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Updated Pandemic review August 2022 by Peter Ragg.

Blog –

My research has led me to the following conclusions. Warning, this is not for the faint hearted.

1. Overall aim – In March of 2020, my instincts raged that something nefarious was afoot, I said at that time we were part of the biggest scam in the history of the world. I called it out. Little did I know that I would be vilified and cancelled by friends and family who believed 100% the WHO and government narrative and that going into lockdown was the only way to save the NHS, (and most of them still do).

I do believe I have been proven 100% correct in my assertions, to me it is clear as day we have been scammed and that fundamentally this is an elite’s takeover of humanity. It is also clear now that the overall aim of creating a fake pandemic was always to vaccinate as many people as possible with potentially deadly experimental mRNA gene therapies that were waiting in the wings to be rolled out on Emergency Use Authorisations, (EUA), it was a meticulously planned deception.

Note here: the fake pandemic is only part of the agenda for the UN, WEF agenda 2030. You must realise that everything happening in the world today is connected and that includes Ukraine, inflation, food shortages, climate crisis, wokeism, trans debate, open borders, BLM. For the purposes of this blog, I am only going to discuss the COVID so-called pandemic. When you put into context what has happened with the pandemic and insert it with all the other things that have also been planned for you then you should be able to see the incredible dystopian world that waits for all of us. There is no going back to normal (was there ever a normal). From now on it’s going to be hell on earth, that is, unless we wake up to this insanity and evil and take back our human rights.

If the number one intension was to vaccinate, then events leading up to the vaccine roll out had to be fabricated to create an illusion of a real epidemic. You are thinking ‘meticulously planned deception’, who and why would any government do that to their innocent populations and where the ethos of the state health institution, is ‘first, do no harm’ I will discuss this at the end, first I am taking you through what happened, which you accepted at the time as your part in “saving the NHS”, (instead of the NHS saving you!).

2. Wuhan link to the pandemic, (smoke, and mirrors), - did the virus come from the Wuhan wet markets (bats, right?) or was it released by accident or deliberately by the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

So much time as been spent speculating on this, and I consider has been a large factor in the deception. I believe ‘gain of function’ research was happening in the Wuhan institute of Virology leading up to the pandemic announcement, this is now pretty much accepted as a fact. Gain of function means a deliberate addition of life-threatening components to a harmless virus that could cause death or disease when released on a population, fundamentally, a biological weapon.

I believe the aim of the gain of function research and testing was to incorporate this biological weaponry into a mRNA gene therapy which could be passed off as a vaccine on an EUA to infect the general population as part of a COVID vaccination regimen. The big question here is what have the pharmaceutical companies put into the gene therapies? See later. In the meantime, with all the speculation surrounding Wuhan, an epicentre for the virus was created and therefore a plausible theory as to an actual virus existing and where it emanated from, which is important when you are planning to lockdown the whole western world.

3. Sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, does the Sars-Cov-2 virus exist? After two and a half years, I have concluded there was no deliberate or accidental release of a nefarious virus, so, there is no Sars-Cov-2 virus in my opinion. The whole pandemic was predicated on FEAR with a complicit MSM driving the FEAR agenda. Flu was rebranded as COVID, remember there were no flu deaths during the 2020-21 season. Anyone coming down with ‘flu like symptoms’ was a COVID carrier and therefore a spreader. Flu kills people, fact, every year depending on the severity thousands of people succumb to flu, over 50,000 deaths in a bad year.

4. The Elephant in the room, new hypothesis -There is another part of this whole murderous exercise that is only just being discussed and that is, what ‘gain of function’ components could have been included in the ‘vaccines’ to massively damage your health, because that is the intention here. It is not an elephant; it is a snake, and snake venom specifically. It has been theorised that synthesised snake venom peptides (specifically from the King Cobra and Chinese Crate snakes) and have been added to the vaccines to effectively giving you the symptoms of having been bitten by a snake.

Before you stop reading here in utter disbelief, I am going to give you three links to videos between Dr Bryan Ardis and Mike Adams of Brighteon TV. Dr Ardis explains in detail what he has found and the science behind it. He also states that if you want to create symptoms of mass infection, snake venom peptides can be added to water systems i.e., reservoirs to infect a population. You then have the FEAR factor which drives unsuspecting people to get vaccinated in their millions. Many of these people then dying over a short (and long) period of time, of snake venom symptoms, e.g., heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis. Yes, this is evil beyond belief.

Here is the new (released April 2022 by Dr Bryan Ardis) bombshell theory on COVID-19, that the mRNA gene therapies are synthesised snake venom peptides. Here are the links to the science, three, one-hour videos, between Mike Adams and Dr Bryan Ardis

Warning here:

PR says, this is a new hypothesis, very few people are aware of this, it has not been supported by many people at this time because of the incendiary nature of the theory and people are scared to discuss it for obvious reasons, because if this is true then we are talking about worldwide mass murder on an industrial scale. I want you to watch and come to your own conclusions.

