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Download FREE COPY 2024 Awaken - Sleepwalking to Extinction by Peter Ragg

Introduction - why we all need to awaken now

What is wrong?

Something is fundamentally wrong with the whole Corona pandemic thing. Call it a gut feeling, call it my sixth sense - it does not stack up and make sense. To me the draconian, or should I say Orwellian, regimes that have been introduced by governments to protect the population from the “vicious disease” (as Boris Johnson calls it) of Covid-19 are completely over the top and cannot be justified. And this whole response is not just about a new virus that we know little about and the consequential lockdown, this is far more nuanced and potentially planet-changing in my opinion.

What do you think? Because what you think and what we all do as a collective from now on is going to determine the future of humankind as we know it. Yes, it is that important.

Hopefully, you have purchased this book because you are challenging the accepted view on what on earth is going on, and you are wanting to find out more for yourself. Fundamentally it is about hanging on to the three vital words necessary to survive the onslaught that is coming down the line: FREEDOM OF SPEECH

These are the three words we must protect at all costs. You need to know right from the start that freedom of speech is already being censored, through the algorithms that are already controlling our daily lives. You also need to know we are in the middle of an information war where your access to information is being restricted and censored massively. Yes, it is, and it is clear to me that there will be a ‘mainstream’ narrative that will be set on any subject you wish to choose, including coronavirus, vaccination or 5G. This is why you are here, because we are going to have an open-minded discussion on all these issues and more.

We are now in a situation in the UK and in the West in general that if you disagree with the accepted narrative you are considered a dissident, for want of a better word. Up until the recent past, disagreement was allowed in the most part and was called free speech. Today, the alternative media platforms, as I would call them, who are challenging the accepted narrative, are being de-monetised by the bucketload by the Silicon Valley behemoths that now create and control the agenda.

The alternative media are labelled cranks, conspiracists and attention seekers peddling misinformation and downright lies. In actual fact, in my opinion, they are the people you need to listen to, so you have all the information from both sides and can then come to your own conclusions. I will show you that these ‘alternative’ researchers care very deeply about this beautiful world, so much so that they are prepared to put their heads above the parapet knowing they will be vilified, ridiculed, hated and terrorised by the mainstream. This is happening now. Many of these ‘alternative’ researchers are scientists and professors, as more and more are now reaching out to be heard. This is why I am going into print with this book. This cannot be censored; I have no fear of the consequences because I too am acting out of love for my fellow human beings.

The cover up

I am a simple layperson here and I am putting together my take on what has been perpetrated on humankind during the first year of the 2020s decade. Let us get the key word out now - conspiracy. I believe there is a conspiracy here of monumental proportions. As I have already said, when something does not look and smell right and your gut instinct is telling you that something is fundamentally wrong, then it probably is. This to me is the definition of a conspiracy. I wish I had followed my gut instinct more in my life. I have got to an age where I now listen to it all the time and it is always right.

The government thinks we are all thick and stupid and that we can be talked down to and that we cannot make up our own minds from all media channels and therefore they have to only allow the mainstream narrative. Why? Because they want compliance and for you to behave. It was always thus.

I am going to reference people of science and reputation that you will probably not have heard of, as they are all deemed ‘off narrative’ and therefore cannot be listened to.

I am not going to pull any punches, so you are going to get it lock, stock and barrel. I will be proven correct or not as the case may be. I want to be proven wrong and that indeed I am just another bonkers conspiracist. So, I apologise now for some stern language from time to time - the reason is that I am so angry with what we are doing to this precious world. It’s completely insane and very few people have started to smell a rat yet, so that is why this book is called AWAKEN. We have a desperately short time to reverse the tsunami that is coming our way. The pandemic is merely phase one. Please go with me until you have read the whole book, then I would love you to give me your feedback.

If you don’t care about the future of the planet, your children, your grandchildren and what kind of life they may have in store in 20 years’ time please do not go any further. All I ask is that you give this book to a friend or neighbour. However, if you profoundly care about the future and want to pick your way through all the nonsense you have been fed, please read on.

Download your free pdf copy of 2024 AWAKEN here:

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