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AWAKEN 2 - 2BC the dawn of a New Covenant.

2BC the dawn of a New Covenant.

Our Mission

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of humanity that is engulfing the world and to bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. To realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.



Wow, I didn’t expect to be here after over two years of blogging. The main thrust of the most of my previous ninety plus posts and 150,000 words have been calling out “the biggest scam in the history of the world” as I frequently call it. I no longer need to call out the scam, because I believe it is now a distraction, when in fact I must now dive down behind the veils of deceit and lies because you realise that at the root of all this theatre is pure evil. Evil that goes back to the origins of the Old Testament.

So far, I have only scratched the surface of my ‘pure evil’ assertions, therefore, I want us to go on a journey together to see what we can find out, and fundamentally if we can find a true God, a God of love and salvation for those who believe in the bigger picture for humanity.

The reason I have only scratched the surface so far is because I am not a scholar of this subject, I am an ordinary Joe Public who cares for people and is seeking the truth, that is all. We are all Joe Publics and I want to talk to you in a language we can all understand and see if we can find a way forward, we are all in this together.

I fundamentally want to understand this thing called ‘spirituality’, so we can discuss it and see if it resonates with people, because when I talk to people on this subject I get blank stares a lot of the time, bottom line here is that most people in my opinion, never even think about it. I would say don’t worry for now on this because that is the way it has been planned for you. Now you are reading this I have a responsibility to be as open as I possibly can, I have no agendas only that I may make you think of the bigger picture that is possible.

I said in my previous post that my starting point is a new covenant with God and life of Jesus. I said that I wanted to get behind the Churchianity of Jesus. I want to find out who he really was, to know him, and understand in layman’s language what he wants for me and more fundamentally how I must live my life so that one day I may join him.

I want to make this journey a journey of research and not opinion. I will reference the books and journals where I have got my information. There is also a disclaimer here, as I have said on numerous occasions throughout my ninety-nine previous posts, don’t believe me, use my information as a starting point for your own research and then and only then can you come to your own conclusions. This is a very personal journey now, a profound journey.

Here is a quote which sums up where I am at, do you resonate with this?

The purpose of life is not the acquisition of knowledge. The more knowledge we acquire the more we realize we know nothing at all. The purpose of life involves a higher experience totally unconnected with learning mundane material

“The more knowledge we acquire the more we realise we know nothing at all,” I think that sums it up perfectly. This is why I believe life is an incredible journey of discovery and by the time you have come to the end of your life just maybe you have scratched the surface.

Here is the starting point for our journey.

The birth of Jesus is one of the most significant dates in the history of the world, which as we will see over the coming weeks had a profound impact on events in 1st Century Judea and also impacted on almost everything that is happening in the world today. A truly cataclysmic event.

Interesting fact Many different scholars and chronologists over the last two hundred years have all come to the same calculation for the birth of Jesus in the year 2BC. It also must be remembered that the Anno Domini calendar was not invented or introduced until 525 AD by Dionysius Exiguus, a 6th-century Eastern Roman monk born in Scythia Minor. The Anno Domini eventually being adopted in Western Europe in the eighth century. The numbering of years per the Christian era is currently dominant in many places around the world.

Events that had happened in the meantime were backdated by the Church of Rome with the BC and AD calendar date attached to it. There are a number of dating Calendars used across the world, the main one being the Anno Mundi (AM) Calendar where AM1 is the year dating from the year of creation in Jewish chronology, based on rabbinic calculations, the Adam and Eve creation story from Genesis. I will also refer to the AM calendar date, and you will see the relevance of this over the coming weeks.

Understanding our thinking before we start

I will come back to Jesus as we unwrap our goal of enlightenment. The reason for this is for you to accept a new paradigm, (you decide right) you first need to have a mindset which is totally open and receptive to new thought and concepts, because at the root of this, is we have all been programmed to believe a narrative which in many (most) cases is completely false. This is so important, unless you are open-minded and a critical thinker you might as well stop reading now. If you want to explore new ways of thinking and as a consequence start the realisation process that you have been ‘had’ then hold tight for now. We need to discuss, mind, consciousness and thought.

The Three Principles - Mind, Consciousness, and Thought

Mind is the intelligence of all things; Consciousness makes you aware; and Thought is like a rudder of a ship. It guides you through life, and if you learn to use that rudder properly, you can guide your way life far better than you ever imagined.

You can go from one reality to another. You can find your happiness and when illusionary sadness comes from memories, you don’t try to figure it out. Please don’t try to do that - you’ll get yourself into trouble. All you have to do is realise that it’s Thought.

The second you realise it’s Thought, you are touching the very essence of psychological experience. You’re back to the ‘now,’ you’re back to happiness. So don’t get caught up on a lot of details…

When you’re ready, you will find what you’re looking for. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you are. If you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert …….and it’s time for you to find the answer, the right person will appear in the middle of the desert and let you know. He/she will say something to you that will trigger something inside you.

