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Bill Gates completely controls global health and WHY you should be very worried about that?

Bill Gates completely controls global health and WHY you should be very worried about that?

The premise.

So, you think Bill Gates walks on water, the new messiah, he loves and cares for people so much that he has no problem sinking his philanthropic billions into saving humanity from dreaded deadly diseases, and climate change, and farming, and virtually everything else that impacts on the health/food chain.

Reality check folks

Nothing could be further from the truth and it is my opinion he is the exact opposite to my above statement. Behind that enigmatic smile is the brain of a manipulative psychopath. Gates hates people so much he wants to reduce the population of the world and has said as much (it’s called eugenics) and what better way to do it than by using your billions to bribe (it's called philanthropy, Peter), your way to the top of the world order. Just below the peak of the pyramid, for those of you on my wavelength. So, if you want to have an impact on world health, who do you need to bribe?

Enter stage left - the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Let’s go straight to the heart of the matter, the WHO has controlled every aspect of the pandemic so far. It was the WHO that facilitated the China ‘Lockdown’ (and yes, the WHO are also in cahoots with China) that has been adopted by virtually every government on the planet and has turned global health security into a dictatorship. Where Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General has assumed sole power to make decisions that member states must abide by, the narrative as I call it. This is then totally supported by the other key players in the scam, i.e., all mainstream and social media. You challenge the narrative you are taken down, simple. Once this was put in place you can do anything, even injecting young children with gene therapies.

So, who is controlling the WHO?

That all sounds very sinister, so who then is controlling the WHO? Yes, you guessed it, Gates. When Trump halted U.S. funding of the WHO in 2020, Gates became the biggest funder of the WHO, (and also Gates’ vaccine alliance GAVI added together). You don’t invest billions of your own money into an organisation without having a say on how you want that money to be spent, or the direction of the organisation, don’t be naive. This has not just happened; it’s probably been 20 years in the making. Gates has been warning us for years and predicting pandemic viruses coming down the tracks. Check out his Ted Talks on the subject. To put it simply, the pandemic has been planned for years.


And this is simple, Gates wants to vaccinate everybody on the planet, period. Two reasons, firstly to make squillions more money because he has invested heavily in vaccine development (follow the money, right). Currently Gates has dropped to the 4th richest person on the planet, and he wants to get his number one spot back.

The second reason and even more sinister. Once you have vaccinated everyone on the planet and introduced the planned for ‘vaccine passport’ you have complete control of humanity, and you can vaccinate at will and everyone will be mandated to have the vaccine. And if that doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will.

It is one of the main tenets of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their Great Reset (read it for yourself at that the health of the population must be improved (controlled) because we care, and what better way than vaccine passports. Complete genius. I have posted many times on this, but I want to focus on Gates today, because people are seriously not getting it yet. That this guy doesn’t give a hoot about your health because psychopaths don’t care. It’s all about power and control. What do you think goes on at Davos every year, a champagne knees up by the mega rich? No, it is a meeting of enormously powerful technocrats who are hell-bent on ushering in the Great Reset, facilitating for the complete transfer of wealth and resource ownership from the poor and middle classes to the ultra-rich. One day you will realise when it is too late that you have been completely hoodwinked.

Here is a taster for you.

The Great Reset project is social engineering at the highest level. Advocates of the reset contend that the UN failed to establish order in the world and could not advance forcefully its agenda of sustainable development—known as Agenda 2030—because of its bureaucratic, slow, and contradictory way of working. In contrast, the actions of the organizational committee of the World Economic Forum are swift and smart. When a consensus has been formed, it can be implemented by the global elite all over the world. Read my post number 11 from the 17th of November, entitled From Lockdowns to "The Great Reset “here is the link.

The big problem I have with all of this.

No one asked me, simple. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Gates and his technocratic buddies have planned the takeover of humanity which is happening before our very eyes. They now control many aspects of governments, education, and media across the world through philanthropy (new word for bribery). Instead of governments discussing with the people (open debate), for how technology can be used for the betterment of humanity, we have the 180-degree opposite, where the new technocracy is implementing complete totalitarian control over humanity. Johnson and all his cronies are all part of the scam, all signed up to the Great Reset and are big buddies with Klaus Schwab (WEF) and Bill Gates, we even have royalty spouting Build Back Better, the WEF strapline. Johnson loves saying it.

So, you screw everything up through a contrived pandemic and draconian lockdowns and what have you got left? A frightened and stupefied Joe Public who will do anything to get their lives back, like holding your arms out to be inoculated with a new generation of gene therapies released on emergency approval, that nobody, not even the scientists have any idea what are the long-term side effects, yes, really? Prove me wrong. There is going to be hell to pay when this all unravels.

Here is Gates’ CV of investments:

GMO crops, seed patents, synthetic foods, artificial intelligence including robotic farm workers, and commanding positions in Coca Cola, Unilever, Philip Morris (Kraft, General Foods), Kellogg’s, Proctor & Gamble and Amazon (Whole Foods), and in multinationals like Monsanto and Bayer that market chemical pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers. Gates also has massive stakes in all the oil majors: Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell. He owns the world’s largest private jet company and has investments in coal-generating fleets including the Canadian National Railway and CSX Richmond.

The word megalomaniac comes to mind, what do you think? It’s not just weird it is positively scary and until we all wake up and realise this then we are all screwed in my opinion.

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