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Awaken 7 – Cataclysms that reset our World - When is the next one.

Awaken 7 – Cataclysms that reset our World - When is the next one.

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.



In Awaken 6, when discussing cataclysms I stated, “The example you are aware of is the great flood of Noah in the bible, which can be precisely dated at 2239BC that was a worldwide cataclysmic event of epic proportions. Every ancient tradition across the entire world has this event in their history, it happened. And the cycle repeats, there have been at least 5 major post cataclysmic resets in the last 5,800 years, plus over 100 lesser events which still had consequences for humanity.

I have also stated we can precisely date these cataclysms of the past, and when we do that we can see patterns and date sequences which also means we can project forward these sequences into the future and precisely date when the next cataclysm is going to happen, which we cannot stop.

You must now decide if you want to know more, because the journey we are about to go on is going to blow your socks off as I have stated, ‘Ignorance is bliss’ remember, so you can stop reading this now.

Dates for your diary

I need to give you the details of the cataclysms that have reset out world on many occasions over the last 5917 years.

So, AD 2023 (this year) is 5917 Annus Mundi (AM). AM 1 is the Genesis Story from the bible, the start of the Annus Mundi calendar. AM1 was a result of a worldwide earth-shattering cataclysm and pole shift that reset humanity, thereby starting a new calendar. The cataclysm was so immense, it also created a water vapour canopy that shrouded the whole sky, totally obscuring the sun, basically an ocean in the sky in the mesosphere.

Living under a vapour canopy world can be likened to a large temperature-controlled greenhouse, very high in humidity, no wind, no sun, (remember these two, no wind and no sun), no rain, high levels of CO2, perfect temperatures for growth, moisture being created by massive condensation, every night. As a consequence of these ‘ambient conditions’ humans, animals and all plant life were able to grow to prodigious sizes. And as detailed in the Old Testament there were giant humans during this time who were able to live to great ages.

It was also a time of high technology by the inhabitants of this world, that were able to build mighty buildings and infrastructure, even beyond the capabilities of 21st Century man as we shall see in another post coming soon.

The vapour canopy started from the cataclysmic event of the Genesis story, from the time of Adam at AM 1 (3895 BC) and lasted 1656 years and was brought to an end in 2239BC, AM 1656, when the sky fell and caused the biblical Great Flood of Noah. This was a result of a second major earth-shattering cataclysm that reset humanity, all of the technical capabilities of the 1656 years of the vapour canopy were lost, requiring most of humanity to start again.

1963 BC Worldwide destruction (2229 – 1963 = 276 years)

1687 BC known as the Ogygian Flood – Worldwide destruction (1963 – 1687 = 276 years)

1549 BC Abundant evidence of destruction, but no recorded observance of Phoenix (1687 – 1549 = 138 years)

1411 BC Vast hemispheric, localized regional destruction 1549 – 1411 = 138 years)

1273 BC Observed in the sky, little recorded evidence of destruction (1411 – 1273 = 138 years)

1135 BC Vast hemispheric, localized regional destruction (1273 – 1135 = 138)

Can you see the sequence here, every date is divisible by 138 years, 276 is 2 x 138. 1656 is 12 x 138. I could go on to the present date, I will refer you to the Chronologist who is able to prove every one of these dates who has read the old texts which detail the events that happen in the sky every 138 years. Some of the 138-year events have happened but have not been recorded in ancient texts.

The return of the Phoenix

The 138-year cycle is known as the Phoenix Phenomenon and is clearly referenced in the ancient texts for everyone to read, it happens every 138 years without fail, and do we in the 21st Century know anything about it, not a clue. Some of the references refer to sky dragons, breathing down on humanity.

Some of the following phenomena have been recorded to happen during the cataclysms, mud floods, liquefaction induced subsidence, red rains, reddish dust, the sun darkens and the moon turns red, new stars appear, earthquakes and also mass vanishings of human populations. This information has been deliberately withheld from mainstream, because to have this knowledge would empower you to completely re-evaluate your life and you would realise that you are here for completely different reasons than you currently think.

Yes, it is astonishing, it changes your paradigm on life if you understand the implications of this. Especially when I show you the next bit where I am going to project the 138-year date interval between cataclysmic events into the very near future.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

There is one timeline I am going to insert here that was not part of a cataclysmic event and is a timeline within the vapour canopy world (AM1 – AM 1656) and the date is 2905 BC – 990 AM when the Great Pyramid and Giza complex was started. It was completed in 2815 BC – 1080 AM, it took 90 years to complete, 203 layers without a capstone, which is very significant and important to remember.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the greatest structure ever built, it is something we could not build today. It is a mathematical masterpiece, and enigma of the ages, a wonder of the ancient world. The accuracy of the build is quite literally staggering. The geometry and reverence to the physics consonants is quite astonishing.