And that’s where life comes from: inside out. It’s spiritual knowledge. It’s there, everybody has it and people don’t realise that. There’s no human being more spiritual than you – everybody is equal.

And you know what the equality is?

That we all derive from Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

That’s the equaliser. And while you have that equaliser, you’re as good as anybody on this Earth, you’re as holy as anybody else on this Earth. You always have been, always will be; the only thing is you don’t see it because of your thoughts.

Syd Banks said: “Every human being has innate mental health”

‘Babies do not need therapy,’ it is only when we layer our lives with the baggage of our negative thinking, that our innate mental health is affected. Once we know this, we can hit the reset button and return to the factory default of innate mental health or wellbeing.

So, we form our reality from our thinking:

Mind + Thought + Consciousness = Reality

What the three principles are saying is that we can change a thought in an instant, which means we can change anything we want if we know this. We change our thinking by increasing our level of consciousness.

As your level of consciousness increases from your ‘new exploration’ (let’s call it that for now) you will have ‘light bulb’ moments which we can call insights, (based on your new understanding). This becomes New Thought.

When an insight is sufficiently profound, its impact on our life is transformative. Nothing changes on the outside, but everything’s different on the inside. We experience a vertical leap in our level of consciousness and gain new perspective on our old way of being in the world. So, the equation now becomes:

Mind + New Thought + Consciousness = New Reality

Most people react to what is coming into their lives, to circumstances, to other people’s judgements and opinions. This is a reactive mindset where you are always firefighting the last set of inputs. Syd Banks says we have to flip it 180 degrees, that the 3-Principles philosophy only works if we change our thinking to the inside out (and not outside in) once you have grasped this fundamental principle your life changes forever as it did with me.

The reality of your thoughts

What we are not realising is that we only live in the ‘now,’ this minute, this second. What has happened in the past, has happened, it cannot be changed. “If I only could have done it that way instead it would not have happened,” will not change a single thing, it is fixed in the past.

Planning for the future is the same, in that it is only planning for the future, it has not happened yet, it is not happening now.

Eckhart Tolle in his excellent book ‘Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,’ puts it brilliantly in three different quotes:

“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But you miss your whole life, which is never not now.”

“And since the now is all there ever is in your life, your entire life unfolds as the present moment. People don’t realise it, but all they ever have is “this.” This moment.”

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”

Changing your thoughts and your future - How your thinking has been hijacked.

I have explained simply here how mind + thought + consciousness = reality. Guess what the corporate scientists and marketing gurus also know this. So, we have arrived in the 21st Century where the entire system (matrix) from birth until death has been created for you, where everything is about the pleasure of buying experiences.

We are born into a world and raised where money is the centre of all things. We have to have money to live and buy things to enjoy ourselves and to impress others, to have ‘happiness’ in our lives.

What are other people going to think about us? “We have to keep up with the Joneses” mentality. Social media makes this far worse in my opinion. “Oh my god, did you see Barry and Sheila’s new Mercedes on Facebook and they are going on holiday to the Seychelles for three weeks!”

Has social media been the tipping point for many people? When you see people living so called ‘happy’ lives you immediately aspire to be at the same level. When you think you are not, your mind then goes into negative thought leading to mental stress because you are not where you think you need to be, you are thinking that you are falling behind what others are doing. ‘You are failing’ is what you are thinking.

The build-up of negative thought can be the precursor to mental illness. And once you are trapped in all things negative you find it almost impossible to escape as I have discussed before. Is this what is happening in 21st Century society, with the resultant massive increase in mental health issues we are seeing, especially in teenage children? I am not qualified to answer the question, this is just my observation.

I hope you would agree this is profound stuff, you really need to read this again and again and think about what I have written, because it unlocks the door of the new direction you are about to take. When you realise ‘thoughts become things’ and you can change your thoughts in an instant then this is your ‘defining moment.’ From this point onwards everything changes.

Very few people get this far, they are sadly locked in the matrix for their whole lives, oblivious of the incredibleness of a far greater reality that is there for everyone should they unlock the door. I would suggest 90+% of people have no concept of what I am talking about.

To see God, we must reassess our entire paradigm, and be prepared to ditch lots of baggage that is holding us back, and only then can we rationally think about new concepts with a fresh pair of eyes. To think that an all-loving God could possibly sits behind everything is definitely a new concept for most people. I hope that my blog posts over the coming months can do justice to the biggest question of our existence and that I am able to reason a message of enlightenment and hope in a world of evil and desperation.

I realise I have gone way over two thousand words here which is long enough for this post. I hope I have really whetted your appetite here and you want to continue on this journey with me.

Recommended reading: The books that did it for me

The Inside Out Revolution – Michael Neill The Enlightened Gardener – Sydney Banks Creating the Impossible - Michael Neill Go For NO!, Yes is the Destination, NO is How You Get There - Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz Feel the Fear and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers

God bless you

Kindest regards

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