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You are being played - do you understand what is really happening?

You are being played - do you understand what is really happening?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has finally admitted on Jan 20th, 2021, (inauguration day of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States), the following.

The entire basis for collating “case” numbers since the beginning of this ‘global pandemic’ is effectively null and void. In its directive published in late January, the organisation stated that medical professionals should not be using PCR testing with high Cycle Threshold (CT) levels due to the high likelihood of generating false positives in people, and that the PCR Test should not be used as the sole metric for diagnosing and should be accompanied by a professional clinical diagnosis.

In other words: The PCR Test cannot be rightly used as a medical diagnostic tool, and yet, it has been widely used as such for the last 12 months. This admission should have grave implications for every public health official, politician, and media editor on the planet, but here is the kicker, the silence is deafening – as most are simply ignoring this fact.

The UK has been using 45 times amplification. And has been creating up to 85% false positive cases, which means out of 1,000 people testing positive for COVID-19 it is likely that less than 200 actually had COVID-19. It says you are positive where in fact you are perfectly healthy and do not have the virus at all.

Here is one scientific review of PCR testing from November 2020 that puts it even higher than 85%

“….If someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the case in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is actually infected is less than 3%, the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”

The ‘positive cases’ being reported by the media are the ‘false positives’ I am alluding to here, which means …. PEOPLE WHO ARE NEITHER INFECTED OR INFECTIOUS IS 97%

The very high levels of false positive cases have driven the narrative for 12 months and the best bit, all the UK SAGE scientists and government officials know it is a fraudulent test at 45 times amplification. And remember the PCR test was not invented to diagnose for a virus, as I have explained many times in previous posts. The bottom line is now, finally the WHO is admitting it as fact. Yes, FACT which the MSM ignore.

Look at the damage this has caused, again I am not going into detail here. This is covered in many of my other posts.

When I called this out in March last year, I was called a conspiracy theorist, it is now clear that everything I was saying 12 months ago is coming to pass.

So, what then is the real agenda here, (I hope you are asking this question by now).

There is an agenda by a global elite to completely control society using the technologies now available to them. When I say control society, I also mean control the population of the planet, yes, they want to downsize dramatically the population size. Part of the softening up agenda has been to lock up perfectly healthy people thereby crushing their life aspirations and businesses through fear and targeted propaganda. Also, with the main aim of implementing a vaccination program and hence passports for the whole population, through the charade of a false pandemic created by the very large fraudulent false positive cases of the PCR test. Just think for one second, NO PCR TEST = NO PANDEMIC = NO LOCKDOWN

Let’s call out the organisations who are conspiring together to change the course of history and humanity. The people who are on the same wavelength as me will already know these names. These are the people you see and hear of:

CCP, UN, WHO, WEF, CIA, CDC, GAVI, SAGE, NHS, MSM, SM, (there will be others)

They are fundamentally not independent organisations; they are organisations that have been infiltrated by globalists and very large amounts of philanthropic money to facilitate a clandestine agenda for humanity and yes, the one common factor to all these organisations, is Bill Gates. And if you think he is the new messiah then you are horribly wrong, in my opinion.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and the UK government are totally committed to the new agenda as outlined by the WEF. Check out the WEF website at is all there in black and white, I kid you not. The pandemic is not about health, it is about suppression of society, compliance, power, and control. Keep calling me a conspiracy theorist. Cheap tactic my friend, go and research it for yourself and then come to your own conclusions. I have been 100% correct so far as have many other alternative researchers. Please remember, I don’t want any of this to happen, I want all of us to wake up before it is too late.

The key question for Boris Johnson to answer

The decision to lockdown in the UK in March 2020 did not come from SAGE in the first place. Who made the decision and what was the rationale for that decision? Did it come from the WHO (which was enacted by most countries around the world)?

Here is one take of the last 12 months.

Government power - Maurice Newman – Australian broadcaster No doubt they (government) view individual freedom as an optional extra, not an inalienable right. And want their new powers to become a normal part of governing. It was their gross incompetence, or deliberate intent, which gave them the present commanding heights. First, despite clear evidence of COVID’s virulence, the WHO kowtowed to Beijing by playing down the risk of infection. Then, when the spread threatened the capacity of global medical resources, health authorities modelled catastrophic scenarios to frighten citizens into submission and to justify enforceable draconian lockdowns, imposed without regard to basic rights or economic cost. Much of the “expert” advice relied upon has been exposed as politically biased, not scientifically based”.

Call to action.

Please consider deeply what is happening in the world today. It’s not right is it, doesn’t stack up one little bit? Why haven’t we unlocked? Because there are not enough people vaccinated yet. And then they will bring in the passports. You now know this. Johnson lies all the time, and we believe it. This whole pandemic stinks, I hope you are now starting to smell it yourselves.

The awakening is happening.

One thing is also clear to me, right across World and especially in Europe and the US people are protesting and many countries are just going back to normal, governments are caving into the protests. Just check out the individual states in the US which are now going back to normal, yes, all restrictions removed. They can now hug their friends and go down the pub and get pissed, remember those days? Compare Florida (never locked down) to California (locked down). None of this is reported by MSM. Why is that? It’s obvious, you now know the answer.

To me the fate of humanity is in our hands and we must open the debate with friends and family. We are at the crossroads as they say, and the turning we now take will determine the destiny of humanity, I really believe it as important as that. Currently we are acquiescing, we are better than that.

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Kindest regards


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