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Seeking the truth in the pandemic – the agenda just changed, again.

Seeking the truth in the pandemic – the agenda just changed again.

The first thing you need to know is that everything that is happening in this pandemic has been planned in great detail, in my opinion and the government has just changed the agenda again and you need to be aware.


Remember Hancock saying in December, as soon as we have vaccinated the first 17,000,000 people i.e., everyone, over the age of 70, which equated to 88% of all deaths then we can get back to normal. Remember that?

Did that happen, no it didn’t, but 90+% of the population is getting vaccinated because they thought that things would get back to normal once they had had it?

Plan A of this pandemic has always been about vaccine passports and that is succeeding because our frightened population believes all the bullshit that is fed to them. By the end of May, the government will hit Plan A, enough people will be vaccinated, probably about 85-90 % of the adult population for them to see this as a great success. 90% is way beyond their expectation. Everyone will get a bonus for achieving this target. Johnson will get his phone call from his mentor, Gates praising him for his great achievement.

Please remember that now that you have been vaccinated and you have your passport you will be required to have every single ‘booster’ vaccine that comes down the line, every 9-months, or as fast as they can make them.

So, what next, what about lockdowns, because if you vaccinate 95% of the population they will want to get back to normal and that also means no masks and no social distancing.

Sorry guys, that is not going to happen.

The agenda just changed.

Here is the kicker on this one, I can’t believe this one, so audacious from Johnson, (because he thinks we are all thick and stupid) and is another example of how you are being continuously manipulated with duff information or should I say fake science and you still believe it when it is clearly absurd and completely wrong.

You need to watch the following two videos the first 7-minute video from Politico who has just nailed Johnson for his next lie. Just in case you have missed it because you believe everything he says right, and our useless MSM won’t pick up on it? Here is the link:

Johnson is saying, it’s not the vaccines that have reduced the spread of the virus it is the lockdowns that have worked.

Please also watch a US perspective on this, here is Tucker Carlson discussing the vaccine effectiveness:

Did you spot this one coming?

Continuous lockdowns

So, this is not just a subtle change, it is a new strategy from your very corrupt government. So, the inference is that vaccines don’t work, it’s the lockdowns stupid. I am not quite sure who is the stupid one here? So, if we are believing this new bullshit then perhaps, we are the stupid ones.

So, Johnson said this last week, it is also becoming apparent from other sources that this is a coordinated change of tack, Fauci has said it, CDC are saying it, Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) is saying it. Trudeau also said the UK was in the grip of a third wave!

Enough is enough.

You would think that the government would quit while they had Plan A in the bag, Gates is happy and unsuspecting Jo Public gets vaccinated every 9-months, happy days, right? No, these guys are psychopaths. They have the knife in you, and they are going to keep twisting it. It’s now about those pesky variants you keep hearing about, double mutant ninja Antarctic variant.

As I have discussed before the government is shitting itself because if a new variant exhibited ‘vaccine escape’ then we really do have a man-made problem of colossal proportions (and they did know this, check out the dead ferrets). Here are links to two very eminent scientists to get you up to speed on this. Both brave scientists have spoken out and will already be trashed for challenging of the narrative:

Dr Yeadon ex Pfizer talking to James Delingpole. Dr Yeadon talks passionately, he is furious with his profession, the government, the scientists and the MSM, it is shocking, confirming everything I have been saying for 12 months.

The Geert Vanden Bossche video- Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic – Benefits versus Risks Geert Vanden Bossche, interviewer is Dr Philip McMillan. Dr Bossche talks passionately about the concerns for humanity of ‘vaccine escape’.

Yeadon is saying that the change in the variants so far account for only approximately a 3% change from the ‘original’ SARSs Cov-2. and therefore, all the vaccines are still efficacious. They would need to be a massive variation for the vaccine not to have an effect. So, what is going on here? I do think Yeadon is 100% believable.

On the other hand, Bossche is saying that if ‘vaccine escape’ happens which means the vaccines are no longer effective, then a resultant more virulent virus could wreak havoc, with potentially millions dying because of Antibody Dependant Enhancement (ADE)


The government are more scared about the Bossche scenario because the Yeadon scenario only exposes the lie of needing to re-vaccinate against slightly different variations when clearly no vaccine is needed. The government is also concerned they have injected virtually the whole population and if they also came face to face with even a slight variant then ADE will kick in potentially, with a consequence of many thousands of real covid deaths. So bottom line you must keep the population in continuous lockdown otherwise you expose the whole scam. The genie is not yet out of the bottle.

The other reason for continuing with the lockdown strategy is the government haven’t inflicted enough damage yet (in their eyes) to SME businesses. They want to crush as many as possible, but our very resilient, resourceful, enterprising, brilliant, businesspeople, are finding ways to survive. Believe me I want this to end, right now. I don’t want to be writing this stuff. But I can see clearly what this very corrupt government is doing, and I don’t believe a word they say. It is tyranny no other word describes it better.

What do you think?

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