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The problem with humanity, Ignorance and Ego.

The problem with humanity, Ignorance and Ego.

Jason Breshears - “We are more than we suppose ourselves to be, fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognise negative default programming and create our own reality.”

This is what I want for you, so what is holding you back?

What are we?

The human creation (yes creation) brings two completely different concepts into play, firstly an eternal spirit, your spark of creation and link to the creator (God). This is your ethereal/informed field that surrounds and envelopes you. Your eternal spirit is connected through the spinal column to a biological avatar, your body, manifesting ‘yours truly.’ Your brain is a ‘biological’ computer maintaining and controlling your avatar, and through the five senses of, taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing, allowing your spirit to connect with a perceived reality.

I believe humanity was created, for the finest purposes, (and I really want to believe this) as a pinnacle of human development, to have free will, to live, to learn, to love, and leave a legacy, to contribute and make the world a better place, and the key word here is LOVE. To me that is a beautiful thing. So, what has gone wrong?

Note here, I realise this probably blows your mind, the concept that we are eternal spirits having a human experience is a big step for most people.

What has gone wrong?

The human being is a beautiful creation, in the image of God remember, Genesis 1 v 26. The human being is fundamentally an inherently kindly soul, which wants to do good deeds. The human being is also very malleable and believing, and this is it’s Achilles Heel here, we are too trusting, and therefore we can be easily lead. And we keep making the same mistakes, i.e., we do not learn from our experiences. Do you agree with this, you can start to see how humanity can be manipulated to believe and do anything.

If you read my blog posts, you will realise that I believe that our world has been infiltrated by evil forces that hate humans. That original purpose of humanity has been highjacked, facilitating the world we see around us today, a world that is out of control, which has been completely planned. I call the evil forces, our controllers, who sit above governments and corporations (governments are corporations by the way) and dictate for the complete breakdown of society. You might feel this is a bit strong, but it is all around us if you are looking for it. We are currently losing this war on humanity.

You can see where it has gone wrong for humanity in that our controllers have fundamentally stolen our innate humanity by a program of disinformation and misinformation called ‘our education system’ and also through the mass media which they completely control. They, the controllers, have fed our very malleable minds with so called facts which are the inversions of the actual truth.

These untruths are then set in the software of your biological computer, making it almost impossible for a person to accept an alternative paradigm. You are locked in your own unique reality tunnel where what you believe is real becomes your reality. Not only have real truths being corrupted but our controllers also know the best way to control a mass population at very little energy expense is fear, with a capital F. We are bombarded with what I call ‘fear porn,’ to scare you witless.

This is not good news, because if you don’t know what is really happening you are going to default to your caring government which has your best interests at heart and is going to protect you. Again, an inversion, the opposite is the truth, and once you realise our government is in the complete control of the controllers the penny drops for a few people, the rest totally oblivious of what is really happening and more importantly what is about to happen.

I want to revert now to the title of this post, ‘The problem with humanity, Ignorance and Ego,’ as I must link ignorance and ego to my observations. You can see that by a corrupted education system how we as a humanity can be completely ignorant as to real truths and therefore our real purpose in this reality. And I would like to add two truths which I realise are not going to go down well here, but if I am right and every instinct in my body tells me this then you can see that our real purpose has been deliberately hidden from us.

Firstly, our realm is a simulation, we are part of a huge incredible computer game being played out, we are all bit part players on the stage of life. Secondly the evil forces that control this ‘world’ have created a prison realm, in that we were born into slavery, we are slaves to their system.

Our mission is to realise this and ‘break free or die trying,’ this is a truly personal journey. Remember Jason also says, “we are more than we suppose ourselves to be, fantastically powerful ….,” do you really think our controllers would want this to happen when they fundamentally hate us.

We have all been taught complete BS which people believe to be the truth, so we think we know it all, and that we don’t have to engage anymore. We are happy with our Netflix, Tick Tok, and our mobile phone, (not even realising the subliminal programming that happens through film and MSM), happy to believe our government is caring for us, and most of us believe what we have been told. And this is the problem, by deception, misinformation and manipulation causing Ignorance. The controllers are masters at it and have been doing it for hundreds of years.

Ignorance leads to ego.

We have been deceived, we haven’t got a clue what this world is really all about, we have been lied to so much we no longer see it coming, we believe everything, and we are right. And because ‘we know it all’ and we are right our Ego takes over, we dismiss anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with our very corrupted paradigm, all by design. That is where we are at in the 21st Century and that is the precise reason we are in so much trouble today, hatred based on incorrect facts driving nations and communities apart, causing social unrest, leading to war. This is all planned our controllers are loving it, they keep ramping it up to an inevitability of the next part of their plan for humanity, which we have discussed in previous posts.

It is time for humanity to wake up and realise, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

God Bless you


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