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The Great Wakening is happening

The Great Wakening is happening

Today I want to ask you a deep meaningful question, and it is this, what exactly are you here on this beautiful earth to achieve’? I told you it would be deep. Have you ever even contemplated this question?

I think now is time in the third decade of the 21st Century for humanity to be asking this very question. Why do I say this, because in my humble opinion humankind is at a crossroads and the road we now take will define humanity for the next thousand years, yep serious stuff?

I am not alone in asking this question thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world are asking themselves the same question and are also realising that we have reached a crossroads.

It’s not working.

It’s OK saying we have arrived at the crossroads what do I mean by this? It means the society we have evolved into is fundamentally no longer working and especially the aftermath of unnecessary lockdowns is going to show you in stark reality of a dystopian future that awaits us all, in my opinion. Let’s itemise some of the things that will confirm my supposition.

· Lost jobs and livelihoods, significant unemployment, causing catastrophic levels of mental health issues across the whole of society.

· Significant increase in cancer and heart disease deaths due to non-intervention early enough

· Significant increase in suicides, particularly in young adults who have no hope

· Significant increase of substance misuse and alcohol dependency

· Significant increase in domestic violence and deaths of infants due to domestic violence

· Significant increase in obesity, and therefore diabetes heart disease and dementia

· Significant increase in poverty

· Significant increase in social unrest as a consequence of all the above

It is clear lockdown will be massively disproportionate and were clearly planned and manipulated to unravel society.

My review

The technological advances of the last 50 years have rather than enhanced our lives have ensnared us and we have just become the captives of the corporates billionaires who now know you better that you do. You may forget, your algorithm won’t.

It was always thus, the thing that has changed in the last 20 years in particular is we can now control people almost completely. Once the 5G network is finally rolled out then your every movement will be on camera. And if you don’t believe me, check out what is going on in China, because that is also the blueprint for the West. What do you think?

There was one problem with imposing draconian Chinese regimes on liberal Intelligent, savvy people of the West, (I am being kind). They would not accept it, I agree, obvious really. So how do you overcome this slight sticking point (because it is going to happen)? You put the fear of god into people. And if you need more info on this read my other posts.

Once you have FEAR in people you can do anything with the population just ask Adolf Hitler and his sidekick Joseph Goebbels. That in a nutshell is basically where we are at. Therefore, this is why I say we are at the crossroads. WHICH WAY DO WE GO NOW, KNOWING THIS?

Whole books have been written on this, I am just cutting to the chase as this is only a post and you will not read it if it too long.

Good news

I think I have also frightened you probably, so let’s look for some positives here and see if we can get us out of this mess we have allowed to happen before it is too late. I need to come back to my original question ‘what exactly are you here on this beautiful earth to achieve?’

I just want to give you my take on this. In our quest for hedonistic tendencies and materialism over the last 100 years and coinciding with the demise and therefore the influence of religion in our lives, we have fallen between the gap and have lost our sense of reality and more importantly our innate spirituality (I am not talking religion) which is part of our unique beauty as a member of humanity. We are lost in a sea of noise, as I call it.

I thought the whole idea of technological progress would also enhance our conscious evolution. That we would finally learn from history and arrive at a point collectively in the 21st Century where we can see a bigger picture for humankind, where rather than driving people apart and where racism and hatred are rampant, we instead have achieved connection and respect and love.

Also, by understanding how spirituality works in practice and how people can be guided by their insights and intuitions, everyone will know precisely what to do and when to do it, and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others. A human world where everyone has slowed down and become more alert, more connected, and ever vigilant for the next meaningful encounter that comes into our lives. Quantum Physics is now showing us that everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency and that we are all connected. This is within our grasp.

The goal for humanity

As part of our journey through life we must consciously work out, by connecting with our innate spirituality why we are here, thereby becoming a force of positive energy vibrating at a higher frequency and level of consciousness.

This is the paragraph that freaks you out right, what is Peter talking about? It means we are here for a reason and we individually must find it out for ourselves, the ‘meaning of life’ question. All I am doing is explaining how we engage with the how to, the Quantum Physics bit. This is where I pass you onto my mentors on this, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza, three great human beings who can explain it far better than me.

Stopped in its tracks.

The technologies of the last 200 years have turned us away from understanding our humanness and that is why I say we are ‘lost in a sea of noise’. We must reawaken and reconnect with our spirituality. However, we have hit the buffers big time, so to speak in the 21st Century because the psychopathic scientists and ministers who are in charge of the pandemic and lockdowns (see all previous posts) fundamentally do not want this to happen. They do not want humanity to find its true purpose. They want instead to completely control you and ultimately connect you to AI. I am not making this up, this it the great human experiment and we are all part of it. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

The fight back

The pandemic scam is part of the agenda to further drive FEAR into a gullible population so that they will do anything and has therefore been put in place to stop humanity from realising its true potential.

It is now obvious that lockdowns do not work, and the pandemic is not a pandemic. People across the world are waking up, are you one of them? We must bring an end to lockdowns now. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

The Great Wakening is happening, and I want you to realise your full potential and true purpose in life.

The truth will come out, I guarantee, all those great people (doctors, professors, scientists, researchers, journalists) who have been ‘cancelled’ because they simply challenge the narrative will be vindicated.

The truth will set the world free; it is the most exciting and challenging time in history the goal is in our reach, we must not let it out of our grasp.

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