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Groundhog Day – Taking Stock of the Pandemic Saturday January 23rd

Groundhog Day – Taking Stock of the Pandemic Saturday January 23rd

Here we go again and today is the 10-month anniversary of when the world changed forever, and Orwellian fascism was thrust upon an unsuspecting population, (you can see where I am coming from).

I thought I would give you a quick resume of how I have viewed the last 10 months, because you might finally be starting to think that this doesn’t stack up. I did sus it out right from the beginning, and I have got myself into lots of trouble with family and friends because I am obviously a CT and therefore must be bonkers. I have also said from the start that I want to be proved wrong and that I will be the first to admit it and will then flagellate myself for the rest of time. I want to keep it to a 1000-words, because you might not want to read more than that.

This is going to be a quick-fire questions and answers, questions you may be asking yourselves and let me say, this is my opinion, and I am currently allowed to say this, here we go then. See how many of them you might agree with me.

1. Is there a new virulent strain of a coronavirus? – Yes

2. Where did the new virus strain emanate from? - China

3. Did the virus come from the live wet markets in Wuhan? No

4. Was the virus deliberately released from the Wuhan bio-weapons laboratory or was it accidentally released? - Not sure at this moment, the truth will come out eventually, I will come back to this in a separate post.

5. Is the new virus manmade? – Yes, and this has very serious implications

6. Did China cover up the seriousness of the new virus? - Yes

7. Is China in cahoots with the WHO? – Yes

8. Did the WHO delay telling the rest of the world that a new virulent strain needed to be contained? – Yes

9. Once the virus had been determined as needing to be contained by the Chinese, did they still allow planes to travel to the rest of the world? – Yes

10. Which country announced the new concept of lockdown first, (you know this one)? - China

11. I will just throw this one in, is China a totalitarian state? – Yes, totally Orwellian.

12. Did the WHO endorse the new concept of Lockdown as implemented in China at the beginning? - Yes. And they said that countries should follow the China example.

13. Are there any other Co-conspirators I want to mention at this stage? – Yes

14. Who is that then? The World Economic Forum and their bonkers leader Klaus Schwab. Read their website at It’s called The Great Reset.

15. Is it scary shit? - Yes, read it

16. This already looks like a sci-fi novel? – Yes, and guess what you are in it, you cannot hide

17. Are China, WHO and WEF all in cahoots? – Yes

18. So, let’s talk about the UK, realising that every developed country who could afford it followed the exact same route, (there were a few notable exceptions). Was the UK prepared for a pandemic? - No

19. Does the UK government treat its citizens like shit and total disrespect? – Yes

20. Have the government ‘weaponised’ the NHS (its all about saving the NHS, because we all love it, right, so you will do anything to save it)? - Yes

21. Is there enough bed capacity in the NHS? - No, Hospital bed capacity per 100,000 inhabitants, (2018 data) Germany 800, France 591, Italy 314, UK 250, and we are one of the sickest nations in Europe. Doesn’t add up, why is that do you think?

22. Is there a winter crisis in the NHS every single year? - Yes, why don’t they sort it out.

23. Did the seasonal flu deaths not happen this year? – Yes/No, most deaths have been conflated as COVID deaths so as to frighten you more. Anybody dying with a positive test goes down as a COVID death, everyone, even if they died in a car crash, and especially when over 25% of all infections are actually being caused in hospitals themselves.

24. Who invented the PCR test? Kary Mullis who died very sadly and conveniently in 2019 just before everything kicked off.

25. Did Kary Mullis state that the PCR test was not designed to test for a virus? YES, in capitals here as I have said this 100 times. This is the smoking gun, it’s smoking.

