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Awaken 6 – Our world is not what you think it is.

Awaken 6 – Our world is not what you think it is.

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.

Our holographic existence

In Awaken 5, I stated that “Our world is not what you think” and that we are all living out in a simulated world as depicted in the Matrix films. The simulation is a holographic mathematical construct of incredible complexity. The predicted cataclysms we discussed in Awaken 5 are also locked into the simulation and cannot be stopped and happen at precise intervals. Some of these cataclysms have been earth shattering events causing major worldwide infrastructure destruction and resets of continental shelves, causing mass deaths and migration for those that survive.

The example you are aware of is the great biblical flood of Noah in the bible, that can be precisely dated at 2239BC that was a worldwide cataclysmic event. Every ancient tradition across the entire world has this event in their history, it happened. And the cycle repeats, there have been at least 5 major post cataclysmic resets in the last 5,800 years, plus over 100 lesser events which still had consequences. Hardly any of this information is part of the education curriculum for obvious reasons. I will detail this in a forthcoming post.


So, if we are living in a simulated world we must ask, who is the architect of the simulation? The architect of the simulation is the creator we call God, and spirit is the point of connection or reconnection, with the reality outside of the simulation while we exist in human form inside it. The simulation was created as a testing ground of souls, to experience, to live, to learn, to understand, to love, and be the best you can possibly be. Once you ‘get it’ and it may take multiple life simulations you no longer have to experience another life simulation inside the construct, you will be on the outside looking in as a true free spirit, reconnected to your real-life body.

Who controls inside the simulation?

I would suggest that from the beginning of the simulation, humanity was given a choice, which became the Genesis story. From that moment onwards there are two narratives, two forces. Good and evil, or should I say God and evil, you choose.

As I have already stated the simulation was initially created to test you, to challenge you. It was never meant to be a holiday camp because that will not test you in the slightest. However, it is as clear as day that the simulation has been taken over by satanic forces, which we can see in the guise of the elite cabal and royal bloodlines, that go back to ancient times that can probably be traced back to the Genesis story itself.

So now the simulation that was created to challenge you in the best possible way has been taken over and has now become a prison camp with pure evil intensions, and it is there for all to see. Once you realise it is a prison camp those of us who have concluded this from all the clues that have been laid out for us, we can then work out a way of breaking free. Remember it is a personal journey, here is my motto:

“Break free or die trying.”

The evil force that is controlling the material world inside of the simulation is referred to in Gnosticism and other theological systems as the demiurge who was/is a heavenly being, subordinate to the supreme being, God. The demiurge is antagonistic to all that is purely spiritual and has waged war on humanity. The demiurge has become the god of the simulation.

The takeover of the simulation has been designed to corrupt your humanity and capture your soul and destroy your spirit. I believe the demiurge controls the religions of the world and that the true God can only be found from within, and this is the real goal for humanity is to make that connection. Once you have found the real God and have made this personal connection it will set you free.

Light bulb moment

Once you finally make the connection that this is the reason for your existence this becomes your light bulb moment. That you have a choice, you can either be part of the collective, believing the narrative of everything, or you can choose to become as the supreme God intended, a truly enlightened individual and spirit.

That it is a personal journey, we are not here to change the world, because we cannot, we are here to experience the full potential of our humanness, should you choose to engage with the challenge. And this is where we always come back to spirit, which is at the core of our eternal existence. Our divine spirit is real, it is a godly creation, it is eternal, and this is the key to understanding your existence. It is also the reason why humanity 1.0 must be destroyed.

Artificial Intelligence

I must expand on my assertion, “this is the reason why humanity 1.0 must be destroyed”. To become a free spirit means you cannot be controlled, it is as simple as that. This goes against the elite narrative who demand total control of all humanity. This has been their agenda for thousands of years and it just so happens you have rocked up in a time when technology has the capability to completely ensnare you forever.

They are already talking about humanity 2.0 and that your favourite tech person Elon Musk wants to put a computer chip in everybody’s brain and has companies working on this as I put pen to paper. You know this. And what are you doing about it – nothing. The day they mandate this from birth is the day humanity as we know it is finished. THEY HAVE WON. Once they have a chip in your brain you are in their total control. I don’t need to expand on this do I, it should make you start joining the dots on what is the real agenda of your government here. Make no mistake WE ARE AT WAR.

And here is the key.

It will only scare you witless if you do not understand the essence of life as I have explained. Life is viewed by most people as a melting pot of possibilities, choices, experiences. Life is an experiment, you are on a movie set, you are the lead actor in your own film, you can do what you want, and I will let you imagine what you would like to do in your film. This is how the simulation works. You live your life surrounded by people on your wavelength, literally.

And I think here we have the conundrum of life. Life has consequences.

When we hedonistically live out our life simulation, we have been programmed to forget the real objective for our time in this ‘reality’ and that is, God created the construct for you to discover your true spiritual essence.

Your consciousness/spirit/soul (different names) is what you are feeding, in this world ready to take into the next. Your aim is to take as many people as possible with you, and if you cannot, but you tried it doesn’t matter, remember you cannot make major changes because they are set into the program. This is where we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, our calling.


Care, (cope, change, challenge, commune)


Live, (learn)

Love, (lead)


Name – to call out




I realise I might be freaking you out here, the concept that we are living in a simulation is mind-blowing enough and to think we are imprisoned and controlled by evil jailers is utterly incredible, I agree. It is something you need to think about, as I have said before do not dismiss it at this point because you need to see where I am going with this and it just might be the major piece of your jigsaw puzzle, for you to fit the other pieces together. Watch out for my next post, as I need to give you the details of the cataclysms that have reset out world on many occasions over the last 5918 years (there is a clue there). You thought your history lessons were boring right, this will blow your socks off.

God bless you


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