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What Is Reality - Joining The Dots.

What Is Reality - Joining The Dots.

In this post I am joining the dots of my recent journey for you to consider. Let me first state the obvious, every single person is totally different, living their own lives in their unique reality tunnels based on a belief system that has developed over the entirety of their lifetime, through family, education, MSM and their own research. This belief system becomes hard wired and is extremely difficult to change.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with that statement. All the scientists know this and use this their benefit and to ‘nudge’ people into a new belief, to fit an agenda. Let me open the discussion here and add a possibility that you may wish to consider (please stay with me on this) and how we can open our reality to a far bigger paradigm that has infinite possibilities.

Mandella Effects

If you have been following me over the last months you will have seen that I have discussed the mind-blowing subjects of ‘Mandella Effects’ (here is a link to the first of my posts on this, Mandella Effects are glitches in our perceived reality in that we clearly remember one thing and the reality now is different. E.g. Disney’s Snow White, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all”, is now “Magic Mirror on the wall…..”  “Mirror, Mirror” never existed, (yes really).

There are hundreds of Mandella Effects and the profoundest ones are the Bible changes, (read my posts on these). If you can accept Mandella Effects are glitches in reality and I would call them ‘supernatural’ glitches because we cannot explain how they happen, then you must conclude reality as we know it is fluid, always changing and even therefore the possibility of being multi-dimensional.  


POW! that’s a lot to assimilate in one paragraph, let me give you a second truth bomb that I have discovered in my research that can go towards explaining how Mandella Effects are possible. Again, this is something I have discussed, that humanity inhabits a computer simulated reality, a ‘Matrix’ to use a word that you can all identify with. If this is the case and I now firmly believe this then everything is code and therefore everything can be manipulated and subtly changed to ensure an agenda is achieved. It’s programmed to happen and me and you have very little or non-existent effect on changing anything.

This totally explains the phenomenon why we never learn from history, and we keep repeating a deadly cycle of war century after century, because it’s in the program and cannot be changed, different characters same outcome, carnage and mass killing. Humanity is locked into a prison realm where ‘divide and conquer’ is the mantra of everything leaving humanity in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, again this is all part of the agenda as I have said many times.

Reset Protocols

There is a third truth bomb that has come to my attention in the last two years and again joins the dots here and that there are three ‘cataclysm reset protocols’ encoded into the Matrix that happens every set time period, without fail. The next reset is 2040 and is known as the ‘Phoenix Phenomenon’ and again our controllers know this. Jason Breshears at is the person to connect with on this who will blow your mind with forensic research from ancient history. Again, these three exact repeating cataclysm protocols prove that we do not inhabit a heliocentric world, it can only be a simulation.

The icing on the cake here is the prophetic nature of parts of the bible and other esoteric writings where past and current events have been predicted and have come true and where future events and specifically the end times prophesied in Revelation are unravelling in real time as I have discussed in previous posts and with the ‘second seal’ being opened this year, (Paris Olympics). Again, this is another example of programming.  

Coming to terms with this reality.

The bottom line here is that our perceived reality is fake, fake world, fake history, fake science, fake politics, fake MSM, even some of the people that surround us are fake. Why is there so much mental health anxiety and depression in the 21st Century is because our individuality has been manipulated and corrupted to believe the BS of everything, so we are not able to cope and therefore more beholding to a corrupt political system.

Light bulb moment on the off chance you hit the switch.

There is one thing I have missed on purpose here and that is because the people who have just left the post would not have been able to assimilate another reality. That reality starts with the statement “Our world is not what you think”, which I have just alluded to. That this reality, whatever you want to call it, is an individual journey of enlightenment, to understand the nature of ‘spirit’ and its connection with the source of this simulated realm, which I would call the creator.

That a Devine spirit resides in people that is there to be awakened, this is the test. Some people will connect from birth, others may take decades to work it out and it doesn’t matter. To realise our journey is an individual enlightening process, to become the best version of yourself, to listen, to learn, to love and to leave a legacy.

Just take a second to assimilate this, what a fantastic world we could create if this was to happen. That we were told the truth of our existence, that instead of the education programming BS, we had ‘Enlightenment lessons’ and ‘spiritual teaching’, (not religion, that is control, big difference). I am 100% convinced that in ancient times this is exactly what happened, that in our 21st Century materialistic dungeon our humanity has been deliberately stolen and we have no idea why we are here. What do you think?

Stay strong and be safe.   



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