5. Other components of the vaccines – If you thought snake venom peptides were the only nefarious ingredient then think again. Heavy metals and aluminium have been found and also Graphene Oxide is claimed to be an ingredient in some of the vaccines. Graphene Oxide acts like little knives cutting the blood vessels causing haemorrhaging. It is one big experiment with different countries around the world being given different injections, and then observing what happens, who dies the fastest, who gets the sickest or what kind of illnesses result from a particular experimental ingredient being indiscriminately and without disclosure being given to people. Incredible.

6. Therapeutic early treatment of COVID i.e., Monoclonal Antibodies, Zinc, Vitamin D and C, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine

Monoclonal Antibodies, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have not been encouraged, and most have been banned, when many doctors have had amazing results with these three in particular. These doctors have lost their licences to practice or have been banned from using them. So, why ban therapeutics that could save people’s lives? Again, this is key, two things here, firstly their intension is to kill you, (you must get your head around this) so you ban, potentially lifesaving products. Secondly, and Dr Ardis will explain, (in the videos) all these therapeutics are beneficial to treating snake bites, especially monoclonal antibodies. They all inhibit the effects of snake venom peptides. If Dr Ardis is right here, then this is a slam dunk. Yes, it is unbelievable, you need to just stop and take this in, because the implications of what is unfolding here are truly evil and cataclysmic for humanity. Genocide and mass murder.

Ivermectin specifically – Here is a link to the US National Institutes of Health Search (NIH) website listing recent studies on the incredible properties of Ivermectin and specifically in the treatment of cancer. And we have been told it is a horse treatment. Everything is inverted my friend. If your government and scientists are saying it is bad, then the opposite is true. So when the government says ivermectin is not worthy as a therapeutic treatment you better believe, the opposite is true.

Here is one of the links.

Conclusions: These findings demonstrated that ivermectin significantly enhanced the anti-cancer efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs to tumour cells ...

7. Russian Roulette – I believe there are at least three types of vaccines from each supplier, Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson. Remember every single vial will have a batch number and this is incredibly important, because all batches are not the same and the Pharma companies need to know where each batch goes, so they can target certain batches into certain populations.

Firstly, many batches will be placebos, i.e., saline solution, producing no side effects whatsoever. If you think about it, if you have nefarious intentions, you need to manage the pandemic, if you go killing and maiming people in very large numbers from the start, people will quickly smell a rat. So, your leaders, elites and any others who have been singled out for protection will receive a placebo injection as will many of the population in their first jab. Every future jab for a designated ‘elite’ will be a placebo. While the rest of the people the game of Russian roulette has already started.

I also believe there are at least two strengths of the bad stuff. One will cause debilitating symptoms and death over time, years, maybe, especially cancers. But if the gun goes off and you get the really bad shot, then you can expect to die pretty soon. All based on batch numbers. Remember there is one bullet in the chamber and if you keep taking the shots the gun will eventually fire.

Bottom line here the vaccinated population have been primed for death, slow or fast depending on the level of shot you took, or you may have had placebos so far, in which case you will be OK so far! This data will show up as Excess Mortality i.e., over and beyond the five-year average for total deaths. That data is available on the Government ONS website and is showing exactly what I am describing, excess deaths are up right across the world, not just the UK. Over 1,400 excess deaths per week in the UK, which is 14.4% above the 5-year average. Yes, in this data will be the undiagnosed cancer and heart disease from the lockdowns, however my belief is that a large part of this increase is down to vaccine deaths. Again, not reported or investigated.

MSM will not investigate, currently they do not consider this is linked to the vaccines, they cite excessive ambulance waiting times to get to hospital, they cite lack of diagnosis during lockdowns where fearful people were reluctant to see their doctors. The problem is these deaths are across all age groups including children where you do not expect them to become ill and were perfectly healthy during lockdowns. Only when they were vaccinated did this become an issue. This is another smoking gun.

Children dying unexpectedly post vaccination

UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows that since the covid vaccine was first introduced, deaths among males aged 15-19 have jumped 53%.

Sudden Adult Death (SAD) These are the people who died “unexpectedly” and where there is no explanation from the medical community and where the vaccine is never mentioned in any of these unexplained death reports. You have noticed right? And key thing here the deaths are ONLY happening to the vaccinated. Hmmmm…. I wonder why? I think we have answered that, Peter. So, it will be an unexplained rise in unexplained deaths due to unknown causes because nobody in the mainstream media is ever going to admit they were wrong and ask a few unscripted questions. That tells you everything you need to know about the level of corruption here. This is also why we have no debates, only censorship, so, the killing continues unabated.

