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The frightening reality of COVID-19 How did we get into this mess

As I write this latest post, I have tears in my eyes because I cannot believe what we are doing to humanity. I believe we are living in a nightmare that is so unbelievable that I should wake up with a scream, sweating profusely and then thanking God none of this happened. But it would seem we are not part of a dystopian dream; it’s happening and it’s real, welcome to dystopia.

Basic human instincts

I love my family, I love my friends, I love people, I love my country, I love community, I love my pub. My mum is locked away in a dementia care home and I am not allowed to see her, and she doesn’t understand why I cannot visit and hug her. I am sure you share my passion, we are all human beings, we touch, we smile, we kiss, we hug, we laugh, we think, and above all we have the ability to love. These are our basic human instincts that no one can take away.

The new normal?

My friends, that has just happened, they have been taken away and we now live in a totalitarian state where our freedoms have been completely shut down and we are under house arrest. It is called divide and conquer, families split, long standing friendships lost, all because this is so divisive and corrosive. There is one government who is dictating everything, we have no opposition, there is no accountability. We have scientists lying and scaring the living daylights out of us. It is no wonder that 70% of the population believe the government is doing the right thing by imposing Lockdown 2.

Fear is everywhere, completely orchestrated by all media. I have never seen people so frightened. There is only one narrative and anyone who challenges that narrative is ‘cancelled’ using the modern word for it. What happened to investigative journalism? Dead in the water, gone completely.

Scientists everywhere all with a different model and opinion, no consensus, dictating the strategy and agenda that is crushing everyone and everything. WE WANT THE TRUTH, and we want to get on with the rest of our lives without government telling us what to do, ENOUGH.

Where is the leadership to get us out of this mess? I will never forgive the politicians for what they have done to us all. We need a completely new direction re-establishing all the freedoms that we should expect from being in a free society. Or are we free any longer, that is the debate that needs to be had?

"Deadly disease"?

Did you see this coming, I did, I foresaw all of this in March, because none of this stacked-up in my mind and once the actual death rate was apparent and that it was only slightly higher than the annual flu it was obvious any lockdown measures were going to massively impact on society. And the collateral damage of lockdown was going too far exceed the deaths from the ‘deadly disease’ (as Johnson calls it).

That is exactly what has happened and finally, people are realizing this, and the damage to the economy will be frightening, who pays for this? Your children and your grandchildren of course. We have completely destroyed the life prospects of a generation of young people.

I am going to list out the consequence of lockdown because you need to see what we have just allowed to happen in only 7-months that will take generations to fix.

Consequences of lockdown

· Lost jobs – some analysts are predicting 4 million people unemployed

· Catastrophic levels of mental health issues across the whole of society

· Significant increase in cancer deaths

· Significant increase in heart disease deaths

· Significant increase in suicides, particularly in young adults who have no hope

· Significant increase of substance misuse

· Significant increase in alcohol dependency and alcoholism

· Significant increase in domestic violence and deaths of babies due to domestic violence

· Significant increase in obesity, and therefore diabetes heart disease and dementia

· Significant increase in poverty

· Significant increase in social unrest

I could go on, the bottom line here is that we all now know this. Who pays for all of this, where is the money going to come from? How many money trees have we got left before we become a banana republic?

Why do we not show these collateral damage figures at the Downing Street press conferences as a comparison to the numbers of people dying with COVID-19?

It is important to note that right from the start in March we knew the virus was most deadly with people who were immuno-compromised, and the majority of these people would be elderly or people of any age with metabolic syndrome. The latest statistics show the average age of death of people who have been ascribed as dying from COVID-19 is 82.

How did we get into this mess?

Because the majority of people believe that the government has your best interests at heart which is totally understandable and that is what we should all expect. The savvy ones amongst us know that this is not true. Bottom line, governments want your compliance and obedience first and foremost. The question you must ask is how can a government lock up perfectly healthy people while their livelihoods go down the toilet, it’s completely insane, isn’t it? Don’t you, knowing how the virus operates protect the elderly and vulnerable and allow everyone else to get on with their lives, with common sense. What do you think?

The government have made so many mistakes they are now covering their tracks by not admitting they got it badly wrong and in the process are now further crushing people’s lives, completely and if you think it is bad now you have seen nothing yet if we all allow it to continue. The only way out of this is for people to stop acquiescing.

When your children ask you in 2030, what did you do in 2020 to stop this happening what are you going to tell them?

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