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Dr David Martin – Lockdown, The Great Set Up.

Dr David Martin – Lockdown, The Great Set Up.

Dr David Martin calls it out the Lockdown Conspiracy in forensic detail in the link below. I have followed Dr Martin for over three years, and he has been at the forefront at getting to the truth.

Dr Martin in the video clearly demonstrates that the whole pandemic was completely orchestrated to harm, (murder) millions of people over time with untested gene therapies, (which were redesignated vaccines). That this was part of a depopulation agenda by the controllers who sit above and control all governments, Corporations, and MSM.

We must completely expose the Lockdown Conspiracy before they launch the next contrived pandemic on humanity. Too many people are still ambivalent to what is really happening in this world and the time to wake up and do sometime is running out fast. The meme currently being put out by the WEF and WHO is Disease X coming soon.

Note here: Disease X may just be a psyop to distract humanity from other major contrived events that are planned to happen this year that are going to be used to Lockdown humanity again. They won’t need another ‘deadly’ virus.

This is a short post from me, all I am doing here is passing on critical information, you must watch Dr Martin with an open mind and then you must reassess your views and position on the Lockdown Conspiracy. If every single person watched this video, it would be a game changer in my opinion, just like the ITV program on the Post Office Scandal. MSM are not allowed to report on this. Please send this link to your friends and family.


Here is the link.

If this link does not work in this post, please go to Dr David Martin on Telegram, the video is called 'The Great Set up with David Martin - Part 1'

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