8. March 2020, the start – high dosages of Midazolam and Morphine were used in combination as an end-of-life care plan with Do Not Resuscitate, (DNR) to systematically kill elderly people in hospitals with COVID symptoms and create a death rate that could be claimed by ‘experts’ as caused by the Sars-Cov 2 virus. Large quantities of Midazolam were used (2-years supply) were used in a few months, with the government buying up as much stock as they could. Elderly infected people were also deliberately sent from NHS hospitals into the care home system to infect more vulnerable elderly people, where again end-of-life care plans were prescribed, creating even more deaths.

Here is a link to a must watch documentary “A Good Death,” Euthanasia Protocols Using Midazolam That Murdered the Elderly in the UK.

9. As a consequence of the contrived care home catastrophe, of thousands of deaths, it then gave the government licence to introduce non-proven scientific restrictions on by now a truly fearful population whipped up by a media frenzy, such as masks mandates, social distancing and also for the imposition and continuation of lockdowns. Lockdown had their own consequences which were foreseen and ignored. I have discussed this separately in previous blogs.

10. PCR test is completely fraudulent giving large numbers of false positive cases. This I have said from the outset of the so-called pandemic. “Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test, if you run it long enough … (cycles) … with PCR if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody…it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick,” who said that? The guy who invented the PCR test and got a Nobel Prize for it, Kary Mullis, who died suddenly (and very conveniently) in 2019, just before the pandemic. Governments would obviously know this.

11. The Vaccines are safe? Never forget this. The government told you the vaccines were safe, the scientists told you the vaccines were safe, your doctor told you the vaccines were safe, you were getting vaccinated for the ‘greater good’ you were saving your granny. Boris Johnson told you to get vaccinated, the Queen told you to get vaccinated, the Pope told Roman Catholics to get vaccinated. They all knew what was going on, because they are all part of the elites or are being controlled by them.

There have been more deaths from the covid ‘vaccines’ in six months than every other vaccine rollout added together in the history of virology. There is absolutely no way these gene therapies should be still on the market, which also means there are nefarious intentions towards those who have chosen to become lab rats in the biggest experiment in history.

12. Remdesivir Anti-viral treatment in hospitals – This was the only treatment in US hospitals, other therapeutics which were proven to work were banned, as discussed. Dr Ardis is postulating that Remdesivir contains lyophilised or freeze-dried King Cobra venom, again a sensational statement, if true, the sh-t gets deeper! It is all in the Dr Ardis videos I have linked in 4 above. Is this the reason why more people have died per 100,000 in the US from COVID that any other country in the world?

13. Dr Merritt and Poornima Wagh PhD Virology It’s long but it is a must watch, Poornima Wagh blows your belief system out of the water and explains the background to the pandemic and that the virus is not what you think it is. There is a second video here from Dr Wagh that will take you through the sequence of the pandemic First video:

14. Hot off the press - The next vaccine has just been released Monday 15th August 2022, for people to have their fourth shot. The UK is the first country in the world to introduce the new Moderna vaccine which has been trialled on 450 fit and healthy people, no long-term side effects data, people. Remember the government are perpetuating the deception, they have admitting nothing, (how could they). When you have a complicit MSM including the horrific BBC feeding the masses complete BS then you can get away with anything, in this case mass murder.

15. Meticulously planned deception – There is an evil, satanic cabal or elites, (call them what you like), who want to depopulate the world and want to murder you by any means possible, and for those that are left to control every aspect of your life. They believe the world is overpopulated and therefore most of us are destroying their playground. We are “useless eaters” and must be culled. This current dystopian world that we are now prisoners of has been planned for two hundred years and they now have the technology to enact their agenda for humanity. I discuss this in more detail in many of my blogs.

16. Neil Oliver - Please watch the following recent video from Neil, he is far more eloquent than I am in explaining what is happening. I agree with every syllable. You can watch Neil on GBNews at 6.00pm every Saturday night.


So, what do we have two and a half years later?

There is NO virus, the ‘vaccines’ are bio or chemical weapons designed to maim and kill you and the most appalling thing, your government knows this and are in the complete control for the UN, WHO, WEF to implement the 2030 agenda for the complete enslavement of humanity. EVIL BEYOND BELIEF.

There is enough here for you to want to investigate it for yourself, the information is out their if you go looking for it. The official UK Government figures are now providing indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are deadly and are killing people in the thousands. This is the reason there are now significant excess deaths and the fact that the vaccinated are significantly more likely to die than the unvaccinated in every single age group as I have discussed.

Everything related to Covid, you have been lied to about, everything, and we all need wake up to this fact. We have until the end of the year to stop the tyranny, otherwise homo sapiens are finished.

The only reason I write this and will be vilified again by family and friends again is that I truly love this world and the people in it. Humanity is clearly at a crossroads here. In your gut you know something is wrong even if you don’t agree with everything I am saying. Research this for yourself, come to your own conclusions. What you cannot do, is nothing, because this is too important, and you may have children and grandchildren and what world are you allowing to be created for them?

God bless you

Kindest regards


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