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Welcome to the TEAM Freedom blog

My name is Peter Ragg. As you can see, I have been around for a while. I have had a varied career. I have worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 27 years and in more recent times I have been an independent distributor in a network marketing company, which I have enjoyed greatly.

I am a passionate person, I care, and enjoy the company of other people. I love teams and the power of the team. I also enjoy my human right to freedom, freedom of speech and freedom to do what I want in my life.

It has become clear to me in 2020 this fundamental right of freedom has become seriously under threat, especially during a coronavirus pandemic. I am very concerned that our fundamental freedoms are being massively eroded and if we allow it to continue a totalitarian state awaits us all. Yes, it is as stark as that in my opinion.

It is my contention that the pandemic has been over-hyped and the draconian measures that have been put in place to suppress a virus which is slightly worse that the annual flu are completely insane. I would suggest that the damage we are causing to people in lost livelihood and catastrophic levels of mental health illness will be far in excess of the deaths that are being attributed to COVID-19.

This blog is my contribution to the great debate and power struggle that we are all now part of whether we like it or not. The naming of the blog was easy TEAM Freedom.

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