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Breaking Free - update

Breaking Free - update

Note: It is important that you read my previous post before reading this, it will put this post into context for you.

I am asked, “what do I have to do to break free from my reality I feel locked in, I don’t seem to be able to change it?”

Here is the quote that underpins our own unique reality tunnel.

The Reality you perceive, you will receive, this is your destiny.

This is a self-fulfilling quote, you will achieve what you perceive, it is also an invitation to open your mind to all possibilities and break free. Contrary to belief I can tell you categorically that you are not locked in. In this post we are going to discuss breaking free and for you to become master of your own destiny and not part of other people’s. This is a two-stage process, and it is all simple stuff, so this will not be one of my long posts. I have got my template on this from Jason at who I recommend you follow.

Stage 1

Breaking Pattern

Firstly, we must get the attention of the collective. To do this Jason says, “you must break pattern”, which means the collective needs to see that you are doing something different, otherwise it will leave you alone, hence the dumbing down of the masses, no effort needed, no extra energy expended. Once you start to break pattern, then this will get the attention of the collective.

Examples of breaking pattern.

Simple stuff anyone can do.

· Change your daily routines, get up at a different time, go to work a different route.

· Eat different foods ideally healthier.

· Go to a different pub, meet different people.

· Make a conscious effort to speak to one new person every day.

· Create conversations with strangers, make new friends over time.

· Read 30 minutes every day.

· Meditate.

· Exercise more, anyway possible.

· Join a club.

· Get off all social media, stop reading newspapers and watching the TV.

These are just simple things anyone can do, and they are things everyone should do anyway. If you notice one theme from the above is that you are going to be meeting more people. It’s just doing things differently, it gets you into a different mindset, a positive mindset of exploration and new stuff, this will have the added effect of raising your vibration. You will therefore be a lot happier for it probably, hopefully.

The collective is seeing a change in your routines or habits as they had become. The collective likes habits if you think about it because you are not challenging yourself or doing anything different, so it doesn’t have to do anything. You are now ready to go to stage two where you are asking for a specific thing to happen in your life.

Stage 2

By simply breaking pattern and asking the collective what you want to achieve and moving in the direction of your goal, the collective will see your intention and will facilitate the finishing of your goal.

Once the collective sees you coming, literally, it will facilitate for your new goal. And once you know this you will bring into your life the things you had originally thought were impossible. This is the Law of Reflection in action as I have alluded to before. It is not the Law of Attraction, there is no need to have a dream board stuck to your fridge full of stuff you would like to own, like cars, houses, etc, etc because that is very confusing.

Know what you want.

· Right down what you want to achieve on paper, one thing at a time. Tell the collective that this is what you want, a job, a new partner, money, a car, whatever it is you want.

· Put these thoughts deep in your mind before you go into REM sleep over night.

· The following day move in the direction of what you are trying to achieve.

· Keep repeating the above.

So, is this going to happen the next day, probably not, it will happen over time. By breaking pattern, vibrating on a higher frequency you are already in a different mind frame, (not mind set). The universe (collective) will come to you, serendipity happens.

Serendipity definition - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Chance, here is the collective because it now knows what you want. There is no such thing as coincidence in my opinion. I have just explained how coincidence happens.

It works for me.

Why is my reality fundamentally different from most people is because I have widened my perceptions from the open-minded research I have undertaken. I break pattern, I perceive a biggest picture, a bigger paradigm, and nothing is off the agenda. When I am researching, I am using my spiritual gifts of Intuition, Imagination and Empathy to get the clarity I seek. I then use this information to move in the direction I want to go.

The reality I perceive is completely different from the majority of people. My new perceptions become my new reality, which becomes my destiny.

The Reality you perceive, you will receive, this is your destiny.

Try it.

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