26. What is the sensitivity of the PCR test i.e., how many times does it amplify the sample to find bits of RNA that may be lurking in your body and you are perfectly healthy by the way? - x45 (yes, times forty-five)

27. So, we are going to have a very large amount of false positive cases, which are not cases and therefore people do not have the virus? – Yes

28. So, the more people you test the more positives tests (lots more), and this is creating the whole agenda for implementation of lockdowns, (it’s completely genius if there is a nefarious agenda)? - Yes

29. Do scientists and doctors know that this is wrong – Yes, so why don’t the speak up about it? Because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

30. Do the MSM also know this? - Yes, but they won’t investigate it

31. So, what you are saying is NO PCR TEST, NO PANDEMIC, NO LOCKDOWN? - Yes

32. Is the WHO now saying (22.1.21) that “there is a problem with the PCR test” and the amplification should be turned down? Yes So, if we turn down the amplification, that means we will get a lot less false positives, which means less positive cases, which means less people will test positive for the virus (it’s subtle)? - YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, also by reducing the PCR cycle amplification and getting less positives and therefore cases you can state the vaccine are working (once they have vaccinated lots of people)? (the penny should be dropping now!)

33. Does the WHO also now say that lockdowns are not such a good idea because they are disproportionate, (WHO has changed its mind) and should only be implemented as the last resort? – Yes Here is the kicker, the UK is now out of sync with the latest ‘recommendations’ from the WHO, ie amplification of the PCR test and lockdowns. that is why we have to overstate the virulence of new strains to keep us in lockdowns. The government has dug such a deep hole built on miss information and lies it cannot extricate itself.

34. Does this mean the lockdown will end soon? No, because they will come up with another mutant variation that will be more virulent and more deadly, and that the vaccine won’t work for. I got the impression Johnson was virtual signalling this on Friday 22nd January.


36. More cahoots, So, is the UK government in cahoots with the WEF and WHO? – Yes, they even wear the badges. BUILD BACK BETTER, right, did anyone ask you?

37. Is the whole debacle a conspiracy (lets get it out) and that the world has been hoodwinked? – Yes

38. Is one of the main aims of the agenda the vaccination program of the whole planet and vaccination passports? Yes

39. Are the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, vaccines? - No, they are gene therapy treatments, adding synthetic mRNA into your cells, no long-term data on side effects as you know.

40. All three approved experimental ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines as per definition? - Yes. CDC definition – “A vaccine is a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease protecting the person from that disease”. None of the 3 experimental vaccines do this, they do not stop infection or transmission but they may reduce the symptoms once you have caught the virus. (note: it is imperative that you research this for yourself, so that when you get your vaccination or not, you have all the facts). You will still have to wear a mask and socially distance. Dooh! just an aside, vaccination passports are completely pointless as a consequence.

41. Will we get our freedoms back? – Yes, because we will demand them, people are finally waking up, not before time. There is going to be a very serious public enquiry into this very sorry debacle.

42. Oh, and finally, you thought I had missed the key that unlocks the whole sorry tale. Is Bill Gates one of the main co-conspirators? - Yes (it’s that enigmatic smile, the scariest smile I have ever seen)

43. Who benefits the most? - Work it out for yourself, just follow the money, I don’t want to use too many words. You know the answer.

44. What happens next? It is down to you reading this. Now please go away and research this for yourself, I don’t want to be accused of leading you astray, you will come to your own conclusions, right, do that for me. “WILL YOU CHANGE IT?”

I could go on, it’s multifaceted there is enough there to make you think, there is a problem, a very big problem.

My conclusion

Bottom line everyone, I believe we have all been scammed, I cannot put it any simpler than that. Your lives have been destroyed because in my opinion there is an agenda and narrative to crush small and medium sized businesses and also all entertainment. It’s happening, you cannot dispute it. Why have they shut all the pubs when less than 3% of all infections have emanated from the entertainment industry. You now know the answer, because people talk in pubs and we cannot have that can we. The psychologists on the SAGE committee would have insisted on shutting down the pubs. They would also have allowed for elite sports still to operate thereby placating the masses.

There is also a vaccination agenda for new gene therapies. These are not vaccines folks.

All these topics are covered in my separate posts on my blog at

Please pass this on to your friends and family and start a debate and yes it will get you into trouble, but hey you are doing this for your children and grandchildren and currently we are destroying their education and we are allowing this to happen without a whimper. Shame on all of us.

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