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Lockdown Insanity - I am not alone.

21st December 2020 - the day that changed my life.

When I write a post, it is response to something that will have happened on a certain day that I feel I want to add to the debate and provide an alternative view, which is very much in the minority today as it is now clear, the alternative view is considered not for discussion and using the new word now you are ‘cancelled’.

I am writing this post to my dear friend who I love very much and who I have known for 45 years. I have to say I have had a tough weekend because not only my best friend but virtually every single one of my other friends and all my family think I am a conspiracy theorist and therefore must be bonkers. As I have said before, do you think I like being called a conspiracy theorist, but that is the label that has been attached to me? All I seek is the truth. What happened to open debate and free speech, do not shut me down and treat me like a leper.

Enter social media

I have just started a new blog in October at and I made a decision I needed to get my Blog website more traction as I felt I was writing posts that needed a wider audience, because in my humble opinion homo-sapiens are in big trouble, and if people keep ignoring what is now clearly staring them in the face then we are not going to be around for much longer. I also like debate and banter and I don’t give a shit if you don’t agree with my post, I won’t be cancelling you, and I will still talk to you again.

Also, it is not an ego thing either, I just want to get the information out there before I get shut down. One of the reasons I have done this is, all mainstream media are not holding the government to account which raises its own questions, investigative journalism is dead in my opinion. Even if only a few people are inspired to take up the baton then I have done my bit. You could say the R number is greater than 1 and it will spread exponentially, (where have we heard that before).

I am not a fan of social media per se and I had deleted myself from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a couple of years ago. If I went back onto Facebook today, I would be censored immediately by the Facebook thought police, so there is no point in doing that.

On 23rd November 2020 I went back onto Twitter, on Monday 21st December I had accumulated 60 followers, (yep, pretty hopeless in 4 weeks). I was following lots of people and you may want to call them influencers and popular people you think you might like to get their take on what is happening in the world. Most of them do not follow you back; I was also using hashtags to engage. I was clearly getting nowhere.

I had been informed that it is difficult to get traction on Twitter because the algorithms keep you locked into your little sphere of influence, or the new word, bubble, hence only 60 followers. So, the bottom line here is if you are wanting to get a massive following you must attach to your post a relevant hashtag which hopefully other people with similar beliefs to you will pick up on if they are using the same hashtags.

Monday evening - 21st December

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer called PSB, (brewed it myself, 5.5%, very similar to Fuller’s ESB one of my favourite beers) and I posted the following Tweet.

“I have lots of friends and family, who think I am a conspiracy theorist and utterly bonkers. I can tell you all that I have researched the pandemic every which way for 9 months. In March I was 100% certain it was a scam, now I am 1,000% certain. Prove me wrong. #SCAMDEMIC2020

What happened next

Firstly, for all those people who replied that there is no such thing as 1000%, I do know this. But when you only have a few words to play with a 1000% in the new 21st Century lexicon obviously was one of the keywords that hit the spot.

Note here – 1,000% was probably initiated by Simon Cowell when he heard Matt Cardle (what a voice!) sing on X Factor and should he go through to the next round. Thought I would add a little humour.

To all those who said ‘prove me right’ when I said ‘prove me wrong’ in the post can I point you to my Blog at where you will find over 20 very recent posts giving you the alternative view.

One thing you must know, I am NOT asking you to agree with me, I want you to not believe a word of what I am saying and then with a totally open mind go away and research it for yourself. Will you do that for me. You cannot enter the debate if you do not have a broad take on what is going on, and if you are believing everything you listen to and watch on the BBC you are already starting from a bad place, (in my opinion).

What happens next was my mobile phone started to vibrate, with a few likes and positive comments, my 60 went to 80 in a matter of 2minutes. My phone then went completely nuts and is still vibrating 15 hours later and the numbers of followers as I write this a 10.50 am on Tuesday 22nd is 1,350.

My analysis of the tweet.

Unbeknown to me when I sent it, I had absolutely no idea it was the pressure release valve that so many people out there were hoping for and who could immediately identify with. “OMG that is exactly how I feel”, “I am not alone”, “I was questioning my own sanity”. I do intend to write up lots of the comments I have received in my next post. Thank you, beautiful people. YOU ARE NOT ALONE; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My commitment to you is to continue to the fight for the truth.

I have broken out of my tiny bubble and have connected with many thousands of people and some of them have decided to follow me. Monday 21st December was the day my life changed; I AM NOT ALONE.

I just wanted to get this out quickly to you all, I will follow up again very soon.

We are all in this together we are TEAM Freedom

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