Starting point – Spirit

When we engage with any ‘religion’ or doctrine the term spirit or holy spirit is part of the lexicon, what is it, here is my take on this? I believe we are spirit consciousness, connected via the central nervous system to a physical body. That the spirit consciousness exists in an informed field that surrounds us and is connected to every other informed field, which means we are all connected.

It is my belief that our spirit is eternal and when our physical body dies our eternal spirit will live on in our next life. This is something we will explore over the coming months as I realise this is one of the biggest questions in the universe and is open to a very wide interpretation.

As each life is experienced your spirit ‘grows’ to a point where you will eventually have total clarity on how we should see the world, and where God is to be found in it. I believe God is in every one of us, programmed into our ancient DNA, and it is making that connection between the body and spirit for me is the meaning of life, and becoming one with God.

Disclaimer here, the above two paragraphs are just my opinion, so you can see where I am coming from. I hope over the months we can shed more light on this and see if my assertions are able to be more founded, (or not) realising I won’t be able to prove anything, but may be our belief system can be strengthened by having an open study and debate on this.

I believe what we are witnessing in the world today is a spiritual war, a war to deprogram spirit from your perceived existence. Why is that, because awakened spiritual people cannot be controlled and that is the reason, they must crush all of us, it is pure evil, and we are allowing it to happen. Here is the maxim to attain.

“The true spiritual individual does not fear the dark”

I realise I may have lost some of you with this post. If you are thinking this, then please give me a month or two to see where I am going, you never know it may completely resonate with you. If you are truly awakened, I believe the answer you are seeking will become as clear as day. This is my calling now, to see where this leads me and in particular to create community from the ashes of a fake and corrupt world that people are still believing is real.

You can choose to join me on my journey by reading my thoughts over the coming weeks and months. Remember I am coming from a position of being a novice to this. What I do possess however, is a passion for the truth and an intuition and empathy when I am faced with the truth. We must get behind the Churchianity of Jesus. I want to find out who he really was, to know him, and understand in layman’s language what he wants for me and more fundamentally how I must live my life so that one day I may join him.

Here is the title of my next post AWAKEN 2 - 2BC the dawn of a New Covenant.

Coming soon

God bless you


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