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Choconated vs unchoconated, here is the data you have been looking for.

This is probable the most controversial post I have ever written because it is blasphemous and goes against the establishment doctrine that has been cast in stone over the last 30 years and must not be challenged and it is this ‘vaccination does no harm; they are safe and effective’.

Where are the studies.

In the case of proving whether vaccines are safe it is very very simple to do. You hire an independent medical statistician, and you compare the health outcomes of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children and adults against a set of medical adverse conditions and diseases.

You would think that the studies have been done and therefore when we say vaccines are safe it is on the back of these very studies. I have never been able to find the comparison studies on this, until now. When I have challenged the accepted doctrine in the past that vaccines are safe, I am classified as a conspiracy theorist to even think that anything could possibly be wrong with the ‘proven’ facts that vaccines are safe and effective. Let me make it clear here all I want is the truth, simple, and if it is proven that a particular vaccine is safe then I am happy to be vaccinated. Show me the data.

My concerns

My intuitions have been telling me for a long time that something is not right on the vaccination front and that I must research this and inform people as to what I have found, and only then can you make a proper informed decision yourself as to whether you get yourself vaccinated or not. I suspect there are many millions of people like me across the world who are demanding the truth. For some reason this is not discussed or investigated in mainstream media.

Enter Dr Paul Thomas

I said until now, because we do now have comparison data from two studies on two different cohorts of people. The first by Dr Paul Thomas on his own patients over a 10-year time-period and a second study that has been prepared as a court submission by Greg Glaser; Attorney for the Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) to stop mandating vaccination programs and secondly bring the subject into the public domain where scrutiny can therefore be made by the public.

Dr Thomas has started a new website called Against the Wind where he is bringing this critical information into the public domain, here is the link to Episode 2 where Dr Thomas discusses with Glaser his findings.

Episode 2 focuses on recently published data from another two key studies comparing health outcomes between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Dr Paul also debuts his new segment "From the Heart" where each show you will get his deepest thoughts about what is going on personally, and for us as a society. You might just get that insight that will enable you to make a vital shift towards health, freedom, and peace.

Observations from the studies, please watch the video to see the individual detail for each condition, chronic illness, Eczema, Neurodevelopmental disorder, Autism, ADHD, Learning difficulties, Allergic Rhinitis.

The two-key findings of the studies

1. The studies prove 100% that unvaccinated children and adults are the healthiest people on the planet by a massive amount.

2. Vaccines cause chronic illness.

Now read that again. This is paradigm changing information.

Dr Paul Thomas suspension

Subsequent to Dr Thomas publishing his controversial vaccine study comparing the health outcomes of unvaccinated children verses unvaccinated children he was promptly suspended from practicing as a doctor. Here it is, dated 9th December 2020.

“The Oregon Medical Board has suspended the license of Portland Dr. Paul Thomas, citing multiple cases in which he allegedly failed to adequately vaccinate patients, including one involving a child who contracted tetanus and required hospitalization.

The medical board wrote: “The Board finds that Licensee’s conduct has breached the standard of care and has placed the health and safety of many of his patients at serious risk of harm.”

The second study was subjected to a Court Hearing, which was the intension, on the 22nd of February 2021 and here is the result.

The Control Group Litigation Update February 23, 2021

2-22-21 Court Hearing Update: We Lost But Are Appealing Immediately

This week the court dismissed our case on the grounds of standing (i.e., saying we can’t sue the President for the constitutional violations alleged, but rather should sue someone else). We are appealing immediately to the 9th Circuit. The President, as chief executive, manages multiple departments handling vaccines and their distribution (such as HHS, US Military, Department of Education, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice). He is the ultimate wrongdoer with respect to the plaintiffs. Indeed, the President is the only party that can issue the nationwide order we’re requesting for national security to save America from the chronic illness trajectory. The numbers contained in our filings conclusively show vaccines are destroying our country. The President ultimately bears responsibility; there’s just no nice way to put that.

Surprisingly, the court dismissed our entire case without the government ever producing a single expert or any evidence whatsoever. The defense simply argued that the President cannot be held responsible for vaccine mandates by States. We strongly disagree because the President is vigorously involved in mandates. The evidence shows the President manages the following across multiple departments:

· designing and producing vaccines that are mandated

· approving vaccines that are mandated

· purchasing vaccines that are mandated

· promoting vaccines that are mandated, and promoting the policy of mandates

· distributing vaccines that are mandated

· tracking vaccine injuries from mandated vaccines

· litigating vaccine injury cases from mandated vaccines

· setting regulations for interstate infectious disease control regarding mandated vaccines

· funding health departments to enforce mandates using police powers

· enforcing vaccine mandates on Federal properties and for Federally funded activities


I give you the information you decide what you want to do with it.

My observation and conclusions

This is the first-time vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies have come into the public domain and what happens the pharmaceutical companies orchestrate for Dr Thomas to have his licence to practice suspended and the court case is dismissed.

If you have watched the video, I want you now to make a judgement as to whether you are going to believe the information in the video, because probably it goes completely against your paradigm of what you were led to believe. Hopefully, it is going to make you research the subject more in depth.

What we are talking about here is so serious, it is earth shattering information when you see what is happening across the world at this very time when we are being coerced into being vaccinated with experimental unapproved (released on emergency dispensation) gene therapies where we have absolutely no idea of the long-term side effects. What are you thinking?

It is also earth shattering when you consider what is behind this and it is this. The pharmaceutical companies have systematically over the last 100 years have taken away your innate health. This is the paradox of the 20th and 21st Century, in a time of unprecedented scientific advance never seen before in the history of homo-sapiens we are sicker than we have ever been, and you know this, just walk down your local high street you will see the levels of obesity in people and the worse bit is the obesity levels of our children. Obesity leads to diabetes, leads to heart disease, leads to dementia.

Just look at the data from the studies, it’s horrendous, eczema, Neurodevelopmental disorder, Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, other autoimmune diseases, the list could go on. All significantly higher in the vaccinated cohorts. There are many vaccines in the marketplace that have saved millions of lives, yellow fever, smallpox, cholera, that have been developed over many years I have no problem with this.

What you are probably not aware of in 1986 the pharmaceutical companies in the US after much lobbying on their part managed to get the US government to waive vaccine damage liability. Instead of the pharmaceutical companies paying out for vaccine damage the government did instead, happy days right. This opened the flood gates to a massive increase in vaccine roll out on the back of a poor science rational in a rush to get products to market and capitalise on the financial opportunity that was given to them by the government, a licence to print money.

I am of a certain age and in my youth, I hardly ever saw any childhood illnesses like the ones we are discussing in this post. What I am saying is over the last 30 years vaccination regimes have increased dramatically and for one reason only, profit, it certainly isn’t health, and we can now show this.

You have no idea of the power of the pharmaceutical companies, they control media corporations, universities, governments, with their billions. They have facilitated for the corruption of the health of the planet, as clear as day.

There is a bottom line here, who is responsible for your health? You are and until you take back that responsibility then we are not going to get out of the health catastrophe we have created by allowing the pharmaceutical companies to control your health outcomes.

So, you can now see when is am being coerced and threatened that I cannot go down the pub, or on a plane, or anything else for that matter unless I show my vaccine passport, why I am not interested in the slightest with being injected with experimental gene therapies that we have no long-term side effects data.

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