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Welcome to 2022

Challenging the COVID narrative -

I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the first 27 years of my career, and in the last 15 years, amongst other things, I have worked as an independent distributor for a major UK network marketing company which I have enjoyed immensely. I love working with and helping people. I am also a Samaritan listener (6 years).

In August 2020 I completed my first book, REVEALED - Astonishing New Science and Archaeology - Challenging everything we have accepted about the history of humankind, and showing us how to find our purpose in life.

I see myself as a pretty normal bloke who has always deeply cared for humanity and when I see clearly malicious intent on humankind, I have a moral obligation to put my head above the parapet, hence my website blog. I have been a pandemic skeptic from the very start, and I have been profoundly shaken by what we are doing to this beautiful world.

I have done the research and have been down the rabbit holes and I can tell you what has been unfolding in 2020 and 2021 and planned for 2022 and over the next 5-years is the beginning of the end of freedom and homo-sapiens as we know them, what is happening is horrific in my opinion.

I wrote my second book at the beginning of the pandemic called Awaken - Sleepwalking to Extinction - The pandemic is a smokescreen - what is really going on in the world today. I am giving this book away for FREE which you can download on my blog at

There are now many eminent doctors, scientists and professors who have also ‘come out’ who will explain everything better than me.

Going forward

In 2022 I see my role as the conduit between awakening people and those who have become the beacons of the alternative narrative, whose integrity and passion for the truth in my research is unchallengeable, and at the same time has caused virtually all of them to be censored, cancelled from mainstream, and have had their livelihoods taken from them.

Let’s be clear here, all I want is the truth, nothing else matters. Fundamentally I know who the good people are and can point you to them so you can expand your research. I will also give you my own observations on what is happening on a very regular basis. I am launching Bitesize 500, 500 words on one subject, 3 times a week, for you to read and pass on. I will also reference one person in each Bitesize who in my opinion you need to engage with.

All I ask is you have an open mind, do the research, and then come to your own conclusions and then make a decision to get involved, because we have arrived at a critical point in history and what happens in the next 6 months will determine whether we survive as a species and yes, it is that serious when you understand what is really going on.

Our Aim

The truth, simple. Our politicians have failed us totally. We need to expose the lies and deceit and at the same time facilitate for a new way forward, to engage in a proper open debate with a damaged, deflated, demoralised, and very sceptical public who no longer believe what any politician is telling them. We need clarity, honesty, respect, real leadership and most importantly, our freedoms returned.

If you resonate with this, please enter the debate at

Thank you


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