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Pandemic Lockdown 2020 - Four-year Anniversary


Pandemic Lockdown 2020 - Four-year Anniversary

I researched the Sars Cov2 outbreak in March 2020 as soon as the Lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and concluded that pandemic and subsequent lockdown and the following vaccine rollout were the biggest scams perpetuated on humanity. I discussed my findings with family and friends and was immediately cancelled by many friends and not believed by family, I was a conspiracy theorist. This blog website which I started in 2020 will confirm this and is a record of the last four years and the awakening I have received as a consequence of my investigations. 

March 2024 - Four years later

There is now overwhelming evidence that the Lockdowns started in March 2020 were a deep-state nefarious contrived event, orchestrated through the WHO in collusion with Big Pharma. There is also now overwhelming evidence that the unapproved (EUA only) gene therapies aka vaccines with no long-term safety data have caused hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths and continues to exhibit excess deaths over the five-year norm of between 7% and 14% across all countries that coerced their populations to get vaccinated.

This data (the elephant in the room) is in the public domain and refuses to be investigated and brought to the attention of the population at large by all the controlled mainstream media. It is time for people to wake up.

Proof – The Great Set-Up - Dr David Martin  

Here are all three videos from Dr David Martin, (I only posted one in a previous post). I have followed Dr Martin for over three years, he is forensic in his research and has called out the Sars Cov2 Pandemic and Lockdown and has shown in detail the paper trail, proving malfeasance and corruption at the highest level. That the intentional release of a pathogenic virus had been planned for decades.


Here are the links to a two-part video from Dr Martin detailing the collusion. I have also added a third link where Dr Martin was recently invited to speak at the European Parliament which has gone viral.


The Great Set-Up Part 1


The Great Set-Up Part 2


European Parliament


These videos prove 100% the subterfuge of the Lockdown and subsequent vaccine rollout, and that we can no longer trust those people who are telling us to ‘follow the science’ and that ‘vaccines are safe’. You must watch the videos, failure to watch only means you are acquiescing to the brainwashing of the establishment and all mainstream media.

The question is, Am I still a conspiracy theorist?

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