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My name is Peter Ragg - I worked initially in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 27 years, starting as a microbiologist and ending as a production manager. In more recent times I have had several independent businesses. I have also been a Samaritan listener for 6-years which I continue to do. The key thing here is I am a people person, I love people and when I see great injustice being perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, I must put my head above the parapet.

​It became clear to me in March 2020 that the COVID narrative was completely contrived, and to put it simply, an elite agenda to enslave humanity and depopulate the world. At the same time, our human rights and fundamental freedoms were being massively eroded, and if we allowed it to continue a totalitarian state awaits us all. Yes, it is as stark as that in my opinion, hence my reason for starting this small website.

I have managed this website as a blog for two and a half years, challenging the COVID narrative, calling out the elites who are imposing their evil agenda in real time. I have ninety-seven blog posts on this website on every aspect of the COVID narrative.

In March 2020 I was called a conspiracy theorist as were many others, including doctors, professors, a few journalists (very few). I do believe I have called it correctly and the data is proving my assertions to be 100% correct, especially on vaccine damage and the catastrophic damage to the economy and people’s lives and livelihoods.

I write this revision to my bio at the end of October 2022 as I have now come to the realisation and clarity of the bigger picture that is running behind the events that you are witnessing on a daily basis.

The bigger picture

I believe that the bigger picture is the prophetic prophesies that rest in every tradition across the world and that is, a future time for revelation and reckoning. I also believe that our innate spirituality is at the core of our existence which has also been under attack for hundreds of years by the dark forces that want to control every aspect of our lives.

That prophetic time of revelation is happening now, and I have been called to bring this to your attention through this website. I am therefore reframing my site from a position of awakenment. I have changed the subtitle of the website to AwakenUK   

Our Mission 

To challenge the narrative of the evil takeover of democracy and humanity that is engulfing the world. To bring about a new dawn of spiritual awareness and enlightenment, to realise the true destiny of humanity that God intended.


For people to come together in truth, spirit, love and community, a new enlightenment for a new age.

Note here: Many people will think this is wo wo. My remit is to show people that only by reengaging with spirit and God will humanity survive. At this critical time as we enter the prophetic Revelation (i.e., we have very little time left) we must go into battle.

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