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The truth is in plain sight.

A Letter to Humanity

Date 12th May 2023

The truth is in plain sight.

My assertion

In the third decade of the 21st Century, it is my firm belief we are witnessing a full-blown deadly attack on humanity, and that a mass depopulation agenda is being played out in real time. That humanity is ruthlessly and systematically being culled, killed, euthanized, murdered, call it what you like, they want you dead.

That the perpetrators are a demonic satanic cult that have controlled the world since the time of Adam and Eve almost 6,000 years ago. They now control everything, all governments, (and politicians), all media, all corporations, and all religions. They manipulate and control your minds and therefore your perceptions, for one simple reason, to crush your divine spirit and thereby your resistance.

The Orwellian agenda is the New World Order, again being rolled out in real time by the UN, WHO, IMF, WEF, aim, complete totalitarian control by 2030.

Prove me wrong.

So, what do you think the last three years have been about? To soften you up, to see at what point people pushed back. The satanic elites have exposed their hand in plain sight, which to a minority of people is clear and obvious, however 80+% of people are completely oblivious and asleep and even if the truth were presented to them, they wouldn’t care less. No more fence sitting you have an opinion, don’t you?

Two options.

You either fight or you acquiesce, it is your defining moment. So, instead of making a decision you dismiss me again as a conspiracy theorist, so you don’t have to engage. Not anymore, that cop out no longer works, virtually everything the conspiracy theorists have said in the last three years has come true. The only reason you are still hiding from the Orwellian reality that is coming for you is that the MSM are not reporting any of this. Dooh! has the penny dropped yet, all MSM are totally under the control of the Satanic elites, they are a major part of the deception, they also want you dead. The level of ‘fear porn’ is overwhelming and most people believe every word of it.

Here are a number of contentious soundbites from the last three years for you to investigate.

· All western governments in particular were complicit in the pandemic scam, they were ordered to Lockdown by the WHO and WEF, which all western governments did in lockstep, (except Sweden), aims, to destroy the middle classes, transfer of wealth to major corporations.

· There was no COVID virus, the whole pandemic was completely contrived, (for years) ‘the biggest scam in the history of the world.’

· Flu was rebranded COVID, all deaths were reassigned as COVID deaths to big up the numbers to justify continuing with further Lockdowns which by now you were loving if you were being furloughed, you were not so happy if your business was going bankrupt.

· To further increase the numbers of deaths in the UK, Midazolam and morphine were used in the NHS and care system, (as ordered by Matt Hancock) to euthanize elderly people in particular, (anyone who tested positive on a fake PCR test was vulnerable to be euthanized as part of an end-of-life care pathway). Three years supply of Midazolam was used in 10-months.

· Vaccines (gene therapies) were prepared in advance, released on Emergency Use Authorisations (EUAs), i.e., no long-term safety data at all. But they were safe right, they stopped you catching COVID and transmitting it to your granny!!!

· It is important you know this; pharmaceutical companies are exempt from prosecution for any vaccine injury or death. Maximum pay out in the UK for vaccine injury (if you can prove you are over 60% injured) and death is £120,000, which is paid by the taxpayer. Yes, astonishing right?

· Boris Johnson, the Queen, The Pope, The Archbishop of Canterbury, and anyone else under the influence of the elites were trotted out, like Pop and Movie Stars all told you to get vaccinated because they were safe, remember. Here is a question I would like to have answered, did any of them really take a Pfizer, Astra Zeneca or Moderna jab for the team? The level of coercion was off the scale.

· Vaccine injury and deaths have been at unprecedented levels, (no long-term safety data remember) and we are still vaccinating in the UK, again, totally ignored by all MSM. The only person raising this as an issue in the UK Parliament, Andrew Bridgen and calling for the vaccines to be suspended has joined the ranks of the conspiracy theorists and has been hounded out of the Conservative Party. You might like to know he said he received a telephone call from No.10 and was told to toe the line or else, the rest is history.

· The elites are so happy with how everyone went along with their little lockdown scam that they are rolling out part two of their lockdown agenda for society at record speed, just in case you might wake up and smell a rat, the Climate scam and Net Zero BS. 15-minute cities or 20-minute neighbourhoods are part of this; coming to a village or town near you, lovely you may think, no, imprisonment, 100%.

· WHO Pandemic Treaty - It is proposed that all Governments in the future acquiesce their power and control over all future health ‘pandemics’ to a privately run corporation called the WHO and the ubiquitous Bill Gates is a main beneficiary. Your own government is a corporation by the way.

· Every major event happening in the world today is connected and 100% contrived to destabilize the world so they can bring in the NWO. One example for you, open borders in US and UK, right in front of your eyes, why, to massively destabilize the said countries. Are you getting it yet?

· You have been gas-lighted, definition: to manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

Everything is a lie.

People have been lied to all their lives without exception. Everything is a lie. Once people know they have been lied to it will change the way they think about everything they are being told, it will completely change their lives.

My research is showing that most of what we were all taught at school (our education) is a complete lie, from history through science and so-called religions. You are no longer taught to critically think or challenge or debate, you are taught to believe the ‘facts’ that are being put in front of you.

My role.

I must show you examples of history, science, and religion where the accepted narrative is completely false. If I can do this you are more likely to do something, I don’t like being lied to, it makes me very angry, and I hope you would agree.

The future of humanity is at stake here, this is not a passing glitch and things will get back to normal very soon, that is not going to happen and especially if people are still asleep at the wheel. At this moment, the elites are bang on target for their 2030 completion date, if anything it has gone better than they thought so I would expect they will bring it forward to 2028 at the latest. Five years folks that all you have left of any sort of freedom, after that it’s full-on dystopia, a la Orwell’s 1984.

New Podcast coming soon:

I realise to get my message to as many people as possible I must engage with social media, so I can announce today, a new podcast is coming your way very soon.

Matrix Decoders - Unlocking our minds to a new life-changing realisation and reality.


To come together and build community of likeminded individuals (Matrix Decoders), who challenge everything. Through a series of podcasts, we will debunk the key conspiracy theories that have had and are still having a profound effect on humanity, and on how we think and perceive this world. Also, we are going to discuss what is at the root of these great deceptions.

See you soon.

Kind regards


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