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Lockdown continues - Is the penny dropping yet?

Blog Post 64 - Lockdown continues - Is the penny dropping yet?

I had to make a come back, its getting very scary and people are still not getting it yet.

So, you got yourself double jabbed so you could go back to normal, because you believe the government and scientists, who have shamelessly frightened you shitless for the last 18-months. You really do need to wake up and ‘smell the coffee’ as to what is really happening.

This my friend is your defining moment, because you need to know this is not about the virus, it is about the vaccination, subtle difference. And that is why you are still being locked down and Hancock admits this. There are not enough people vaccinated yet, simples. The scientists want every human being on planet earth over the age of 12 months vaccinated and they won’t stop until they achieve this.

Why do I say this? Because when the whole stinking scam unravels which, it will (and this is also scaring them shitless by the way), they cannot have a control group of unvaccinated people unaffected and perfectly healthy while vaccinated people have serious medical conditions because of mRNA gene therapies which are changing how your body is working and exposes you to every serious condition out there. Bottom line it exposes the scam. If everyone is vaccinated all deaths in the future will be blamed on the latest new variant and not on the vaccine, it’s quite genius if you are a psychopath, and they have all signed up for Gates school of population control. Are you getting it yet?

Parental responsibility

So, you are being coerced into having an experimental gene therapy that we have absolutely no idea what the long-term side effects are. And now they want to inject your children with unapproved gene therapies, are you going to allow that to happen? You are an adult reading this you can decide to potentially damage your health outcomes that is your prerogative. You cannot in my opinion allow your children to be vaccinated when they have virtually zero percent chances of dying, with a gene therapy that could have serious implications for their long test health.

There is no end in sight, the government have no intensions of unlocking you, why should they their plan of total control of the population is working. How can I be so sure?

Irrefutable facts, in a nutshell

1. The virus was man made at the Wuhan institute of Virology in China, funded by US tax dollars facilitated by Fauci. The recent released Fauci emails proves this. FACT.

15- months ago this was a conspiracy theory and ridiculed by MSM.

2. Kary Mullis the guy who got the Nobel Prize for developing the PCR test died suddenly in 2019, which to me is too much of a coincidence. If Mullis were still alive the scam could not have happed because the way the PCR test has been adapted at x45 amplification for detection of the virus is 100% fraudulent (and the scientists know this). Mullis would have exposed this, he had to be removed from the scene. Mullis is on video before his death calling out Fauci and Fauci’s lack of transparency, they had no time for each other to put it mildly. Mullis’s untimely death is a conspiracy theory currently the rest of this point is 100% true.

3. The person who adapted the Mullis invented PCR test for the detection of a positive case is guy called Christian Drosten a German virologist. This fraudulent test was approved by the WHO and put it out as the gold standard for every country to use for the detection of the virus, completely fraudulent which I have said from the start. The whole pandemic narrative has been driven by the false positives created from the PCR test. No PCR test No Pandemic and as I repeat ad nauseum all the SAGE scientists know this. FACT

4. Which means the WHO is complicit, (bank rolled by Gates and run by China as discussed in my previous blog posts) and is driving the narrative and if you challenge the narrative you are cancelled. FACT

5. We are still in lockdown in the middle of summer, longest day next week people, viruses don’t like sunshine, (you should know this), guess what’s happening next, autumn, arriving very soon before you can say’ bless you’ and once the wet, damp, cold weather arrives so will the next 100 times more virulent strain. Let’s call it the DS strain (short for Downing Street as we are not allowed to call it by its country of origin anymore), and you know what happens next, the NHS might crash again. It’s called continuous lockdown. So why do we have an NHS crisis every year without fail, because we have incompetent government who can now use this ruse to lock you down again, right? FACT

6. So, you think the vaccines are safe? I will give you some homework, check out how many people have died as a result of vaccination (and all the severe side effects happening), it will shock you. Here is a clue where to find the information, US CDC VAERS reporting system which has approximately 1 – 10% of the actual death reported, so you must add either one nought or two to the data. UK data is on the vaccine adverse reaction government website. I will let you come to your own conclusions. If you have forgotten you need to remember the vaccines have been released on emergency approval, clinical trials finish in 2023. As I have already said we have no idea what the long-term side effects are. FACT

7. We are destroying lives and livelihoods, on the back of a man-made virus that has a 99.7% survival rate. A mental health catastrophe and the wrecking of the education of a generation of young people. FACT

8. The ‘old normal’ is now a thing of the past, you can now look back with rose tinted glasses and remember the good old days before puppet Johnson turned up. Because you have allowed it to happen. FACT

This is what you have signed up for, did you know any of that, I could go on (just read my previous posts on the different aspects of the scam), this is what your government is doing with you, it is playing you, you are now part of the biggest experiment in history of homo-sapiens? The subterfuge here is incredible, 20 years in the making, it would all make a great sci-fi movie, problem is we are all living in it.

My friends it is now obvious it’s a scam of mega proportions, and yes you need to ‘man up’ and also realise another fact, that what is happening to this beautiful world is now the plaything of Silicon Valley bonkers psychopaths and the elites who sit behind them. And yes, this in another conspiracy theory. One day the truth will come out on this.

Bottom line, I called this out in March last year, slowly but surely the ‘theory’ is being dropped from conspiracy as each of my theories gets proven.

So, Peter why don’t you just go back down your rabbit hole let the real investigative journalists get to the truth? This my friends is the 64,000$ question, the simple answer is because they have all been warned off, because MSM is also complicit in this scam.

I am just a member of the public who cares passionately about humanity and when I see the greatest scam in the history of the world unfold on my watch I am not going to sit back without a fight. What do you think?

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