There are many posts I can write on this, save to say the reason I mention it here is the 138-year cycle I am discussing is encoded into the structure of the Great Pyramid for posterity, for all those who can or want to see. Also, the 203 layers without a capstone has biblical significance and is prophetic in the coming end of times as revealed in the book of Revelation.

When does the next 138-year cycle end?

The last 138-year cycle date was 1902, so therefore add 138 and you arrive at 2040, 17 years from now, we can even predict the month of the year, the middle of May. 1902 was a Phoenix year but was not on the same scale as previous Phoenix events, however 1902 saw major volcanic eruptions across the world but it also fostered major technological changes across the world where great inventions were patented in 1902 and when many new corporations were set up, which have reset society, which are the behemoth corporations of today’s world.

Do the elites know this?

Of course, they do, they know of the approaching 2040 Phoenix date and they know it is going to be a big one this time, they also know they cannot stop it. It is also predicted that there will be a return of the vapour canopy as a result of the 2040 Phoenix event. The elites as I alluded to in Awaken 5 disappear underground for the duration of the cataclysm and will reappear once the world above settles back down.

There will be survivors above ground, the indigenous inhabitants of any rainforests that are left after 2040 will be carrying on as they have always done oblivious in the most part of the demise of civilization as we came to know it. And some parts of the world may be unaffected, we won’t know until it happens. One thing is for sure the world will lose all connectivity. In our headlong rush for net zero what are the two big green technologies being rolled out, yep, wind turbines and solar panels.

What have I just told you about the vapour canopy world, there is no wind and there is no direct sunlight, coincidence or what? Yes, they know you won’t have power above ground, they will have plenty below ground. The elites and chosen ones when they reappear will become the new gods of the reset bringing back up with them technologies that have been hidden underground for the duration of the cataclysm and its aftermath. This is the reason why it takes less than 200 years each time after a cataclysm for humanity to get back to a level of technology that will sustain them into the future. For thousands of years those that have known of the forthcoming cataclysms have gone underground and reappear as gods to those that survived. These “gods” can be found across the world. Is it starting to make sense yet?

Let us quickly bullet point the 20-key observations I have discussed in the first 7 Awaken posts:

· Our world is not what you think.

· We have lost our connection with spirituality.

· “We are more than we ever supposed ourselves to be”.

· We are on an individual journey of discovery and enlightenment.

· The simple life-affirming spiritual teachings of Jesus, an itinerant rabbi, have been used to create a new Roman Christian religion based on doctrine and dogma.

· Once you acquire Intuition, Imagination, and Empathy you ‘see’ with total clarity.

· Our spirit is the divine connection to the true God that resides in every one-off us.

· We are spirit beings having a human experience.

· We live in a simulation, a holographic mathematical construct of immense power.

· We reincarnate life simulations until we understand the reality of the simulation which will set you free, which is the focus of the Awaken series of post.

· The architect of the simulation is the true God, created as a testing ground for souls.

· The world we perceive as real, inside the simulation, is completely fake. It has also been taken over by evil forces, an elite cabal that now controls every aspect of our lives, in the guise of the UN, WHO, WTO, WEF, IMF, World Bank, all governments, and all MSM.

· Their aim, a New World Order, (NWO), complete totalitarian control as brilliantly conceived in Orwell’s forewarning 1984 novel.

· The elite’s aim is to also crush your spirit connection to God, the AI transhumanism agenda, remember they cannot read your mind, this is their Achilles Heel.

· We are at war; make no mistake the very existence of humanity is at stake.

· We live in a prison, no other word describes it better, we must ‘break free or die trying’.

· The Phoenix phenomenon happens every 138-years without fail.

· The end times as defined in Revelations is near, in our lifetime and it connected to the next Phoenix cycle.

· The next Phoenix event is 2040 in the month of May.

· The Kingdom of heaven is in every one of us, our aim is to connect with it, and find the essence of who we are.

· That love is the key for this world to achieve.

Wow, are you still with me, what do you think? I am only scratching the surface of our amazing journey here; I hope it is encouraging you to do your own reading and research.

To know is to empower you, it’s the body armour that will protect you in the time you have left inside this life simulation.

What I must do now is review all of this and present a new way forward that is coherent, that empowers the individual thereby becoming a force of goodness, that can create community and connection for those beautiful souls who want to come together in strength and share the amazing truth of our spiritual existence.

Stay in touch and look out for the next post.


Jason Breshears (Chronologist) – books – When the Sun Darkens - Orbital History and 2040, Return of Planet Phoenix

Jason’s Website, I highly recommend

God bless you.

Kind regards


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