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The jigsaw puzzle of life

The jigsaw puzzle of life

The jigsaw puzzle of life, a puzzle without the picture on the box. A puzzle you must complete without a frame of reference. There is a time limit on completion, three score years and ten. Where do you start?

The edge

Most people will start with the four corners and the edge or the boundary. Each piece will have a straight edge on one side which can be slotted together relatively quickly. This is our education system, a system people believe and therefore take for granted as a true and accurate representation of the world, science, and reality, but is it?

Twenty years go by and only the boundary has been completed, no other pieces have been put in place. “It’s too hard, I am happy to have completed the boundary, I have no idea what the picture could be, and I am not bothered.”

This is how many people see their lives, they are not bothered what life is really about, they don’t see the bigger picture, they are happy to bumble along and take whatever life throws at them, (which in 2022 is pretty horrific in my opinion, and especially when people have no idea it has all been planned in advance to crush their bumbling even further).

Building from the edge

It’s called ‘baby steps,’ one step at a time, you must start somewhere, bottom left-hand corner maybe. All the bits are face up and are laying in random spaces waiting for you to fit them together. Each piece is a life experience, some you look at and try, and then place back on the board because they didn’t fit, but others do fit together, as one experience leads to the next and the corner can be built out into the main body of the picture.

The question is, can you start to see what the final image could be? This is the enigma of life, to me it is the most wonderous aspect of our lives, what is life really all about. So, you are wanting to complete the picture before it is too late, what is it?


I think it is only in mid life when the penny drops for some people, the majority as I have said will lead a life completely oblivious of its bigger purpose, which is totally fine. Others are starting to wise up in midlife, as they realise the boundary that has been set for them is stifling them, stopping them from seeing the bigger picture. The boundary is the control mechanism put in place to keep you from challenging your reality, to stop you asking more enquiring questions of your existence. You are finally realising you are a ‘slave to the system’ that has been designed to control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave, which has been planned for every human being.

We are more than we suppose ourselves to be.

This is the key to unlocking your destiny, you now realise you are no longer part of the matrix or collective of mass negativity. Once you realise this your life changes forever (you cannot unknow this), and you can start putting the pieces together more quickly.

LIVING is the purpose of life

Remember this, living is the purpose of life and the more you live, the more you challenge, and the more you seek, the pieces will start cascading together. We live in the NOW, the past cannot be changed, and the future does not exist in real time. This simple sentence is the reason people fail, they are waiting for something to happen, or for somebody to show them the way. Life doesn’t work like that; we are not sheep. The ‘Law of Attraction’ only works if you work. Put yourself out there, and the doors will open, which is the analogy I use all the time. If you don’t open the door, you will never know what is behind it, and the next door you might want to open is that room, (behind the first door).


If you are not looking nothing will happen. By putting yourself out their serendipity will come into play, by chance, luck, or better still destiny, you will meet people who think like you. They are on your wavelength, (which is exactly what it is). You will resonate, again your life changes. Here are the three qualities you must build upon during your journey of discovery, and are the key to breaking free from the collective and understanding the real purpose of your life:

Imagination - Intuition - Empathy


As time ticks by many people will enter your life, many just passing through, however some will become friends (and relations), some will be ‘hangers on,’ and some will be friends for life. People need people, it is critical to the human psyche, so why is loneliness and isolation such a massive problem today, and is there for all to see?

The tantalizing final picture

You have finally fitted all the pieces together, a picture that has taken you all your life to finish, so what is the picture?

The picture is blank, (that it why it was so hard), the picture is whatever you want it to be, the key is you completed it, you found what you have been looking for. The picture could be of God, that you have strived all your life to know in your heart; it could be the place where you want to spend the rest of your life; it could be you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and it could be all these things and more.

What is my picture

I was one of those people who woke up in my forties and have been on an incredible journey ever since. I have come across inspiring people, humble people, beautiful people who have guided and helped me find what I have been looking for. For me personally it has been a spiritual journey and awakening to the amazingness of this world. My picture is a hologram of my individual experiences that creates an image of God. My philosophy now is:

ACT as though YOU ARE, and you WILL BE.

In your daily life, your actions must supplement belief. Work to realise your wants and let God do the rest.

And guess what, the journey was worth every single piece, working out how each piece fitted into the bigger picture, that’s life. Some say, “I wish I’d have known what I know now when I was 20-years old, I would have done things differently”. That is maybe, (I am sure we would all say that), what matters is that your life-long journey has been enlightening, profound, life affirming and worth every second, in this life.

God bless you

Best wishes


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